Some Early City, Village and Country Burying Grounds by John A House

The transcription is not complete as of July 20, 2008, but since I am slow, I decided to post the portions that are complete. They cover Jackson, Roane and Wirt Counties. There is one more section left and that covers Wood County. There are a lot of websites now dedicated to trying to preserve and share records of the stones in cemeteries. I think Mr. House would be pleased.

For the sections covering Wood County, see the WVGenWeb Wood County page.

Title Page

Mill Creek: an Account of Graveyards Visited on Mill Creek and its Waters

The Ripley Graveyard

The Harpold Graveyard

The Mount Olive Graveyard

The Rader Graveyard

The Baptist Grove Graveyard

Ben Bord Graveyard

Parish Graveyard

Lindamood Graveyard

Pleasant Hill Graveyard

The Street Graveyard

Other Mill Creek Graveyards

The Keenan Graveyard

The Shinn Graveyard

The Evans Graveyard

Tom Carney Burying Ground

Graveyards Visited on Big Sand Creek and its Waters

The Independence Cemetery

The Sandyville Cemetery

The Morgan Cemetery

The Leroy Cemetery

The Liverpool Graveyard

The Fairview Graveyard

The Garfield Graveyard

The Odaville Graveyard

Right Reedy (Otherwise known as Sheppards Fork) And Other cemeteries Visited In Wirt County

The Sheppard Graveyard

The Ott Graveyard

The Pisgah Graveyard

The Full's Fork Graveyard

The French Colony

The Buffalo Graveyard

Palestine Cemetery

Elizabeth Cemetery

Some Graveyards of Main Reedy Creek And its Tributaries Including The "Three Forks"

The Conrad Graveyard

The Baker Cemetery

The Boggs Graveyard

The Good Hope Graveyard

The Sims Graveyard

The Fairview Graveyard (Reedy)

The Goff Graveyard

The Roach Graveyard

The Bord Graveyard

Private Bord Graveyard

The Seaman Graveyard

The Pleasant Grove Graveyard

The Davis Graveyard

The Callow Graveyard

The Beech Grove Graveyard

The Wright Graveyard

An Indian Graveyard

Old Indian Graveyard (near Reedy)

Mount Olive Graveyard

McClung Graveyard

The Spencer Graveyard

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