March Term, 1836

Sale Bill of the Effects of Solomon Schoonover

Provided by Patt Seitas

This transcription is from photocopies of handwritten lists obtained at the Lewis County Courthouse.
The columns showing amounts paid were partially unreadable on the photocopy; they are not shown here.
* = illegible or unclear

Presented in open Court during the March Term, 1836 by Hezekiah Stout, Administrator

Hezekiah Stout Admin &c 2 beds ***
" same " one 6 hundred ****
" same " 4 head of Hogs
" same " 8 pounds of Wool
" same " 2 Cakes of Sugar
" same " 1 tin bucket 1 tin pan
" same " 1 set of table spoons 1 set of tea spoons
" same " 1 set of candlemoles & 1 pint & half pint cup set
" same " 1 Reel
" same " 1 Washing Tub
" same " 1 Basket
" same " 1 Testament
" same " 1 flax break
" same " 1 Milk crock
" same " 1 Rye Stack
" same " 1 heep of Corn
" same " 1 meat tub
" same " 1 lot of Corn
Micha Cuzadder One pare of Stillards
J. W. Stout 2 Leader bucket
Strawther Goff 1 Tin bucket
George Linch 1 Meal Siv
Strawther Goff 1 tin bucket horn
J. W. Stout 1 Bible
John Burk 1 Churn
J. W. Stout 1 half bushel
Wm Coonrad 1 Spinning Wheel
H. Stout Jr 1 Auger
J. W. Stout 1 Iron Square
A. W. Hacker 1 fire Shovel
George Collins 1 Auger
A. W. Hacker 1 Auger
John Burk 1 Skillet
J. W. Stout 1 Cag
J. W. Stout 1 Sugar barrel
Cline Collins 1 Shovel plow
J. P. Bond Tomahawk
A. W. Hacker Chizzles
H. Stout Jr 1 drawing knife
Isaac G. Linch 1 Corn Cutter
E. T. Townsend 1 hammer and one pace Iron
Levi S. Townsend 1 Ink stand and Gimblet
Wm Conrod 1 Curry comb
Elizabeth Stout 1 pare of Cotton Cards
Wm Conrod 1 pare of Wool Cards
Wm Collins 1 Cutting bo**
N. Schoonover 1 Grubbing Hoe
Elijah McNemar 1 pare of chains
Strawther Goff 1 Razer & case
J. W. Stout 1 Meat tub
J. A. Goff 1 Loom & quill Wheel
George Collins 1 Collar & Harnes
M. H. Haverty 1 Six hundred Reese
James Schoonover 1 Tenant Saw
Thomas Boilon 1 Log chain
Thomas Stout 1 Ax
Isaac G. Linch 1 Small Ax
Thomas B. Stout 1 Clivice
M. H. Haverty 1 pare of ***
H. Stout Junior 1 Iron Widge
Samuel M. Brannon 1 Arithmetic
Philip Rutherford 1 Sythe
Isaac G. Linch 1 pare of Stillards
Thomas Stout 1 pare of Sheep Shears
I. G. Linch 1 pare of Scissors
Jesse Stump 1 pare of Pinsors
S. B. Townsend 1 bunch of Led
P. Reatherford 1 bunch of Powther
S. B. Stout 1 Stew Kettle
I. G. Linch 1 Small Pot
Jesse Stump 1 Oven and Lid
J. B. Stout 1 big Pot
S. B. Stout 1 big Kittle
S. B. Stout 1 big Kittle
H. Stout Junior 1 bar plow
J. W. Stout 1 Riffe Gun
John Burk 1 Skillet & lig
J. G. Linch 1 big Skillet
Jesse Stump 1 Small Jug
Elizabeth Wiant 2 Small crocks
Elizabeth Stout 2 Small pans
George Collins 1 Flat Iron
John Burk 1 Strainer
P. Reatherford 4 Small pans
Elizabeth Stout 1 Ladle
J. W. Stout 1 Funnel
S. B. Townsend 3 Tin Cups
Elizabeth Wiant 3 Tin Cups
P. Reatherford 3 Tin Cups
Elizabeth Wiant 1 Candle Stand
J. P. bond 1 Cream Cup
Elizabeth Wiant 1 Tea Pot
Wm Coonrod 4 White plates
S. B. Townsend 1 Pepper box
J. P. Bond 1 Salt Stand
Mary Ann Schoonover 6 blew edged plates
Mary Townsend 3 Small plates
J. W. Stout 3 liver pool plates
J. P. Bond 6 liver pool plates
Elizabeth Wiant 1 bottle & 1 Dish
Elizabeth Wiant 2 Bowels
Philip Reatherford 2 Bowls
Mary An Schoonover 1 Coffee Pot
Elizabeth Stout 1 Coffee Pot
Jesse Stump 1 Set of knives & forks
Nicholas Schoonover 1 Bottle
J. P. Bond 1 Set of tin Cups and Saucers
J. W. Stout trowel and Chisels
C. B. Conrod 1 Long Hoe
Strawther Goff 3 Ch****
Micha Luzader 1 Writing Slate
John Sprinstone 1 broad Hoe
A. W. Hacker 1 broad Hoe
H. Stout Junior 1 bed stid & Cord
James Tallman 1 bed stid
John Linch 1 Trunk
John Burk 1 Small box
James J. Arnold 1 B** Stand
John Keller 1 Rick of Flax
John Haddon 1 Rick of Flax
Wm. R. Goff 1 Rick of Oats
Wm. Schoonover Oats
Nicholas Schoonover 1 Grind stone
James Tallman 1 Long ****
S. B. Townsend Lot of corn
Cline Collins lot of corn
James J. Arnold 1 White Heffer
James Schoolcraft 1 brown Heffer
Micha Luzader 1 brown Cow
Strawther Goff 4 Sheep
J. A. Goff Plank on the Joices
J. A. Goff 1 Cupboard
J. A. Goff 1 Table
John W. Stout Oats
James Schoolcraft 1 lot of Corn
M. H. Haverty 1 lot of Corn
A. W. Hacker 1 lot of Corn
James Schoolcraft 1 lot of Corn
Thomas Stout lot of corn
" " 1 lot of same
Wm. Schoonover 1 lot of Corn
James J. Arnold 1 lot of Corn
M. H. Haverty 1 lot of Corn
S. B. Townsend 1 lot of Corn
S. B. Townsend 2 Wheat Stacks
Wm Schoonover 1 Horse

The within is a true account of the Sale bill of the effects of Solomon Schoonover decd to the best of my knowledge &c Hezekiah Stout Administrator with the Will annexed $84.76¼ this 16 day of Feb. 1836 The full amount if I have maid no mistake is three hundred _____ twenty eight one fourth cents $300.28¼ N.B. The farming utinsils come to [26.13¾]

Lewis County Court March Term 1836 The foregoing Sale bill of the personal estate of Solomon Schoonover deceased was presented in open Court and ordered to be recorded

Teste J. Talbott C.L.C.

A Copy Teste
J. Talbott C.L.C.

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