1913 Obituaries

Mr. Sylvester SCARBROUGH

Mr. Sylvester SCARBROUGH, age 72, a highly respected farmer of Washington District, was stricken with pneumonia fever while visiting relatives in Fayette County. He was sick only a few days and died there December 28, 1912. The remains were prepared for burial and taken to his home, near Kentuck, WV. Deceased is survived by his wife and four children. The funeral was held from the Baptist Church Tuesday, December 31, 1912. Rev. James FISHER officiating. Interment in the CLEEK (POLING) Cemetery, Kentuck. (Mountaineer, 3 Jan 1913)


Mr. W. H. COVEY, after many months of suffering with complications of diseases, succumbed Sunday, December 22, 1912, at his home on Second Creek. Mr. COVEY was 62 yars of age, and is survived by his wife, four daughters and one son. The remains were interred in the BURDETTE Cemetery, at Goff, after services at the home. (Mountaineer, 3 Jan 1913)

Mr. Ichabad "Bird" SAYRE

Mr. Ichabad "Bird" SAYRE, one of the oldest citizens in Jackson County, passed away at his home on Long Bottom on last Sunday morning of diseases incident to old age. Mr. SAYRE was twice married and is survived by ten children. He was 86 years of age. Interment at Foster Chapel Thursday. (He died 5 Jan 1913) (Mountaineer, 10 Jan 1913)


Mrs. Louisa Jane (RANSON-HARRISON) CASTO, widow of the late Elmore H. CASTO, died at 5 o'clock Saturday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. I. W. HILL, at Given, aged 77 years. Mrs. CASTO was twice married, her first being Bushrod HARRISON. After his death she married Mr. Elmore CASTO. Seven children survive. The remains were interred in the Rock Springs Cemetery on Poca River on Tuesday. [Louise married Bushrod HARRISON on 7 Dec 1856 and is buried beside him. Elmore CASTO is buried beside his first wife, Phoebe CUNNINGHAM CASTO. [Phoebe died in 1880.] (Mountaineer, 10 Jan 1913)

Miss Clara KAY

Friends in the section were shocked when they heard the sad news of the death of Miss Clara KAY at Wellsville, Ohio. The remains were accompanied home by her brothers, Charley and Will and families, and were interred in the Foster Chapel Cemetery, Saturday January 18. She was the only daughter of J.H. KAY and wife of Rockcastle. (Mountaineer, 31 Jan 1913)


Stewart MCCRADY, aged about 60, died at his home on Gay Route 1, after a lingering illness with tuberculosis, on Wednesday, January 22, 1913. A wife and several children survive. The remains were interred at 10 o'clock Thursday January 24, 1913 from Lowther Church. (Mountaineer, 31 Jan 1913)

Rev. Nicholas CASTO

Rev. Nicholas CASTO, one of the oldest and most respected residents of Washington District, died on Thursday, January 30, 1913, aged 87 years, 3 month and 19 days. Mr. CASTO's children are: Mrs. Enoch STAATS and Mrs. W. M. STAATS, deceased, Mrs. Riley STAATS, Mrs. Okey PARSONS, Mrs. Pleasant SUMMERS, Messrs. Adam, G. N., Willie and Everett CASTO. Mr. CASTO was a member of the Methodist Protestant Church. (Mountaineer, 7 Feb 1913)

Mr. John J. CASTO

Mr. John J. CASTO, single, 62 years of age, was stricken with heart failure and died suddenly at the home of his brother-in-law, W. A. WRIGHT, in West Charleston on Tuesday, January 28. The remains were taken to his home near Staats Mills, where interment was made Saturday after services at the Sinaiville Church. The body was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT. (Mountaineer, 7 Feb 1913)

Mr. Charles RAMSEY

Mr. Charles RAMSEY, a well known resident of Evans, was stricken with paralysis on last Saturday and expired at 6 o'clock Wednesday morning without regaining conciousness, aged 68. Mr. RAMSEY had been a resident of Evans for many years. He was a painter. Deceased is survived by his wife and one daughter. The funeral services will be conducted from Cottageville Methodist Church at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The remains will be interred in the new cemetery nearby. (Mountaineer, 14 Feb 1913)

