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Tetrick Cemetery

Tetrick Family Cemetery information and photo was furnished by Judy Prichard (a Tetrick descendant).
Note from Judy - Some of the names and dates were illegible on the headstones.
Some of the information, such as cause of death was found in courthouse records.

The Tetrick family cemetery is located on Harter Hill, near Enterprise. The cemetery is on the hill to the left of the house in the photograph.

The farm has been in the Tetrick family since about 1783.

Tetrick Farm Home (Harter Hill) Harrison County WV
Click the photo for an enlarged view.

The farm house was built in 1890 by Judy Prichard's great-grandfather John Jefferson Tetrick and John's father, Christopher Tetrick. Prior to the farm house being built, they lived in a log cabin that was to the right of where the house was located. The farm house burned in the mid 1960's.

Surname, Given Name Birth Date Death Date Additional Information
Swiger, Elizabeth Tetrick     wife of John Swiger
Tetrick, Andrew 1/1/1814 11/4/1895  
Tetrick, Ann     nee Cunningham
Tetrick, Ary Freeman 1/22/1774   wife of John Tetrick
Tetrick, Betty Elizabeth born & died 10/13/1928 dau of Claude & Zelphia Tetrick
Tetrick, Catherine     nee Martin
Tetrick, Cena McIntire 12/1/1825 1/10/1895  
Tetrick, Christopher 8/8/1824 11/13/1911  
Tetrick, Elihu 1848 5/21/1866 struck by lightening
Tetrick, Henry Jr. 1770    
Tetrick, Idona E. Davis 10/10/1869 1/21/1914  
Tetrick, John 12/2/1772 5/8/1847  
Tetrick, Joseph 1/22/1774 8/29/1844  
Tetrick, Josy 8/29/1811    
Tetrick, Margie Louise 3/16/1923 9/6/1930 had a twin sister who survived
Tetrick, Mary     nee Chamberlain
Tetrick, Mary 1848 5/3/1884  
Tetrick, Mary Catherine 6/28/1844 2/11/1926 wife of Peter
Tetrick, Millie Parker     wife of Josephus
Tetrick, Peter P. 4/5/1843 2/13/1892  
Tetrick, Sarah     wife of Andrew
Tetrick, Sylvanas 3/26/1832 4/21/1878  

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