Sandyville Cemetery

Location: In New Era.
Directions: From Ripley, go north on Old US 21. In New Era, the road intersects with Co Rd 33/12 - Independence Road. Go right (north), the first street on the right is Hunter, pass it and turn right on the next street. Follow it up the hill to the cemetery.

Clement Matheny says:
The location of the cemetery starts with the pine tree in the picture and is over grown with trees and brush. If one should want to go and look at it they should have someone go with them. Take a rake to use to find all the monuments. I would say there are between 50 and 100 graves there. It is in very bad shape...I have a feeling it has not been taken care of for at least 50 years.

GPS Coordinates: 38.91054,-81.65839
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This is a combination of the readings by 3 people, including photographs of the most recent.      

Transcription of John House's reading
Clement's Photos of some remaining markers
Transcription from "Jackson County Cemeteries, Vol 2"

Transcription from "Some Early City, Village and Country Burying Grounds" by John A. House

The Sandyville Graveyard

Still as the forest pools at night,
Still as the outmost planet bright,
As wreck storm swept, upon the shore,
As saints newborn, that kneel before
God's throne, amazed and blest.

(Author Unknown)

The old cemetery at Sandyville is one of the best locations for a graveyard I have met in my rambles.

It lies on a little point, something after the style of the Harpold Graveyard, only neither so high nor so steep. Copper Fork comes into Left Sandy nearly at right angels and this point is thrust out into the valley, leaving level bottoms on three sides of it. The graveyard lies on the end of the point at a considerable distance from the road leading up Sandy, then crossing at the foot of the hill.

The graveyard is about sixteen by ten rods and is fenced with boards and wire. The surface is mostly level or very nearly so. The soil is a red clay. Both the graveyard and the sides of the point on which it lies, are covered with a blue grass sod of many years standing and there are numerous shade trees scattered here and there in the enclosure. One apple tree inside and others on the hill slope next Copper Fork may be a part of an old apple orchard.

East of the graveyard proper, fenced in with a cut stone wall two and a half or three feet high, is a space which would hold six or eight graves and inside are two sarcophagi or boxes of hewed stone covered with immence stone slabs. perhaps seven by four feet and some six inches thick. In these are deposited the bodies of:

Ziba Weas, born November 21, 1807, died December 19, 1885, aged seventy-eight years, and Phebe O. wife of Z. Weas, died January 4, 1865 aged forty-two years. There is one other grave in the inclosure also.

This graveyard was first used, away back in the first days of the settlement which was begun in 1820.

The first death was that of Sammy Sayre, Dan'l's boy, which occurred before the graveyard was opened. He was buried in a plum thicket.

One of the first settlers was Warren Reed, who lived at the farm where the roads of the two branches of Sandy unite, near the place now called New Era. He was the first Postmaster at what is now called Sandyville. He moved to Racine about fifty years ago. Of his childrn:

Charles Reed is buried here, also, Dorothy Reed, died May 19, 1863, aged thirty three years eight months and a child Cincinnatus, five years old died in 1837.

Mary Richard, daughter of D. and S. Richard, died in 1851, a child is also buried here named Lydia Richard who died in 1850. Parents not given.

Louisa Mairs, wife of Thomas Mairs, was born in 1822 died 1862. January 2, 1822 to July 12, 1862, aged forty years six months. By her side was Ruth Arnold, perhaps they were kin.

Ruth W. Arnold, daughter of Benjamin and Susannah Arnold died August 1856 aged twenty one. A maiden cut off in her youth, had she lived, she would now be an old woman.

David DePue, died April 11, 1885 aged sixty nine years three months. He was a son of Henry DePue. Henry DePue was in the Revolutionary War and was a native of New Jersey. Margaret DePue, wife of David, died August 12, 1885, aged sixty two years two months. If she was his first wife, her maiden name was Arnold. Thomas DePue their son, died in 1868 at three years of age.

Diana, wife of Henry Shepherd, died December 19, 1868 aged sixty four years one month. By the side of this grave was an old flag rock headstone with letters H.S. This was Henry Shepherd, (most of the family spell the name Sheppard) a son Jonathan Sheppard, the first settler on Right Reedy, he married Diana, daughter of John Smith, another of the Reedy Pioneers.

