1840 Census of Jackson County, WVa

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The 1840 census was the first taken for Jackson County, since it was newly formed in 1831. Only the head of household's name is given, and the number of people in each age catagory, so you get to play a guessing game with this census. It's a good place to find a missing child, perhaps a daughter who married before 1850, but there is no guarantee that those listed are children of the head of household. As I have gone through this census, trying to match them to the families in my database, I find that I can match up most of the children to those on a later census or other document.

Also listed on this census was the age of men over the age of 70. They are:
Henry Rayburn, 100
Elijah Runnion, 78
David Harris, 71
John Carpenter, 77
James McKown, 83
Andrew Welch, 82
Thomas Good, 82

This census also lists the number of slaves owned. There was a total of 87 in Jackson County in 1840, which means very few people owned slaves, no one owned more than eight.

I transcribed this census from the original on microfilm. Most of it is clear and fairly easy to read. A few names are just not. If you can identify some that I have misread, I would appreciate it!

I've broken the census into several files, to make it easier and faster to load, but it appears in the original order. There is an index with only a name and a number. The number was not on the original document, it's there so you can determine which of the # files to go to.

1840 Census Index

1840 Census in Original Order

Numbers 1-105

Numbers 106-210

Numbers 211-315

Numbers 316-420

Numbers 421-525

Numbers 526-630

Numbers 631-720

Numbers 721-774

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