Rector Cemetery - Jackson County, WV

Location: In Sherman, WV. which is roughly 2.5 miles north of Ravenswood. Traveling north from Ravenswood, turn right on CR8 immediately after crossing Little Sandy Creek. There is a church on the left side of the road, then a couple of houses with a road between them. The house pictured above was built by Isaac Sherman, and the cemetery is on the hill behind it. Two of Isaac's daughters married Rector boys and they are all buried here. The balloons in the picture of the cemetery above mark Levin and Steptoe Rector's graves. The one of small pictures shows the approximate location of the graves to each other.

The cemetery is not maintained at all. When we were there in the spring, we were advised to wait until it was cooler to try to get up there because of the possibility of snakes and because there was so much growth, and the hill has slipped. It was read and pictures taken in March 2001, by Marvin and Margie Robie, and Ed Rauh.

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  • Charles Rector     Born Apr 24, 1778     Died June 29, 1859   
  • Sallie Ruth     wife of C. Rector     Born Mch 4, 1786     Died Feb 4, 1864   
  • L.L. Rector     Born Oct 20, 1814     Died Jan 20, 1902     Aged 87 yr 3 Mo
        Sarah B.     Wife of L.L. Rector     Aug 25, 1831 - Aug 21, 1910
        Sleep on dear Heart     and take thy rest     God called you home     He loved you best.
        The pains of death are past   Labor and sorrow cease
        and life long wars are closed   at last his soul is found in peace.       
  • Mary L. Rector     1852-1927     Wife of R.W. Cooper   
  • Our Dear Daughters
        Tudie E. Rector     Died Apr 1, 1894     Aged 34yrs 8m     [Gertrude]
        Hallie Rector     Died Aug 5, 1894     Aged 40yrs 5m 10d   [Harriet]   
        [Daughters of Levin and Sarah Rector]
  • Rector, Stephen Steptoe     son of Charles and Sallie    born 3 Sept 1816   died 4 Jan 1890.   
  • Elizabeth    [This stone is next to that of Steptoe Rector so we assume it is his wife's, Elizabeth Sherman Rector, born 8 Sept 1833, Jackson Co, VA, died July 1914. She was sister of Sarah, wife of Steptoe's brother Levin]   
  • Sheets. E.C. Rector     Dau S. & E. Rector     Born Sept 9, 1861     Died Feb 11, 1893   [Elizabeth C]
        Rector, R.S.     Son S. & E. Rector     Born Sept 4, 1869     Died Mar 9, 1898    [Reuben]   
  • Dona    [Dona Edith Rector Sheets, daughter of Steptoe and Elizabeth]   
  • Cooper    
        This stone seems to be so worn that it can't be read. We know the following Coopers are buried here, because the stones were read in 1982 and this cemetery is included in "Grant District Cemeteries" by Carolyn Thomas Miihlbach.
        Cooper, Annie M. wife of L.V Cooper Died Mar 31, 1889 aged 37y7m30d [Daughter of Steptoe & Elizabeth Rector]
        Cooper, John L.     Died Nov 10, 1800     Aged 2y2m1d     [Son of L.V. & Ann Cooper]
        Cooper, Otta     Died June 26, 1882    Aged 3m 9d    [Daughter of L.V. & Ann Cooper]
        Reuben Cooper    (died early 1900's)    [Husband of Mary L Rector]
  • M.V.B. Cline     Daughter of T.P. & M.J. Cline     Born Aug 18, 1870     Died June 22, 1884   

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