This John Smith was captured by the Indians in one of their raids, all the rest of the family being killed. He was adopted into an Indian family, being returned to the white settlements after some treaty with the tribe that he lived with, probably Boquets Treaty. Having no relations that could be found, the boy was taken by a man named Smith and given the name of John, and John Smith was all the name he ever knew, being but an infant when the Indians made him a captive. He married and moved to Reedy in 1808. He died on Thorne's Run and is probably buried at the Ott Graveyard. Jonathan Sheppard afterward married his widow.

Diana had two brothers, one being Jim Smith, who was killed in June 1863 on Little Sandy.

Joseph Howes was born December 1811 and died March 1864, aged fifty two years four months. Thought comparatively young, he was twice married, first to Jemima, daughter of Jesse Carney, and second to Letty Shepherd, daugther of Henry and Diana Shephard and widow of Charles Ingram. By him slumbers Jemima, wife of Joseph Howes, died October 4, 1851 aged twenty seven years eight months.

Another grave is that of Catharine, wife of John B. Howes, who was born on the 10th of May 1774 and died June 28, 1856, aged eighty two years one month. Truly a pioneer of somewhere (mother of Joseph Howes). Joseph Howes lived, at one time, near the mouth of Beatties Run. Catharine was probably his mother.

Amelia Adams, died August 11, 1847 aged sixteen years eleven months. Francis M. Adams died 1857. They were children of S. and M.A. Adams and probably died with that dread malaria, the Sandy Fever, which sometimes wiped out whole families. The Howes and Adams graves are all in a lot together.

Elizabeth Bower, born February 26, 1785 and died March 26, 1849 aged sixty four years one month.

Malinda, a child of T.N. and M. McFarland died 1852. Thomas McFarland was a son of Robert McFarland who came from Ireland. His wife was a daugther of Mark Custer, and they lived on Trace Fork in 1852.

Elijah Pickens born January 15, 1805 died November 12, 1865, aged sixty years nine months. He was a pioneer and father of Dave and Joe. Known not if he was related to Bart.

John L. son of James H. and Rebecca Atkins died 1856.

Jeptha Magee born July 2, 1815, died January 12, 1859 aged forty four years six months.

Hiram A. Hopkins, August 28, 1857, aged twenty seven years.

Joseph Nicholas Regnand died July 20, 1854 aged fifty four years.

Emma Louisa, daughter of L. Mercerat, died October 20, 1854 aged twelve years. These graves are side by side.

(Regnand, Bontempt, Merceret, Carez, Lisez, Fleau, Boso. Truly, Jackson Coutny has a fair sprinkling of French names.)

William H. a child of J. and L.V. Ruble died 1856.

Hepzibah, wife of Daniel Sayre, died June 21, 1861 aged sixty-six years one month. The grave is covered with a huge stone slab, bearing the inscription and ornamented with a large star carved at the head with four smaller stars above. I do not know whether they are merely for ornament or intended to be emblematic.

She was a Chapman and I think I have heard, was from Letart, Ohio.

Daniel Sayre, is buried by her side, but has no tombstone and I am unable to give his age. He was, however, one of the landmarks of Jackson County history. He, with his two brothers, Ben and Jake, were the first settlers at Sandyville, to these add Warren Reed, Lige Runner and perhaps Jesse Mrogan and you have the colony.

(I have it that Alfred Sayre died in 1868, aged eighty one years. Dan'l Sayre had a son of that name married a Seckman, but he would not have been much more than the half of eighty one years in 1868.)

Hannah, wife of Alfred Sayre, died in 1852, aged twenty-four years and four months. Their son, Ezra F. died in 1850. Ann Elizabeth, wife of Alfred Sayre, died May 28, 1875, aged thirty-five years and one month.

Stephen, son of D.W. and H. Sayre, died June 12, 1852, aged nineteen years and six months. I fancy, the older man has put the "W" to his own name later on, for he was at least twenty five or thirty years old before Daniel Webster gained much celebrity.

Virginia, daughter of Frank and Lucy Ann Fabry died in 1851, a child. Her mother was daughter of Dan'l and Hepzibah Sayre.

In the west end of the graveyard is a large black oak, three feet in diameter and with spreading top: under it lies:

Jane, wife of R. Moran, born in 1841, died 1900.

J.W. Moran and two children of G.B. and E. Sanders.

Nancy V. Morehead died April 19, 1863, at two years. She was a child of A.E. and S.E. Morehead, as also may have been Lucy F. Morehead who died in 1865, aged three years five months.

Thomas Gorrel, Co. H. 3rd West Virginia Cavalry, is the inscription on a government stone at the foot of a grave, the head stone of which records that Thomas Gorrell died August 6, 1893, aged fifty eight years two months.

