Gilboa Cemetery

SUBMITTED BY: John Boggess (great great great grandson of Henry Boggess & Catherine Pitzer)

READ BY John Boggess
September 25, 2004

A 10-rod square (5/8 acre) piece between property originally settled by Lindsay Boggess, Sr. & Samuel Upton
in 1810 and 1811 was deeded on February 15, 1859 by current owners Lindsey Boggess, Jr. & Elias Dudley
to the trustees of Giboah [sic] Meeting House for use as a burying ground.

The cemetery is located north of Barrackville, 2 miles west on Gilboa Road near the right hand branch of Dunkard Mill Run.

Boggess, Lindsay         Sep 20, 1770  Feb  7, 1848                                              78y 
Boggess, Milly             about 1772* Mar 23, 1847       wife       Lindsay Boggess             75y

Boggess, Henry           Nov 24, 1793  Aug 20, 1891       son        Lindsay & Milly Boggess  97y 8m 27d
Boggess, Catherine P.     Oct 6, 1797  June 4, 1887       wife       Henry Boggess            80y 7m 28d
   Henry first m. Nancy Dragoo (daughter Of John Dragoo & Ann Prickett) Aug 22, 1814. After Nancy's death in 1821,
   Henry next m. Catherine "Kitty" Pitzer (daughter of John P. Pitzer & Elizabeth Price) Jan. 1823.
      "Our father and mother are gone 
       now to join the seraph band
       Dear parents tho we miss you much 
       we know you rest with God."

McDougal, Elvira A.       Oct 15, 1816   May 4, 1855      wife       J. F. McDougal           39y 6m 9d
   Elvira Ann Boggess (daughter of Henry Boggess & Nancy Dragoo) m. John Fletcher McDougal
   (son of John McDougal & Margaret Hillery) in 1834. They had 11 children. 

Boggess, Thomas P.        Nov 12, 1826  Nov 19, 1872                                            46y 7d
   Thomas Price Boggess (son of Henry Boggess & Catherine Pitzer) m. Francis "Fannie" Brock. 
   Their daughter Mariah m. William G. Billingsley (son of Ulysses Billingsley & Julianna Hawkins).
Boggess, Fannie B.        Jan 31, 1832  Sep 10, 1895      Wife       T. P. Boggess            68y 7m 11d  
   "Mother, thou art now at home
    Mong angels fair above
    But yet below thy child must roam
    Till summon'd by His love."

Davis, Elizabeth J.       Sep 13, 1828  Mar 16, 1849      Wife       R. P. Davis              20y 3m 3d
   Elizabeth Jane Boggess (daughter of Henry Boggess & Catherine Pitzer) m. Richard P. Davis in 1844.
   They had children Harriett and Leroy, who were raised by Elizabeth's parents after her death.

Boggess, Lindsay          May 11, 1805  Sep 28, 1880                                          75y 4m 17d  
Boggess, Ann              Oct 22, 1805  Feb 20, 1884      Wife       Lindsay Boggess          78y 3m 28d
   Lindsay Boggess, Jr. (son of Lindsay Boggess, Sr. & Milly Janes) m. Ann Cunningham 
  (daughter of John V. Cunningham & Sarah King) Mar 29, 1827 in Monongalia Co. (now Marion Co.)

Boggess, Margaret A.     June 22, 1830  Dec 25, 1884      Wife       D.L. Boggess             54y 6m 5d
   Margaret Ann Haines (daughter of David Haines & Massie Minor) m. David Larkin Boggess
   (son of Lindsay Boggess. Jr. & Ann Cunningham) March 14, 1853 and they had 9 children. 
   (Margaret's brother Milo Haines married her husband David's sister Millie Boggess.)
Boggess, William Spencer  Dec 19, 1864  Nov 10, 1886      son        D.L. & M.A. Boggess
Boggess, John M.          Feb  8, 1867  Aug 30, 1870      son        D.L. & M.A. Boggess      3y 5m 22d  John Minor Boggess
Boggess, Alice C.         Mar  5, 1872  Mar 24, 1873      daughter   D.L. & M.A. Boggess       1y 19d    Alice Cary Boggess

