March Term, 1836

Additional List of Personal Property, Accounts and Notes
belonging to the estate of Solomon Schoonover

Provided by Patt Seitas

The following is an additional list of personal property Accounts and Notes belonging to the estate of Solomon Schoonover deceased not heretofore returned - Feby. 15th 1836

One pair of Plough Irons
One Hog
One crock, Nippers and trowel
One Long Hoe
One Account on John W. Stout for bacon bought in June 1835
One " on Isaac G. Lynch for same March 1835
One " on Samuel M. Brannon for Corn February 1835
One " Philip McNemar for one large beef Cow August 15th 1835
One order on Leonard Vandegrift for three bushels and a half Corn from W.
One recpt from John Lorentz for J. Schoonover
One Account on James Schoonover
One Note given from James Schoonover to C. Waldo October 14th 1836
One due bill on James Schoonover to Bland & Newlon 1st day of August 1829
One order from Aron Holbert to S. Schoonover for one keg of brandy
Recpt from Wm. McKinley to S. Schoonover for James Schoonover
One Note from Wm. Schoonover to C. Waldo 12th of September 1833
One Note on Michael H. Haverty 11th May 1834
Due bill from A. Schoonover to A. Britton 8th day of December 1831
One Note on Solomon B. Townsend due Daniel Schoonover

Hezekiah Stout Adminr
with the Will annexed

Lewis County Court March Term 1836
The foregoing additional Appraisement of the personal estate of Solomon Schoonover deceased was presented in open Court and ordered to be recorded
J. Talbott C.L.C.
A Copy Teste
J. Talbott C.L.C.

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