Mrs. Minnie HALBERT

Mrs. Minnie HALBERT, widow of Prof. Henry P. HALBERT who died in 1898, a noble specimen of womanhood, died at the old homestead near Gay at 7 o'clock Saturday morning of brain trouble, aged 66 years. She was a member of the Protestant Methodist Church and an excellent lady. She is survived by eight sons and one daughter, all school teachers except two. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. H. L. ZINN. The remains were interred in the family cemetery. (Mountaineer, 14 Feb 1913)

Mr. George H. HOWARD

Mr. George H. HOWARD, of Little Sandy, died last Wednesday after a very brief illness at the ripe old age of 83 years, 8 months and 22 days. He was the father of Rev. H. C. HOWARD, one of the foremost ministers in the West Virginia Conference, also W. F. HOWARD, O. A. HOWARD, and Miss Lillie HOWARD. The burial occurred Friday, Rev. C. C. PERKINS officiating. Mr. HOWARD was a man of very high character, and during the many years he lived on Little Sandy he established himself in the confidence of the people to a remarkable extent. [Ravenswood News] (Mountaineer, 27 Feb 1913)



Comodore MACE

A tragedy occurred on Buck Run, ten miles from Spencer, (Roane County) shortly before midnight Sunday, in which three persons lost their lives and six more had a narrow escape. Ruth LANGFORD, sixteen, her brother Ezra LANGFORD, fourteen, and Comodore MACE, sixteen, were drowned in the West Fork, when the skiff in which they, with six other people were crossing the stream after going to church, sank.

The boat was overloaded and went down in the middle of the stream, after a fierce struggle in darkness in the icy waters with a snowstorm raging. Six of the boat's occupants gained shore. They were nearly frozen to death before reaching the nearest house. Farmers returned to the scene of the tragedy and after searching for four hours, recovered the bodies. Those who were saved are in serious condition from shock and exposure. Mr. and Mrs. Seymore LANGFORD and Mr. and Mrs. Martin MACE, parents of the victims, were among the saved. (Mountaineer, 27 Feb 1913)

Mazilla (HUNT) SAYRE

Mazilla (HUNT) SAYRE died at her home near Cottageville, on the 4th inst. after an illness of several weeks. She was born in this county, November 8, 1829, aged 83 years, 2 months and 25 days. She was married to Ephriam SAYRE, deceased 21 years, in 1845. To them were born six children: viz: Mrs. B. F. (Mary) SAYRE of Evans, Abijah SAYRE and Benjamin Wesley SAYRE of Cottageville, Mrs. Peter Pierce SAYRE of Baden, Mrs. Koziah STEWART, deceased, and Mrs. Nancy Belle RARDIN of Cottageville. (Buried in Antioch Cemetery)

Deceased was one of the best known and universally loved and respected residents of the locality in which she lived, having resided in the same home from the time of her marriage at sixteen years of age until her death. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Booth of the U.B. Church. (Mountaineer, Feb 1913)

Miss Orva May HOUCHEN

Miss Orva May HOUCHEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. HOUCHEN, who live on Elk Fork, died on February 12, of tuberculosis, aged 16 years. The remains were interred in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 21 Feb 1913)


Tuberculosis caused the death of Mrs. Leota (RHODES) CASTO, wife of Oscar CASTO, which occurred at 3 o'clock last Tuesday afternoon near Skidmore. Mrs. CASTO was about 30 years of age and was a daughter of Joseph RHODES, of Bear Fork. She is survived by her husband and two children. Interment was made Thursday in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 21 Feb 1913)

