Appraisement Bill of Solomon Schoonover, deceased 1836

Provided by Patt Seitas


The columns showing money values were partially unreadable on the photocopy; they are not shown here. In the list of personal belongings, spelling is retained.
But, capitalization was erratic, and will only be used here for the first word in a line.
' is used for a contraction not already punctuated.
* = illegible or unclear.
[ ] = transcriber's comments.

Appraisement Bill of Solomon Schoonover Dec'd 1836


Copy of the Appraisem't Bill
of the personal Estate of
S. Schoonover Dec'd

Fee 71 Cts
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The Appraisement Bill of S. Schoonover January the 15th [1836]
We John A. Goff and Currence Coonrod and Vincin Alex'der according to appointment and after being sworn have valued property of Solomon Schoonover deceast Viz.

One rifle gun
One leder bucket
One tin bucket
One tin pan
One set of table spoons
One set of tea spoons
One point & half point cups
One set of candle moles
Two beds and bedding
Eight pounds of wool
One five hundred re**
One large bell and strap
One hog
One horse and bridle
One white heffer
One brown cow
Four head of sheep
Two wheat stacks
One rye stack
Nine bushels soing of oats
One grindes stone
Two ricks of flax
One long sled
Thirteen acres of corn in the field
One pare of streachers & clivice
One set of trace chains
One hand saw
One iron wedg
Four augers
One drawing knife & 2 chizzles
One iron square
One pare of wool cards
One curry comb
One pare of stillards
One sythe
One log chain

[Page 2]

One corn cutter
One tomahauk and cutter
One pare of sheep shears
One sickle
One bible
One testament
One Arethmetic
One collar and harnes
One half bushel
One spinning wheel
One chick reel
One washing tub
One cag
One [broad?] howe
One meet tub
One sugar barrel
One meal sifter
One writing slate
One milk churn
One large pare of stillards
One big kittle
One big kittle
One big pot
One little pot
One stew kittle
One oven and lid
One skillet and ***
One large skillet
One quart jug
One leader bucket
One hammer & one peace of iron
One tin bucket
One strainer & funnel
Four small tin pains
One milk cooler & bloing horn
Two small crocks
One smoothing iron
Four white eathen plaits
Nine liver pool plates
One set of knives and forks

[Page 3]

Two coffi** pots
Two bottles and butter plate
Nine blew edged earthen plaits
Nine tin cups
Two tin pans
One candle sticks gimblet and inkstand
One salt stand and pepper box
Five earthen bowles
One ladle
One tea pot and cream jug
One set of tea cups and sacers
One basket
One tenant law
Two bed steds and one cord
One fire shovel
One cutting knife and box
One flax break
One weaving coom & *** wheel
One small ax
One chopping ax
Loos plank on the joice
One bee stand
One shovel plow
Three ch****
One cubboard
One table
One pare of cotton chards
One small box
One trunk
One six hundred re***
One large meat tub
One broad howe
Two hogs
One grubing hoe
One pare of pin***
One pare of large sissors
One bare shear plow
Some powther and led
One raizer
Two cakes of sugar

Vincent Alexander
Currence B. Conrod
John A. Goff
Hezekiah Stout Curator

Lewis County Court February Court 1836 the foregoing Appraisement bill of Solomon Schoonover deceased was presented in open court and ordered to be recorded

Teste J. Talbott CLC
A Copy Teste J. Talbott CLC

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