Arnold Cemetery

Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia


The photos are of the Morris Family tombstones submitted by Betty Jones <>

The grave stones are compliments of Kate Jacques.


Morris tombstone placement

The Arnold Cemetery transcript includes seven Morris family tombstones. Rebecca Smith Morris, her son Thomas S., the two wifes of Thomas S., and three children of Thomas S., and Prudence.

Five of these stones were found on our July 2009 visit. All but one were under a buckeye tree.

The general location of the plot is at the edge of the hill to the left (facing the cemetery entrance) about a third of the way up.



  • Morris, Rebecca - died 13 Oct 1844, aged 72 years; stone not found
  • Morris, Prudence - died 21 Mar 1850; aged 35 yrs, 3 m & 11 ds. Consort of T.S.; stone stands, only name and "Consort of" remain readable. Dates taken from transcript.
  • Morris, Thomas S. - died 17 Sep 1879, aged 72 yrs, 5m & 5 ds.; Stone found laying in front of the stone for Prudence. Name gone, part of date and age readable.
  • Morris, Susan M. - born 27 May 1827, died 30 Aug 1858; wife of Thomas; Stone standing and readable
  • Morris, Rebecca - born 18 Nov 18__, died 26 July 1867; Daughter of T. & P. Morris; stone not found
  • Morris, Sarah - born 8 Nov 1847, died 5 Aug 1864; Daughter of T. & P. Morris; Stone on the ground
  • Morris, Addaline - born 3 July 1842, died 25 Mar 1868; Daughter of T. & P.; Stone still standing and readable