Mrs. Georgia (CASTO) PARSONS

Mrs. George HICKLE received a telegram announcing the death of her sister, Mrs. Georgia (CASTO) PARSONS, which occurred at the City Hospital, Akron, Ohio, Wednesday morning. Death was due to a complications of diseases. Mrs. PARSONS is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin CASTO of Parchment. She is survived by her husband, W. H. PARSONS, four children, Shirley, Otmer, Freda and Watson PARSONS, her parents, four brothers and three sisters, Dr. F. S., F. H., F. H., John C., H. G., and H. L. CASTO, Mrs. George HICKLE, Mrs. W. A. LEE, and Mrs. Addie AUSTIN. The telegram was received too late for any of the relatives to attend the funeral which occurred there Thursday. (Mountaineer, 21 Feb 1913)

Mrs. Flora Belle CASTO

The remains of Mrs. Flora Belle CASTO, who died at 5 o'clock Monday evening, were brought to Ripley on Tuesday evening and taken to the home of her father, Mr. Perry CASTO, on Laurel Fork, Wednesday. The funeral service was held there yesterday. Mrs. CASTO was the wife of Charles L. CASTO, who moved from this county to Marietta in 1910. She was sick only a few days. Death was due to pneumonia. Deceased is survived by her husband, five children, the oldest will be nine years old in May, her father and several brothers and sisters. (Mountaineer, 21 Feb 1913)

Mr. R. Emmett PARK

After an illness of several weeks of a very uncertain nature that made it difficult to determine how serious it was, Mr. R. Emmett PARK died Sunday morning sitting in his chair at his county home about a mile above town. He was afflicted for many years with a dropsical ailment and while his condition was known to be serious he gave no complaint to judge how dangerously sick he was.

Mr. PARK was born in Ripley and lived all his life in this county being a member of one of the county's oldest and most influential families. When the war between the states was precipitated, he, together with a brother, espoused the cause of the South. His brother fell a martyr to the lost cause by R. E. served almost all the time in the bitter conflict in Stuart's famous Cavalry, and returned to make an influential and respected citizen for half a century.

Mr. PARK was three times married, his last wife, and a son by his first wife, Waldo, surviving. Waldo was summoned from Detroit by a message telling of his death. About a year ago, during the revival service conducted by Dr. TURNER, he was converted and united with the M. E. Church, South. The burial occurred yesterday in the Ravenswood Cemetery, C. C. PERKINS conducting the funeral services at his late home. Deceased was a brother to G. W. PARK. [Ravenswood News] (Mountaineer, 28 feb 1913)


On February 17, 1913 at 9:15 a.m. the death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grover WIBLIN at Frozen Camp, and plucked from their midst their dear son, Ralph ANDERSON WIBLIN, who was but four years, 11 months and 12 days old. He suffered three weeks with typhoid pneumonia fever before yielding to the call to the eternal home. Ralph was a dear and attractive little boy who was the idol of his parents, being the oldest son. All was done in the power of the family physician, but all in vain, God must be obeyed.

The funeral was conducted at the Baptist Grove Church by Rev. J. M. FOX. The pallbearers were four uncles of the deceased, Oscar, Doctor and Bennie WIBLIN and C. E. COOPER. He leaves father, mother and one brother, Delbert, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn, but we weep not as one who has no hope, God's will, not ours, be done. (Mountaineer, 7 March 1913)

Dennis Brodman JEFFERS

Word was received Wednesday by Miss Jane JEFFERS of the death of her only brother, Dennis Brodman JEFFERS, which occurred on Saturday, March 8, at the home of a daughter in Kansas, after an illness of 18 months of cancer of the stomach. Mr. JEFFERS was a native of Putnam County in 1855. He was Captain of Company C, 3rd West Virginia Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War. Soon after the close of the War he went west. He was 73 years of age and is survived by his widow, four children and the sister. He was an honorable man, respected by his acquaintances. His last visit to his sister was in 1909. (Mountaineer, 21 March 1913)

Major Lemuel HARPOLD

Charles HARPOLD received word that his brother, Major Lemuel HARPOLD, died in Dallas, Texas, on March 11th from bronchitis. He was 85 years of age and lived near Fairplain until two years ago when he joined his children in Texas. He was a brother of S. W. HARPOLD, and two sons and a daughter in Texas survive him. He was a Major in the Federal service in the Civil War, and at its close became influential in the political and industrial life of Jackson County, holding for many years a position of high esteeem in the county, being a man of strong character and deeply interested in the general welfare. [Ravenswood News] (Mountaineer, 21 March 1935 )


