About Lewis County

Old Lewis County, was formed in 1816 from the southern part of Harrison County, was one of several centers of early settlements in Trans-Allegheny, Virginia.  It's first settlers came in 1769 from the South Branch of the Potomas River to the upper West Fork River valley to Hacker's Creek in the northern corner of today's Lewis County.

These earliest settlers of the Trans-Allegheny region were the younger sons of the Tidewater Virginia families, disenchanted Scots-Irish and German settlers from Pennsylvania, indentured servants who paid their passage to America with seven years of their labor.

The above information came from: :A Pictorial History of Old Lewis County The Crossroads of Central West Vriginia by: Joy Gregoire Gilchrist and Charles H. Gilchrist. You may contact at the HCPD for more information on this wonderful book.

If you are reseaching in Lewis Co. or plan to visit the area, then the  following will be of interest to you.

Lewis County Court House    County Clerk Office, 111Court Street, Weston, WV.    304-269-8215

Lewis County Chamber of Commerce    

230 Main Ave., Weston, WV.                                


Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants Historical Society                                           

Route 1  Box 238,   Jane Lew,  West Virginia 26378                  


Their membership is $25.00 per year (October 1 to Septmeber 30th), you will receive four full packed journals, and newsletters in between the journals per year.  Members receive free querie's posted in the journal.  HCPD has their own listserv free to HCPD Member's Only.  Stop by their Home Page and take a look today.

Lewis County has many places to visit, shop and have clean and comfortable motel's & restaurant's to serve you when you are able to visit the area. There are also camping facilities for your comfort.

Places to visit while you are in LewisCounty:

Stonewall Jackson Dam at Roanoke   Only number I can find is a Jane Lew number 304-884-7000  You can inquire about Paddle Boat tours here also.

Jackson's Mill just outside of Weston      304-269-5100

The Glass Swan, Inc. in Jane Lew on Main Street    304-884-8014

Masterpiece Crystal     Trolley Street, Jane Lew          304-884-7841

Lewis County Convention &Visitor's Bureau,Inc.       134 Center Ave,Weston, WV                 304-269-7328 

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