1912 Obituaries

Augustus FLOWERS

Augustus FLOWERS, for many years an inmate of the Spencer Asylum, died at his home near Angerona on Friday, January 18, 1912. He was 67 years of age, and is survived by his widow, one daughter and four sons: Mrs. A. C. PARSONS of Ripley Rt. 2, Charles and Charley FLOWERS of Chancey, Ohio, and Burtrum and Joseph FLOWERS of Angerona. The funeral was held at Otterbein U.B. Church, Rev. J. W. MARTIN officiating. (Mountaineer, 26 Jan 1912)


Mr. Brown HENDERSHOT, a Civil War veteran, died Friday, March 8th, 1912, at his home on Ravenswood Rt. 2, after a lingering illness for several months, aged 69 years. Mr. HENDERSHOT was a native of Ohio. He was a member of Company G, 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served through the war and bore an excellent record. He was united in marriage to Ellen POWELL, 21 March 1867, and to this union four children were born: Clara, the eldest, dying some five years ago, Mrs. Ola CONNELY of Frozen Camp, Mrs. Mary LATHEM of Brilliant, Ohio, and Mrs. Neva YOUNG of Ripley.

After the death of his first wife, he married Etta YOST, April 4, 1890, and to this second marriage five children were born: Jacob, Wesley, Freda, John, and George, all of whom with the widow survive. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. George HARRISON in the presence of a large number of friends, and the body was laid to rest in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery to await the resurrection. (Mountaineer, 15 March 1912)

Barzilla Miles PRINGLE

Barzilla Miles PRINGLE, an aged Union soldier, died at his home on Rt. 1, on Tuesday, February 27, 1912, aged 82 years. Mr. PRINGLE had been a sufferer of Bright's disease for many years. His death was hastened by a wound received at the battle of Winchester, Virginia, July 24, 1864. He was a member of Company K, 2nd Regiment West Virginia Colunteer Infantry. The funeral was held at the home Thursday. Interment was in the KING Cemetery. He was the son of John M. and Rhoda (CASTO) PRINGLE. (Mountaineer, 1 March 1912)

Romeo D. SKEEN

Romeo D. SKEEN, a former merchant of Kenna, was found dead in bed at the home of his father, D. L. SKEEN, about 8 o'clock a.m. on last Wednesday morning. Mr. SKEEN had returned from Ripley Tuesday and was in his usual state of health when he retired that night. Heart trouble is ascribed as the cause of death. Mr. Duff was called. No inquest was held. He is survived by his wife and two children. The funeral was conducted by the St. Charles IOOF Lodge Sunday. (Mountaineer, 22 March 1912)

Mr. Nathan PERRY

Mr. Nathan PERRY died at the home of his only child, Mrs. J. W. PARSONS, near Mentor, on last Friday evening, of tuberculosis, aged 59. Mr. PERRY was a man of excellent character and commanded the respect of all who knew him. He was a member of the Church of Christ. The funeral was held Sunday, Rev. Lary JOHNSON officiating. (Mountaineer, 15 March 1912)

Samuel M. LEEPER

Samuel M. LEEPER was born November 15, 1840 in Harrison County, Ohio. Was married to Hattie A. LENT October 29, 1867 and to this union were born ten children, four girls and 6 boys: three of whom preceded him to the better land. Two girls and five boys survive him, all of Jackson County. Mr. LEEPER was converted at Hopedale, Harrison County, at the age of 25 years and joined the M. E. Church. He departed this life, March 10, 1912, aged 71 years, 3 months and 24 days. Funeral services were held Monday at 10 a.m. at Meadowdale Baptist Church by the writer. "Weep no more for father, While in his grave he lies, But prepare to meet him, In the home beyond the skies." (By) Rev. Joseph MURRAY


