Logan County Cemeteries

The 1900 Logan County WV Census listed a few thousand inhabitants in Logan County. By 1920, over 40,000 individuals were listed. Most occupations listed in the 1920 were that of "mining".

Little family oriented communities, such as Earling, became "coal mining towns". Men from all over the world came into these communities to work in the coal mines. Some brought their families with them. Others sent for their families later. Some of the countries represented on the 1920 Logan County Census are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Greece, along with others.

Logan County not only received foreigners during that time but also residents of other counties in WV and other states also migrated here.

Coal mining is a very dangerous occupation, even now, years later. But in that time period, deaths accounted to working in the coal mines were common and in high numbers. Deaths from typhoid fever, measles, flu epedemics, cancer, heart diseases, etc., also took their toll.

Family cemeteries became "community" cemeteries, such as Earling.

Avis Cemetery, Neibert, WV

Browning-Grimmett Cemetery, Bruno, WV

Earling Cemetery, Earling, WV

Christian Cemetery, Christian, WV

Daniels Cemetery, Buffalo Creek

Ferrell Cemetery, Chapmanville, WV

Foley Cemetery, Melville,WV

Upper Hinchman Cemetery, Rich Creek, WV

Mitchell Hts. Cemetery

Mullins Cemetery, Blair, WV

Mullins Cemetery, Lyburn, WV

Rich Creek, Logan County WV

Rita, Snap Creek, Logan County, WV

Church of God Cemetery, Robinette, WV

Robinette Cemetery, Three Mile Curve

Hinchman Cemetery, McConnell, WV

John E. Thompson Cemetery, McConnell, WV

Vance Cemetery

Yolyn Cemetery, Rich Creek, Logan County WV

White Oak Cemetery, Orgas or Orange, Boone County WV