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Driving Directions to Dragoo Cemetery

Dragoo Cemetery

  1. From Fairmont you take 19 North out of Fairmont.
  2. When you get to Rivesville you will see a sign that says
    Route 17 towards Grant Town and Fairview.
    Make a left there onto route 17.
  3. Continue on Route 17 and pass Grant Town towards Keystone.
    When you come to a sign that says "Keystone" on the
    right hand sign on the road, there will be a road immediately
    on the left, which is Route 21. Also called Monumental Road.
  4. Go Down Route 21 "Monumental Road".
    Make a right on to John Kennedy Rd.
  5. Once you turn on to John Kennedy Rd., go 7/10 of a mile.
    On the right hand side of the road there will be a
    house at the foot of the hill with a split rail fence.
    Immediately past this house is a paved driveway which you turn onto
    and go straight up to the top of the hill to the last house and park.
  6. Slightly to the left and behind this house is a barb wire fence.
    If you are facing up the hill you will walk on the left side
    of this barb wire fence and follow it to the top of the hill.
    You will come to another barbed wire fence.
    Cross over the barb wire fence at top of the hill
    and cemetery is immediately to the right.

NOTE: You have to go across private property to get to the cemetery,
and should stop to get permission from the home owner.

If you attempt to visit this cemetery be aware there are lots of briar patches,
so dress accordingly and take work gloves and weed clippers.

Cindy Reed recorded these directions when she visited the cemetery.

Vi Parsons emailed the directions to me