Mrs. Edith (GILLILAN) LACEY died at her home in Charleston at 9 o'clock last Saturdy morning of typhoid fever. Mrs. LACEY has been sick for nearly three weeks and was apparently improving. Two days before her demise her condition changed and she sank rapidly. The members of her family were summoned and were at her bedside at the time of her death. The remains were shipped to Ripley, arriving Tuesday, and taken to the home of D. W. Greer. The funeral was held from the Epworth Church Wednesday at 2 p.m. Rev. A. BACKUS officiating. The remains were interred at the Pine Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. LACEY was formerly Miss Edith GILLILAN of this place and was about twenty-one years of age. September last (1911) she was united in marriage to Henry LACEY, with her mother, three sisters and two brothers survive. Henry LACEY, Mrs. Susan V. GILLILAN, Charles Eugene GILLILAN, Mrs. R. N. MATHES, Mrs. BEAVER and Mrs. HOLMES, of Charleston accompanied the remains of Mrs. LACEY here for burial. (Mountaineer, 22 March 1912)


David LANDIS, an aged farmer, residing on Upper Trace Fork, met a sudden end last Monday. Mr. LANDIS, who was between 75 and 80 years of age, had gone out to plow. He failed to come in as usual for dinner and a little girl was sent to see what was wrong. She failed to find him and returned home. The family became alarmed and a search was instituted.

About dark, Arvel KEENAN, a neighbor's boy, discovered the body lying in a pasture field not far from the house with one foot caught in the plow. It had been dragged there from the plowed field more than half a mile distance. The clothing was partically torn from the body in passing over the rough ground. There was no marks that would indicate foul play and death was probably due to heart failure. No inquest was held over the remains which was prepared for burial and interred in the Mt. Olive Cemetery Thursday. (Mountaineer, 22 March 1912)

Nora Florence PARSONS

Nora Florence PARSONS, nee BATTRELL, was born August 4, 1864, died April 27, 1912, aged 47 years, 7 months and 23 days, was married to Alexis Trotter PARSONS September 28, 1882. To this union were born nine children: Mrs. Ferd WALTERS of Ripley, Mrs. George SIMMONS of Fairplain, Misses Susan, Margia, Anna, Alma, and Lexie; W. E. and J. N. PARSONS. The husband and all her children, and a grandson, son of W. E. PARSONS, to whom she has been like a mother since infancy. (Mountaineer, 3 May 1912)


Mrs. Anna (SAYRE-CUNNINGHAM) LITTLE passed peacefully into the great beyond at 5 o'clock Tuesday morning at the home of her daughter, Miss Hannah LITTLE. She was a daughter of Joel and Catherine SAYRE and a widow of the late Robert LITTLE. Mrs. LITTLE was 88 years of age. Besides, Miss LITTLE, she is survived by Messrs. Ed and I. S. CUNNINGHAM, and Mrs. Lafe STARCHER, children of her first marriage. Funeral services will be conducted at the Oak Hill Church Saturday by Rev. MARTIN. (Mountaineer, 3 May 1912)

Mr. John W. SLAVEN

Mr. John W. SLAVEN, one of Grant District's oldest residents, died on Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. T. PERRY, who with four brothers, J. R., Frank, A. J., and P. H. SLAVEN survive. (Mountaineer, 3 May 1912)


Virgil HOPKINS, twenty-one years of age, was the victim of a fatal fight near his home on Thirteen Mile Creek near Mason County on Thursday evening last. Leonard and Samuel SIDERS, brothers, 21 and 15 years of age respectively, are in jail at Point Pleasant charged with the killing. The killing which occurred about dusk that evening was witnessed by Miss Ella WARNER and Miss Gertie WARNER, who were being accompanied to church by HOPKINS, when the SIDERS boys and the young HOPKINS had a fist fight in which the former was worsted.

It is said that the brothers each held an open knife when an altercation in which bad names were called and stones thrown started. HOPKINS was struck in the back by a rock and started toward the SIDERS boys, the girls running in the opposite direction. When they looked back HOPKINS was bent over backwards and it is thought he received the fatal blow while in this position. Immediately after this his assailants ran and HOPKINS sank to the ground, calling to the girls, who rushed to his side and asked if he was hurt. He answered yes, that he was stabbed in the side, and died within a very few minutes. Examination revealed only one wound. The knife entered the heart between the fifth and sixth rib.

