Jacob Morrison, Will

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Jacob Morrison (James Morison) was born June 16, 1813, and died March 08, 1885. He was the son of James and Elizabeth (Bozarth) Morrison. He married Margaret McNemar August 13, 1835 in Lewis County, VA. She was the daughter of Phillip McNemar and Elizabeth Beasley. She was born October 18, 1813, and died May 23, 1906. Jacob and Margaret are buried in the Vandalia Cemetery, Lewis County, WV.

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Devisees of Jacob Morrison:
Son: Franklin P. Morrison
Son: Riley R. Morrison
Son: Gideon H. Morrison
Son: Jacob Lee Morrison
Wife: Margaret Morrison
Daughter: Elizabeth Jane Morrison
Granddaughter: Anna L. Morrison
Granddaughter: Ada B. Morrison
Other: Virginia Ann McNamer
Other: Dora A. Morris

Pages 99-102.
Jacob Morrison's Will
December 24, 1884

In the name of God, amen.
I JACOB MORRISON of the county of Lewis and State of West Virginia being of sound mind and memory do hereby make publish and declair [sic] this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

First I order and direct my son, FRANKLIN P. MORRISON as soon as practable [sic] after my death to sell that portion of my lands hereinafter provided by me to be sold and to make conveyance by deed the same as I might do were I then living also to sell all of my young cattle that I may have on hand at the time of my decease and to pay off and discharge all of the debts dues and liabilities that may exist against me at the time of my decease and to pay the residue of said proceeds as follows, one hundred dollars to my son RILEY R. MORISON three hundred dollars to my son GIDEON H. MORISON, fifty dollars to VIRGINIA ANN McNAMER, and fifty dollars to DORA A. MORRIS.
The Balance of said proceeds to be Equally devided [sic] between my three sons namely GIDEON H. MORISON, FRANKLIN P. MORISON, JACOB LEE MORISON.

Second I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife MARGARET MORISON in lew [sic] of her Dower in my estate, the following named property viz. one tract of land the same on which I now reside and on which my preasent [sic] dweling [sic] house now stands in which I now live, and bounded as follows Beginning in the road near the west corner of N.E.PETERSONS garden lot and oposite [sic] where the cross fence runing [sic] through the meadow joins the road fence, thence a N.W. direction crossing a small tributary of Big Skin Creek pasing [sic] through the meadow with or near the fence now pasing [sic] through said meadow and up the point to a small walnut tree, thence a northly Direction the same course the fence now runs to the fence near the top of the ridge and with the said fence to a line of land now owned by L.D. OLDAKER and with the said OLDAKERS [sic] lines to a line of land now owned by C.E. JONES and with the said lines to the roads near the schoolhouse thence with the said road to the forks of same at or near W.V. CHIDESTER's storehouse , thence with the road leading to sand fork to the beginning saposed [sic] to contain sixty acres to have and hold the same for her support during her natural lifetime and after her death to pass to and become the property of my son FRANKLIN P. MORISON provided furthermore that if my son FRANKLIN P. MORISON provides for and maintains his mother during her natural lifetime in proper maner [sic] then he is to have the use of said land to enable him to do so. Also I give and bequeath unto my said wife three cows to be selected by her and also all the cash money I may have on hand at the time of my Death, and all other personal property of which I die seized not herein otherwise disposed of by me.

Thirdly I give and bequeath unto my two grand Daughters namely ANNA L. MORISON and ADA B. MORISON all of a certain tract of land ling on the lefthand [sic] side of the road leading from W.E. PETERSON's mill by the way of J.A. FRANCIS joining lands of N.E. PETERSON J.A. FRANCIS and N.D. LINGERS heirs supposed to contain about seventy acres in fee, also one cow each and each of them one bed and beding [sic] as now provided for them by me.

Fourthly I give and bequeath unto my daughter ELIZABETH JANE a certain tract of land lying between the two roads leading to sand fork Beginning at the forks of the said road thence up the left hand fork to J.A. FRANCIS [sic] line to the top of the ridge to a line of my old tract of land, where I formerly resided, and with the said line to the road leading up the right hand fork and with the said road to the Beginning supposed to contain forty acres.

Fifth I give and bequeath unto my son JACOB LEE MORISON all of certain tract of land the same on which he now resides and the same on which I formerly lived, it being the same conveyed to me by deed bearing date tenth day of august 1849 by DAVID WILSON and brothers (see deed)

Sixth I hereby order and direct my son FRANKLIN P. MORISON to sell all my lands not herein otherwise disposed of by me with full power to make deeds pass recipts (sic) take bonds and to do all other things necessary in the sail (sic) and conveyance of said land to apply the proceeds thereof as hereinbefore directed by me.
In witness whereof I have here to subscribed my name this 24 day of December in the year of our lord 1884.

Jacob Morrison
all interlinations [sic] made before signed

The above and foregoing instrument was at the date thereof signed sealed published and declared (sic) by the said JACOB MORISON as and for his last will and testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names and witnesses.

I MARGARET MORRISON the wife of JACOB MORRISON do hereby accept the provisions herein made by my husband for me in lew (sic) of my dower right in his Estate Given under my hand this 24 day of Dec. 1884.
Margaret Morison

The State of West Virginia
Lewis County Court Clerk's Office, April 6, 1885
The County Court of said County this day confirmed the action of its clerk in admitting the foregoing will to probate on the 14th day of March 1885, during vacation of said Court.
Attest: E.W.BENNETT, Clerk


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