Nancy E. HACKNEY Derrick


Marieda (DERRICK) Edens

(grand daughter)



DAVID T. HACKNEY (my Great Grandfather) was born in 1821 in Russell Co. VA. He was the son of JOHN HACKNEY JR. and NANCY ANDERSON. David came to Jackson Co. W(VA) by the year of 1850 and bought land in 1851 near White Oak Creek in the Washington District.

David married SARAH ANN RAY 10/1855 in Jackson Co.. She was born 6/1831 in Kanawha Co. W(VA). the daughter of WILLIAM S. RAY and his first wife RUTH WRIGHT, and she died-5/21/1913 Roane Co. WV. David and Sarah had thirteen children all born in Jackson Co. WV.

1. DIDAMA ELIZABETH was born 1857 and died in 1899. She married NORRIS G. FISHER who was born in 1854 and died about 1917, his parents were EMSEY and MARY ( FISHER.)

2. IRA W. was born 8/26/1858 and died 8/15/1926 He married 12/19/1877 in Roane Co. WV to MARY HARPER who was born 8/1861 and died after 1920. Her parents were STEPHEN & ISABELLE (GREEN) HARPER

3. MARGARIE was born -3/1860 and died 1877

4. MARY ANN was born 8/15/1862 and died in 1877

5. NANCY ELLEN (my grandmother), was born 11/12/1865 and died 2/6/1947 in Kanawha Co. She married 8/28/1883 in Kanawha Co. WV to ELMORE MARION DERRICK who was born 2/15/1857 Kanawha Co. and died 6/6/1934 in Kanawha Co. He was the son of MICHAEL and

6. JOHN W. was born 5/1868 and died 12/2/1922 in Boyd Co. KY. He married twice it seems to the same lady. WILLIMENA LARCH, 9/24/1892 Roane Co. WV and then again 8/9/1900 Jackson Co. John was married a third time, in Boyd Co. KY to NETTIE (ALLEN) FIELDS 10/4/1913.

7. REBECCA ALICE was born-3/1869 and died in 1957. She married 11/20/1890 in Jackson Co. WV to PETER F. CRAFT JR. who was born 7/1862 in Roanoke VA and died 3/13/1945 in Kanawha Co. WV. His parents were PETE and MARGARET (AWLES) CRAFT.

8. JASPER was born 6/1870 and died 1/15/1872

9. JAMES M. was born 719/1871 and died 12/15/1872.

10. NEWTON McMANN "Nute" was born 6/4/1873 and died 5/7/1957 Kanawha Co. He married 4/27/1894 Jackson Co. WV to LOUISA A. ASHBY, who was born 7/1872 and died 12/24/1960 in Kanawha Co. WV. Her parents were THOMAS and MELISSA (HARRIS) ASHBY.

11. A twin of Newton's , born 6/4/1873 died 6/4/1873

12. Male infant. born 5/26/1874 and died 5/27/1974 1 day old.

13. BEULAH was born 3/15/1875 and died after 1957

After the death of DAVID T. HACKNEY, his wife Sarah married 12/9/1894 to THOMAS ASHBY her brother in-law who was a widower of Nancy, David's sister. In the 1910 census, they are found living in seperate homes each with one of their children, I believe they had divorced.

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