The SIDERS boys went to their home where the younger boy was arrested the next morning by Deputy Sheriff SAYRE. It is said that on reaching home that evening that Sam SIDERS denied striking HOPKINS with the knife. The older boy made no statement about the affair but left the vicinity at once. He was apprehended later near Arlee and stated that he did not know HOPKINS had been killed. Both boys were given a hearing in Squire Eddington's court and remanded to jail.

An inquest was held over the body of HOPKINS by Dr. WAGONER, after which the remains were taken home and prepared for burial. The principals in the deplored affair were neighbors and members of respected families. They have always borne good reputations until the present time. This was the first killing of its kind to take place in Union District in many years. (Mountaineer, 19 April 1912)

Mrs. Gladys (MCGOWN) STONE

Mrs. Gladys (MCGOWN) STONE, wife of Joseph STONE, died at the home of her father, C. H. MCGOWN, on Route 2, at 3:30 o'clock p.m. Tuesday of quick consumption. She is survived by her husband, her father and two brothers, Grover and Dan MCGOWN. She was in her 18th year and a bride since last August. Her ultimate death is deeply deplored by a wide circle of sorrowing friends. The funeral services were held Thursday, conducted by Rev. P. D. FISHER, at the home. Interment in the Otterbein Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 3 May 1912)

Mrs. Lucinda MAHON

Mrs. Lucinda MAHON, wife of Richard MAHON, died at 3 o'clock Wednesday morning, at her home at Cottageville, West Virginia. She is survived by one son and two daughters, H. W. MAHON, Mrs. Martha PHELPS of Apple Grove, Ohio, and Miss Clara MAHON. The funeral, conducted by Rev. W. H. HUNTER, her pastor, was held at 2 o'clock Thursday. Interment in the Flatwoods Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 10 May 1912)


Telford LOCKHART, the five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. William LOCKHART, who reside on Sandy, about seven miles above Sandyville, West Virginia, fell into the creek Tuesday and drowned. The little fellow was playing in the yard when the father left the house, just afternoon that day. It is thought that he attempted to follow his father. Being missed by his mother a few minutes, later a search was instituted. The body had washed down the creek a short distance, catching on a drift where it was found by "Billy" MCGOWN. The remains were interred in the family cemetery Wednesday. (Mountaineer, 10 May 1912)

Col. Hiram R. HOWARD

Col. Hiram R. HOWARD did at his home in Point Pleasant on Thursday, May 9, 1912, after a three month illness with a peculiar disease of the throat. Col. HOWARD served in Company C, 11th Ohio Regiment and Company H of the same Regiment in the Civil War. Was for several years proprietor of the Mason County Journal, afterward practiced law, abandoning this to become Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge A.F. and A. Masons of West Virginia, holding this office through the remainder of his life. He was a thirty-third degree Mason. Col. HOWARD also served as Mayor of Point Pleasant, County Superintendent of Mason County, and also represented that county in the House of Delegates. He was 69 years of age. (Mountaineer, 17 May 1912)

Elijah KISER

Elijah KISER died suddenly and unexpectedly Tuesday about 10 o'clock a.m. Mr. KISER lived near Kentuck Post Office in Washington District. He had not been well for some time but was able to go to the office that morning. On his return he seemed fatigued and lay down across the bed to rest. A few minutes later his wife was attracted by a noise from his room and rushed to his side to find him unconsious. He expired within a few minutes without speaking. Heart trouble is given as the cause of his death. Mr. KISER was 73 years of age and is survived by two sons and one daughter, Noah and Jeff, and Mrs. G. W. COOK, all of Roane County. The remains were taken to the old KISER homestead and interred Wednesday. (The cemetery is in Roane County) (Mountaineer, 14 June 1912)

