This Deed has more importance than normal since it mentions the Heirs and County (Tazewell) of residence of this John Starr, it also mentions that this John Starr is a brother of James Starr of Logan County. John Starr apparently did move to Logan County to live on the land given to him by his brother James, since at least four of his children married in Logan Co. (1888,1888,1890 & 1892).

Submitted by: Russell L. Lawrence

Deed - James Starr Sr. to John Starr

(Deed Book J, page 183, Logan Co.WV.)

James Starr Sr.
John Starr

This Deed made and entered into this 7th day of July 1887, by and between James Starr, Grantor, of the County of Logan and State of West Virginia party of the first part, and John Starr his Brother, of the County of Tazewell and State of Virginia Grantee, of the second part. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the love I have for my Brother, John Starr, said James Starr doth Grant unto John Starr my Brother, a certain tract or parcel of land situate and Lying on Pigeon Creek, in the County of Logan and State of West Virginia and bounded and as follows, to wit. Beginning at two beeches at the lower side of the Road at lower end of Canna field thence up the creek, with meanders thereof, to the mouth of the hollow at the upper end of the mill field thence to the left hand, joining with James Starrs lines to the top of the Ridge thence up the Ridge between Canna Branch and Trase fork of Pigeon Creek, to the head of the Owll(?)hollow, thence down the upper ____ of said hollow, to the main Canna Branch thence down the branch with the meanders of the same to the lower end of Thomas Starrs lines thence with the same up the Creek to Rebecca Davis' lines with the same down the hill to Pigeon Creek, thence the Creek with the meanders of the same to Surilda(?)Lawsons lines thence with the same up the hill to the top of the Ridge so as to intersect with James Starrs lines thence down the ridge with lines of Jane Starrs land to the Beginning containing three hundred Acres be the same more or less to have and to hold the term of his natural life time then to __lex Shelly Starr, and Sarah A.Starr, and Rosa M.Starr, heirs of John Starr to have and to hold for ever with all its appurtenances except the Rent for this year 1887.

The parties of the second part is not to sell of expose of said Land for six years, the party of the first part doth warrant the property hereby conveyed unto the party of the second part, as witness my hand and seal this day and date written.

James(hisxmark)Starr (Seal)

State of West Virginia
Logan County to wit.

I Joseph A.Davis a Justice in and for the County ____ hereby certify that James Starr whose name is signed _____ fore going Deed bearing date on the 7th of July 1887 has this day acknowledged the same before me in my County.

Given under my hand the 7th day of July 1887.

Joseph A.Davis Justice

In Logan County Court Clerks Office July 8th 1887. The foregoing Deed was this day duly _____ to record.

Teste S.S.Altizer Clerk

(NOTE: Due to the blacking out of the edge of the copy of this Deed, some of the words were unreadable)