Under a mound near the gate and alone, lies Lydia, wife of M. Price, died July 15, 1873, aged sixty year seven months.

There are many graves without names and room for many more to come and lie down and be at rest. The graveyard is not much used now.

When I visited the graveyard sometime in the fall of 1907, the graves were in a neglected condition. The fence was out of repair and sheep were coming and going at will.

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      Photographs by Clement Matheny, taken fall of 2006.

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  • Worley, Mary W.   wife of J.A. Worley;   Born Jan 1, 1843, Died Feb 2, 1892;   Aged 49 Ys, 1 Mo 2 Ds   

  • Moran, Jane   wife of R. Moran,   Born June 22, 1841, Died Oct 27, 1900   

  • Moran, J.W.    Born May 8, 1865 Died July 8, 1890   

  • McFarland, Ezekiel,    Died March 12, 1859, aged 84 Yrs 4 months   

  • Sayre, Ann Elizabeth    Wife of Alfred Sayre,   Died May 28, 1875, Aged 38 Ys 1 Mo 8 D    [Elizabeth, mn Seckman was Alfred Sayre's second wife, Married Jan 18, 1855]  

  • Bower, Elizabeth    Died March 26, 1849    Aged 64 Years 1 month  

  • Adams, Amelia, Dau of S & M Adams,   Died Aug 11, 1819,   Aged 16 Yr 11 Ms 19 D  
  • McGee (M'Gee), Jeptha    Died Jan 12, 1859    Aged 44 Yrs 6 Mo [10 Ds] [Married Elizabeth, a daughter of Edward and Mary Bryan Knotts]  

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Transcribed, with permission, from "Jackson County Cemeteries, Vol 2" by the Jackson County Historical Society. Information not found on the markers has been added by the person reading the cemetery, and may not be accurate.

(Located in a field across the road from the old Gilmore High School in Sandyville, Recorded by Sue P. Miller, March 8, 1568. Listing is not complete]

  • Gorrell, Charles E., June 11, 1875-Jan. 7, 1893; s/o Stephen & Elizabeth Jane (Murphy) Correll

  • Gorrell, Emma, March 3, 1870-Nov. 3, 1886; d/o Stephen & E. J. Gorrell

  • Gorrell, Eliza Jane (Murphy), Jan. 24, 1870-June 4, 1900; d/o Joseph & Clarissa (Washburn) Murphy; mar. Stephen Gorrell, March 12, 1867

  • Gorrell, Stephen, 1843-1919; s/o Moses M & Margaret (Ward) Gorrell; M,(2) Nancy, Widow of Thomas Gorrell. Dec. 12, 1900

  • Arnold, Ruth, D. June 16, 1856, aged 21 Y 5 M 7 D; d/o of Benjamin & Susanna (Mairs) Arnold

  • Hardesty, Henry, D. 1904, aged 77 years; Wife Theresa, d/o Joseph Roll(e), aged 51, 1880 Census

  • Howes, Jemima, D. Oct 4, 1851, aged 27 Y 8 M 4 D; Wife of Joseph L. Howes; He M. (2) Letitia (Sheppard) widow of Charles Ingram, d/o Henry S. & Jemima (Smith) Sheppard, May 6, 1852

  • Hunter, Joseph, May 5, 1832-Feb. 20, 1893; Co. B 6th W. Va. IV; He mar. Sarah Jane Matheny, aged 45, 1880 Census, d/o Noah Matheny

  • Hutchison, Charles D., D. Sept. 8, 1853, aged 2 days; s/o David 0. & Maria L. (Reed) Hutchison

  • Hutchison, Warren K., D. August 9, 1858, aged 7 M 7 D; s/o David 0.

  • Mairs, Louisa, Jan. 2, 1822-July 12, 1862; Wife of Thomas Mairs

  • Reed, Charles F., D. May 19, 1863, aged 33 Y 8 M 1 D; s/o Warren & Dorothy Reed

  • Reed,_____, D. Sept. 2?, 1837?; s/o Warren Sr. & Dorothy Reed; Warren Sr., B. 1795, D. 1866, in Meigs Co., Ohio

  • Richards, Lydia, D. May 5, 1850, aged 2 Y 11 M 5 D; D. Peyton & Lydia (Wright) Richards

  • Richards, Mary A., D. May 2, 1851, aged 1 Y 9 M 17 D; D. David & Libbie Richards

  • (Many graves marked by rough stones; others unmarked)

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