Eric WETZEL, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. WETZEL, of Ravenswood, was killed by a train at Midland, Pa., last week. He was a conductor on a switching train. The remains were interred in the Ravenswood Cemetery last Friday. (Mountaineer, 28 March 1913)


Death Monday morning visited the home of Mr. William CHASE (died 1932, age 84), Route 2, and claimed from there the good wife and mother, Mrs. Levina SAYRE CHASE (1844 - 31 March 1913), last surviving child of Abel SAYRE, Sr. and Mary Ruth (PARSONS) SAYRE. Mrs. CHASE suffered for many months from a complication of diseases, her death coming not unexpected. She was 70 years, 4 months and 21 days old, and a highly respected woman. She is survived by her husband and five children, William H., Jr., Estell, Ruie, Lula and Jonathan CHASE. Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday morning by Rev. J. L. WEST. Interment in the family (KING) cemetery below town. (Mountaineer, 4 April 1913)


On Friday, May 9, 1913, at 4:30 o'clock a.m., Mr. Burton MCPHERSON passed away. For nearly forty years he has been a great sufferer of White Swelling and other diseases. He was born on the 10th of May, 1840, in Harrison County, West Virginia. He was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War. In 1868 he married Miss Elizabeth BURGESS, of Pike County, Kentucky. To this union were born thirteen children, ten boys and three girls. Wife of the deceased died March 20, 1895. He afterward married Mrs. Ella THOMAS (nee BROOKOVER) of Calhoun County, West Virginia. No children were born to this union.

He was confirmed into the Episcopal Church about forty years ago and lived a faithful Christian life until his death. Mr. MCPHERSON is survived by his wife and five children: Mrs. Lizzie RICHARDS, sons: W. P., J. L., and A. K. MCPHERSON, the last three named reside in Richardson County, Nebraska. (only four named) He also leaves two brothers and one sister, viz: Samuel and Irvin MCPHERSON, and Mrs. Lucy CARDER. The funeral was conducted at Liverpool by Rev. Guy CROOK. (Mountaineer, 23 May 1913)

Mrs. Rebecca BOWYER KANE

Mrs. Rebecca BOWYER KANE, 68, wife of Mr. Samuel KANE, a prominent citizen of Reedy, died Sunday night of heart failure. She was the last surviving sister of the late Mrs. H. C. PARSONS. (Mountaineer, 2 May 1913)

Mrs. Margaret E. (STEWART) NEWELL

Mrs. Margaret E. (STEWART) NEWELL, a native of Jackson County, died at her home in Mason County. She was a sister of George and Lum STEWART and Mrs. Sarah HILL of this county. Mrs. NEWELL was 74 years of age and is survived by her husband and eight children. (Mountaineer, 16 May 1913)


Mrs. J. R. NOWELL, 83, mother of Mr. E. H. NOWELL, the well known Ravenswood druggist, died at her home there on Monday. The funeral services were held Wednesday, Rev. Guy H. CROOK officiating. (Mountaineer, 23 May 1913)


Mrs. J. R. NEWELL, 83, mother of Mr. E. H. NEWELL, the well known Ravenswood druggist, died at her home there Monday. The funeral services were held Wednesday, Rev. Guy H. CROOK, officiating. (Mountaineer, 23 May 1913)

Mrs. Nehemiah THOMAS

Mrs. Nehemiah THOMAS' children have been summoned to her bedside and hopes of her recovery have been abandoned. (Mountaineer, 23 May 1913)

George Martin CRUM

George Martin CRUM, son of J. O. CRUM, was born October 19, 1890, and died May 19, 1913, at 4 o'clock p.m. He was converted in the spring of 1909, and was received into the membership of the M. E. Church, South, on Easter Sunday, April 11, 1909, and lived a faithful consistent Christian until he sweetly fell asleep May 19.