Charles Homer MISNER

The funeral services for Charles Homer MISNER took place on Sunday, June 30, conducted by the writer, at the home of the deceased on Clay Lick. He was born on Clay Lick, February 20, 1892, and died of thypoid fever, June 29, 1912, aged 20 years, 4 months and 9 days. He was married to Ella May PULLINS, April 19, 1912. He became a member of the U.B. Church during Rev. HICK's revival some years since. Deepest sympathy is felt for the wife, father, mother and two sisters, who survive. His remains were interred in the KING Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 5 July 1912)

Isaiah "Uncle Zeke" CUNNINGHAM

Isaiah "Uncle Zeke" CUNNINGHAM, son of William and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, was born in Hardy County, Virginia, January 8, 1833, died at Angerona, Jackson County, West Virginia, July 26, 1912, aged 79 years, 6 months and 18 days. He was married to Miss Barbara ONG, October 18, 1867. To this union four children were born, one, Rudolph H. preceded him to the better land December 25, 1904. He served in Company G, 9th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War and made a record as a soldier of which his friends were proud and to which he always looked back with pleasure and pride. (Mountaineer, 2 Aug 1912)


Mrs. Lydia A. (SLAUGHTER) CRALL, widow of the late Captain William CRALL, Civil War veteran, died very suddenly Monday evening, Aug 19, 1912, at the home of her son, Amos A. CRALL, near Cottageville, West Virginia, of heart trouble. Mrs. CRALL had been in poor health, but was shopping in Ripley a few days before her death.

She was a native of Jackson County and was married to William CRALL March 25, 1858, and was the mother of ten children, five of whom survive: Rev. Everett CRALL of Glenwood, Miss Martha, Amos A., U. Bertie, and Washington CRALL, all of Cottageville, WV. Deceased was 74 years of age. (She was a daughter of Andrew and Telitha SLAUGHTER) The remains were prepared for burial by Undertaker D. W. RHODES and interred from Otterbein U. B. Church Wednesday afternoon. (Mountaineer, 23 Aug 1912)


W. M. PRUDEN died Saturday at Hemlock after several weeks illness from stomach and bowel trouble. He was nearly 80 years old and had resided in Jackson County since early manhood. He was a Federal soldier, served in the 4th West Virginia Cavalry. He was married three times, all three of his wives being dead. Four children survive him, Matt, Sam, Mrs. Tom WEAVER, and Mrs. Myrtle SAYRE, all of East Liverpool, Ohio. All but Matt, who is in Roanoke, Virginia, were present at the funeral, which occurred Sunday, conducted by Rev. G. L. HARRISON. Burial at LATHEM Ridge. [From Ravenswood News] (Mountaineer, 27 Sept 1912)


The first accident incident to the hunting season to happen in Jackson County, occurred Wednesday when Boyd BROTHERTON was instantly killed by accidentally discharging a 12 guage shotgun in his own hands. BROTHERTON, with a neighbor boy, Boyd WOLF, had been rabbit hunting and were within 300 yards of his home. He had set his gun against a stump to help his companion get the rabbit out of a hole. In picking it up, the hammer caught against the stump, the entire load entered the breast, killing him instantly. He was taken to his home and prepared for burial. BROTHERTON was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John BROTHERTON of near Lone Oak. He was perhaps 24 years of age, and regarded as a man of good habits. He is survived by his parents and a bride of only a few months. His death is deeply deplored. (Mountaineer, 8 Nov 1912)


Mrs. Ruth (BOWLES) CASTO, widow of the late J. R. CASTO, died at 2 o'clock Monday morning at the home of her son, Will CASTO, on Parchment. Mrs. CASTO was 78 years, 1 month and three days of age and was an estimable woman. Death was due to heart failure. Deceased is survived by three sons, one daughter, three brothers and one sister: Will and Charles CASTO of this county, Frank CASTO of Putnam County, Mrs. Sallie MITCHELL of East Liverpool, Ohio, Rev. M. B. and A. S. BOWLES, and Miss Fannie BOWLES. (Ruth was born 8 Oct 1834 in Jackson County, died November 11, 1912. She married John R. CASTO in May 1854 and was the mother of eight children). (Mountaineer, 15 Nov 1912)


At one o'clock Sunday afternoon Mr. John RHODES died of tuberculosis at his home near Huntington, WV. At midnight that night, Mrs. Ollie (RHODES) KERWOOD, wife of Mr. J. R. KERWOOD, and a cousin of Mr. RHODES, passed away, a victim of the same disease. Mr. RHODES was a former resident of this county and was an industrious and prosperous farmer. He moved to Cabell County about 18 months ago. Since that time his health has gradually failed.

