Court Order, 1841

Alfred Beauchamp vs. Solomon Schoonover's Administrator

Provided by Patt Seitas


Alfred Beauchamp
vs. ) Co of order
Sol. Schoonover's admr

Fall term

A copy delivered
A ... Fell Ds for Bo..... SLC

Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for Lewis
County Spring Term 1841.

Alfred Beauchamp )
vs. ) In Chy.
Solomon Schoonover's admr )

Ordered that Master Commissioner Lorentz ascertain and report to this court at the next term thereof the annual value of the rents and proffits of the land named in the bill and also the amount of the Plffs claim against the said land, as also the amount of all other leins, claimed to be on the said land

A Copy. Teste
Jno. Talbott clk

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