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This FISHER family began in the West Virginia area, when six sons of William FISHER, were on their way to settle in Ohio, but liked what they saw, and decided to settle in the area that was later to become a part of West Virginia in 1863. They are found in Jackson, Kanawha and Putnam Counties.

The father William came from Germany and settled first in Philadelphia PA. and then later in Augusta Co. VA. Ref: History of Charleston and Kanawha Co. WV by W. S. Laidley 1911.

They are found in the 1810 census of Augusta Co. VA and Monroe Co. (W)VA). Conrad married in Monroe Co. in 1805. They are later found in the 1820 Kanawha Co. (W)VA) Census. Further information about their father William is unavailable.

These six brothers were:


HENRY was of Jackson Co. till his death in 1859.

CONRAD was of Kanawha, Jackson, then of Putnam Co. till his death in 1865.

JOHN is found in Kanawha Co. till his death in 1866.

LEONARD was of Kanawha Co. then Jackson Co. 1840 - 1850. before moving to Lucas Co. Iowa and his death was there in 1865.

GEORGE was of Kanawha Co. till his death in 1876.

WILLIAM Jr. was of Jackson Co. and died about 1879

HENRY was born about 1779 in Philadelphia PA and died July 22, 1859 in Jackson Co. He first married Elizabeth KOONTZ about 1798 . Elizabeth was born in Maryland about 1777, and died in Jackson Co. between 1850 -1856. They had eight known children: Leonard G., John L., William, Mary "Polly", Henry Jr., Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Conrad W. FISHER.

HENRY had a second marriage when he was seventy years of age, to Nancy HOLT who's age was forty five. She was of Charlotte Co. VA. Henry left a will in Jackson Co. Vol. 2-64. naming his wife Nancy and only one of his sons, William.

CONRAD W. was born about 1781 in Philadelphia PA and died 1865 Putnam Co. WV. He married Rachel MILLER Oct. 30, 1805 in Monroe Co. (W)VA) (daughter of David MILLER). Rachel b-ca 1788 died Aug. 9, 1870 Putnam Co. WV. They had ten known children: Diannah, Ruth, John M., Leonard C., William M. Jr., Conrad, Elizabeth, Washington, Joseph, and Rebecca.

JOHN (my 2nd Great Grandfather) was born about 1787 and died Jan. 19, 1866 Kanawha Co. WV. He married in 1812 Kanawha County to Lucretia Lucy" HARRISON born about 1794 in Augusta Co. VA. She died about 1875 in Kanawha Co. WV (Daughter of Reuben and Mary HIGGINBOTHAM ) HARRISON.

John and Lucretia settled in the Poca Distr.. of Kanawha County and were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They had eleven known children: Rebecca, Mary Ann, Harrison, Franklin, George Henry, Lucinda Margaret, Rachel, John Jr., Aletha, America, and Albine. ( Lucinda Margaret was my Great Grandmother who married Silas CARNEY)

LEONARD born about 1789 in VA died June 4, 1865 in Lucas Co. Iowa, married Sarah HARRISON? They married about 1818, she was born 1800 and died Aug. 21, 1855 in Lucas Co. Iowa. They had twelve known children: Hester, Conrad, John McConnes, Mary, Rebecca, William M., Dianna, Elizabeth Jane, Lucinda J., Harriett, Milton, and Lucretia "Ciecy".

GEORGE born 1792 VA died Dec. 3, 1876 Kanawha Co. (W)VA) He married Frances A. LANHAM born Aug. 21, 1796 in Amherst Co. Va. She died Sept. 5, 1893 in Kanawha Co. WV. (Parents: Benedict & Nellie Penelope ( ? ) LANHAM. They had nine known children: Roxalana P., Henry F., Burrell Spurlock, Elizabeth W., Thomas M. "Dick", David Wilson, Sidney A., Emily, and Armenta Frances.

WILLIAM JR.. born about 1799 died about 1879 in Jackson Co. He married about 1821 to Sarah F. SAMUELS about 1804 died by 1853. They had nine known children: Greenberry, Leonard Simon, Mary, Robert S, John W. Elmore G., Emily A., William and Magdalene.

William Jr. had a second marriage, Dec. 4, 1853 Jackson Co. to Mrs. Susan CRITES KOONTZ ( Widow of Henry KOONTZ, daughter of John and Gloria PFOST) She was born Feb. 10, 1817 in Mason Co. (W)VA) and died Jan. 7, 1898 in Jackson Co. WV. They had four known children, Harrison, Isaac, James M. and Elizabeth C.

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