He was a son of Benjamin RHODES, deceased. Mrs. KERWOOD lingered for several months. Her demise was perhaps hastened by close confinement in nursing her son, Clyde KERWOOD, who was also a victim of the white plague. Mrs. Ollie KERWOOD, daughter of of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. RHODES, was born near Ripley, January 27, 1863. She was married in 1887 to J. R. KERWOOD. To them was born a son, Clyde, who departed this life January 31, 1912.

The remains of Mr. RHODES accompanied by the widow, daughter, Miss Blanche RHODES, and brother-in-law, James PARSONS, were taken to Oak Hill Church Tuesday, where a double funeral service was conducted by Rev. RYMER and Rev. MARTIN. Mr. RHODES was 63 years of age. Mrs. KERWOOD was 49. She is survived by her husband and several brothers and sisters. The funeral was attended by a large crowd. (Mountaineer, 15 Nov 1912)


Lenora M. (LITTLE) PARSONS was born March 26, 1856, died October 20, 1912, aged 56 years, 6 months and 28 days. She was married to William Henry PARSONS, November 20, 1875. To them were born seven children, the two oldest, Rufus and Cecil dying in infancy. Those surviving are Grover, Burton and Belle, of Redhouse, Putnam County, Luther of Lone Oak and Mrs. Howard CASTO of Given, WV., this county. Besides her husband and children she is survived by three brothers and three sisters. (She) had moved within the past year to Red House. Her remains were brought to Foster Chapel and interred in the family burying plot, near to her old home. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. MOYER. (Mountaineer, 22 Nov 1912)

Mr. Frederick STONE

Mr. Frederick STONE, popularly known as "Uncle Fred" died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lucy BACHTEL, on last Monday morning, age 88 years, 1 month and 13 days. Mr. STONE was born on the Elias STONE farm below town and was a life long resident of the county. On the 7th of March 1850 he was united in marriage with Miss Elizabeth HARPOLD and for 57 years they traveled down the path of life together. Aunt Lizzie died in 1906.

Mr. STONE was a member of the United Brethren Church for 55 years. He is survived by four sons and two daughters, P. M., S. W., C. W., and G. L. STONE, Mrs. Malinda HOGSETT and Mrs. Lucy BACHTEL. One brother, Mr. Elias STONE, who is 80 years old, also survives. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. RYMER at Mt. Moriah Wednesday. (Mountaineer, 22 Nov 1912)

Thomas Watson BURKE

The angel of death visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Everett BURKE Tuesday night and claimed their only child, Thomas Watson BURKE, age ten months and fifteen days. He had been a sufferer of cerebral convulsions. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved parents in their hour of trouble. The funeral services were conducted from the Epworth Church at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, Rev. J. L. WEST, the pastor, officiating. The remains were laid to rest in the Pine Hill Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 27 Dec 1912)

Mrs. Patsy (HOGG) WINDON

Mrs. Patsy (HOGG) WINDON, the good wife of Mr. T. W. WINDON, of near Mt. Olive, died Saturday, aged 70 years, 6 months and 26 days. She was a most estimtable woman. Mrs. WINDON was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. HOGG, of Mason County. She is survived by her husband and four children: Mrs. J. R. CASTO, Mrs. John WOLFE, Thomas W. WINDON and Dollie WINDON. The funeral services were conducted from the Mt. Olive Church by Rev. T. H. RYMER. Interment in the nearby cemetery. (Mountaineer, 27 Dec 1912)

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