He was converted in a meeting held at Antioch Church by Rev. FISHER of the U. B. Church and myself. He was one of the noblest young men I ever knew. He taught in the public schools for several years, and was at the same time pursuing his own studies with an aim at still higher attainments which he intended should fit him for the greatest usefulness he was destined to be in the world. He set his mark high and pressed toward it. He never would be unemployed and ever overtaxed his physical powers in order to achieve his designs.

From the first religious experience he never refused to do anything he was asked to do, and never attempted to shirk any responsibility that was imposed upon him. He would pray with the family at home, superintend the Sunday School, or whatever else he met in the path of duty, he performed readily, and with humility and cheerfulness. In this way he went to the rich mines of the spirit world, procured precious gems and set them in his life and laid that life at Jesus' feet. With those gems will Jesus adorn a crown for his immortal brow.

George, your life was too noble and good to need any eulogy from me. That life itself was eloquence more sublime than any feeble human speech can express. Thou dost now rest from thy labors, and will, no doubt, climb on to sublime heights in the spirit world by a regular promotion. Dear sorrowing relatives and friends, I exhort you to aspire to such Christian perfection as did he, and it will assure for you a happy reunion in the "Sweet Bye and Bye".

We buried him with Christian honors in the Antioch Cemetery and a large concourse of people present indicated the popularity and esteem in which he was held. The Grange, an Order to which he belonged, performed their beautiful ritualistic service at the grave. (Mountaineer, 23 May 1913)


Hunter HOLMES MOSS, aged 68 years, died at his home in Parkersburg, West Virginia, at noon Tuesday after an illness of several weeks. The funeral will be held from the Trinity Episcopal Church at 4 o'clock this (Thursday) afternoon. He is survived by the widow and two children, Hunter H. MOSS, Jr., congressman from the Fourth Congressional District, and Mrs. Charles ALEXANDER of Clarksburg, WV. (Mountaineer, 30 May 1913)

Mrs. Eunice "Una" (HYRE) SPEARS

Mrs. Eunice "Una" (HYRE) SPEARS, wife of James SPEARS, lost her life early last Friday morning when a can of gasoline or kerosene, with which she attempted to start a fire in the kitchen stove, exploded. The fatal accident occurred at Sharon Circle, twelve miles from Akron, Ohio. Her husband was about 200 yards from the house when the explosion occurred. The woman was dying when her husband reached her side. Her last words were a request that her remains be taken home. The body was badly burned. Neighbors saved the house.

The family moved to Ohio about one year ago. Mrs. SPEARS was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. HYRE. She was 25 years of age and is survived by her husband and step-daughter, parents, two brothers and a sister. The remains arrived at Millwood late Saturday night and were taken from there to the home of her parents. The funeral was held at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon, Rev. C. ROBINSON officiating. Interment in the Mt. Olive Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 30 May 1913)


Mrs. Anna BONNETT, wife of Harvey BONNETT, departed this life May 25, 1913, aged 42 years, 1 month and 16 days. She was converted in her young days and united with the Methodist church. She lived a consistent Christian life, and just before her Death Angel made his call, she called her children around her bed and told them she would soon be with them no more, and committed them to God's care. She leaves a husband, two children, and a host of friends to mourn her departure. (Mountaineer, 30 May 1913)

Mr. Gilbert Bird WOLFE

Mr. Gilbert Bird WOLFE, a well known and respected citizen of Jackson County, died of organic heart trouble Tuesday, June 3, 1913, at 5 o'clock p.m., at his home on Ripley Route 2. The deceased was born near what is now Given Postoffice, April 23, 1850, and, with the exception of the past few years, spent his life in the neighborhood of his birth place. On May 31, 1874, he was married to Miss Laura BELL WRIGHT, to them were born two children, Attorney J. L. WOLFE of Ripley, and Mrs. Emma F. CARNEY of Huntington, WV.

