Woodfell Cemetery

Woodfell Cemetery located on a jeep road between Straight Run and Alumrock Run on an off-shoot from Aplin Ridge between Staats Mills and Belgrove.

This cemetery was transcribed by Betty Kessel McIntyre. Annotations in [ ] are also by Betty Kessel McIntyre.

  • Fields, David R. 1878-1961
  • Fields, Pearl Alta 1887-1973 wife of David R. Fields
  • Fields, James 1850-.....
  • Fields, Matilda "Tillie" 1851-....... wife of James Fields, dau of John M.. D. and Margaret (Anderson) Fields
  • Fields, Virgil G. 1888-1960 son of James and Matilda (Casto) Fields
  • Fields, Jeannettie (Price) 1896-1980 wife of Virgil G. Fields
  • Fields, Martha F. 1881-1968
  • Rhodes, female and two infants no dates
  • Robinson, Ollie A. Died Feb 27, 1961
  • Robinson, Gladys (Woodfell) 1901-1968 wife of Ollie A. Robinson
  • Woodfell, C. M. April 1, 1873-Dec 13, 1913
  • Woodfell, Alonzo Aaug 22, 1836-MAy 6, 1915
  • Woodfell, Isabella June 27, 1852-Dec 22, 1911 wife of Alonzo Woodfell
  • Woodfell, Minnie March 27, 1882-March 23, 1904 dau of Alonzo Woodfell
  • Woodfell, Homer W. 1877-1960
  • Woodfell, Mae Colina (Bosworth) 1888-1966 wife of Homer W. Woodfell
  • Woodfell, Audra F. Feb 10, 1911-Feb 27, 1920 dau of Homer W. Woodfell

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