Mr. Wolfe's wife died April 3, 1903, and in 1910 he was united in marriage to Mrs. Florence SEYMORE. His widow, two children, several brothers and sisters survive. The funeral services was conducted by Rev. T. H. RYMER at the Parchment Chapel Church, Thursday at 11 o'clock, after which the remains were laid to rest beside his first wife in the WOLFE Cemetery. (Mountaineer, 6 June 1913)

F. Joseph "Joe" WILLIAMS

F. Joseph "Joe" WILLIAMS is very critically ill at his home on Chase Mills with little chance of recovery. He was operated on Tuesday by Dr. H. H. STAATS, assisted by Drs. V. L. CASTO and S. W. BULL, for appendicitis. He rallied but discouraging conditions developed. Mr. WILLIAMS had been on two former occasions operated on for the same disease at a Charleston hospital. (Mountaineer, 23 May 1913)


F. Joseph WILLIAMS, who was operated on last week of appendicitis, died at 8 o'clock Saturday evening of peritonitis. Editor. F. J. WILLIAMS was born in Boone County, West Virginia, January 1, 1875, and died at his home on Salt Hill, Jackson County, Saturday May 24, 1913, aged 38 years. He united with the Christian Church while a young man and lived a faithful Christian life until his death.

Brother WILLIAMS was a charter member of the Christian Church at Salt Hill, and was serving as Elder of that congregation at the time of his death. His greatest thought in life was the advancement of the church. There was no ostentation nor make believe about him. His very sincerity was an element of power. He was generous to a fault. Oft times giving of his means beyond his ability for the advancement of the cause of Christianity. A Christian man has passed from earth, and we bless God he has arrived.

He was married to a daughter of Ballard BROWN, to which this union were born seven children. Four sons and three daughters are left to mourn the loss of a loving husband, a kind and affectionate father. Funeral services were conducted from the church at Salt Hill by Rev. T. H. RYMER and J. C. MEDIS. (Written by a Friend) (Mountaineer, 30 May 1913)

Mrs. Mary THOMAS

Mrs. Mary THOMAS, 75, wife of Jesse THOMAS, died at her home on Tug Fork on last Friday morning of Dropsy. Mrs. THOMAS had been ill for several months and her death was not unexpected. She is survived by five children: George, Charles, Frank and Henry THOMAS, and Mrs. Ella BLESSING. The remains were interred at Mt. Calvary Saturday afternoon. (Mountaineer, 6 June 1913)


James SCARBERRY, 39, of Skidmore, died Tuesday of hemorrhage of the lungs and was buried at Buena Vista Cemetery at 4 o'clock p.m. Wednesday. Deceased is survived by wife, two children, mother, several brothers and sisters. (Mountaineer, 6 June 1913)

Mr. Edward HARTLEY

Monday evening Mr. Edward HARTLEY died at his home in Union District. He was stricken with paralysis two weeks ago and his death had been expected. He was 89 years old and was a man of strict integrity, highest honor and enjoyed the respect of a large number of people. He was a large property owner and an influential man. He is survived by seven children, Mrs. Hughey V. MCCOY, who lived and cared for her father, Thomas HARTLEY of Cow Run, J. C. HARTLEY of Missouri, Mrs. Jane ROWAN of Kansas, P. S. HARTLEY of Salem, Oregon, and Edward HARTLEY, who is in South America. The burial will occur today at 11 o'clock in the Flatwood Cemetery. [Ravenswood News] (Mountaineer, 6 June 1913)


Mr. James MCKINLEY, 78, Civil War veteran, died at his home in Grant District on Monday of cancer. He served three years in the great civil strife as a member of Company I, 11th West Virginia Infantry. After the war he held several offices of trust in his community and was a highly respected citizen. He is survived by widow and seven children. The remains were interred in Ravenswood Cemetery Tuesday. (Mountaineer, 13 June 1913)


Mrs. Mary (PARSONS) CASTO (8 Aug 1888 - 24 June 1913), whose illness heretofore mentioned, died on last Tuesday evening at the home of her father near Red House. The remains were laid to rest at Foster Chapel Thursday in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends. (Mountaineer, 30 June 1913)

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