Dudley, Fleming                   1835          1910                                                     Sergt. Co. A 1 W.Va Cav 
Dudley, Sarah Ann          Mar 6, 1839          1920      daughter   Lindsay & Ann Boggess
   Sarah Ann m. Fleming Dudley (son of Enoch Dudley & Susanna Dragoo) July 12, 1858 in Marion Co.
   Son A. L. B. Dudley was living with grandparents Lindsay & Ann Boggess in 1880, working on the farm, 
   and was later elected a Gilboa Cemetery trustee.
Moore, Charles E.                 1864          1946                                     
Moore, Cora A.                    1870          1963      daughter   Fleming & Sarah Ann Dudley

Boggess, Mary Ann          Mar 6, 1839          1897      daughter   Lindsay & Ann Boggess               (Sarah Ann's twin)

Tibbetts, Millie H.       Apr 18, 1837  Oct 23, 1905      daughter   Lindsay & Ann Boggess
   Emilia "Millie" Boggess first married Milo Haines (son of David Haines & Massie Minor). Millie later married a Tibbetts.
Haines, Ida A.            Aug 31, 1856  Dec 22, 1858      daughter   Milo & Millie Haines     2y 3m 22d

Davis, Matilda Boggess    Oct 29, 1841  July 19, 1931     daughter   Lindsay & Ann Boggess 
   Matilda m. David S. Davis on May 21, 1882 in Marion Co.

Boggess, Alcinda Jane     Jan 10, 1845 July 24, 1851      daughter   Lindsay & Ann Boggess    6y 6m 13d

Faucet, James               about 1821    about 1881                                                     Co. F 12th W. Va. Inf
   James Faucett age 59 on 1880 Lincoln District, Marion Co., WV census. 
   Julia began receiving a Civil War widow's pension on 23 Feb 1881.
Faucett, Julia M.           about 1828 July 21, 1903      daughter   John & Jemima Boggess       75y     Julianne Boggess
   Granddaughter of Lindsay Boggess, Sr. & Milly Janes.
Fawcett, Elza L.            about 1857          1860      son        Jas. & J. M. Fawcett     3y 7m 5d

Dudley, Elias              Sep 9, 1805   Sep 25, 1880                                          75y 16d
Dudley, Hannah             Jan 7, 1805   Apr 22, 1884     Wife       Elias Dudley             79y 3m 15d
   Elias (son of Asa Dudley) married Hannah Jones before 1830. Elias was the brother of Enoch (father of Fleming Dudley).

Boggess, Isabel Dudley            1833           1889     daughter   Elias & Hannah Dudley
   Isabel m. Thomas "Lindsay" Boggess (son of Lindsay Boggess, Jr. & Ann Cunningham) May 11, 1856 in Marion Co.
Boggess, Ida              May 13, 1864  Aug 20, 1865      daughter   Thomas & Isabel Boggess   1y 3m 7d

Dudley, Felix J.          Aug 31, 1835   Sep 22, 1851     son        E & H Dudley             16y 22d

Yost, Martin              Nov 20, 1842   May 20, 1899          
Yost, Hannah              Oct 13, 1837  July 30, 1912     daughter   Elias & Hannah Dudley               (Christina's twin)
   Hannah Dudley m. Martin Yost (son of Uriah Youst & Susannah Poling) Aug 26, 1869 in Marion Co.

Toothman, James W.        Jan  1, 1838   Mar 17, 1929 
Toothman, Christena       Oct 13, 1837  July 17, 1906                                                    (Hannah's twin)
   Christina Dudley (daughter of Elias Dudley & Hannah Jones) m. James Toothman (son of William J. Toothman & Eleanor Wilson).

Dudley, Mary M.           Sep 26, 1844   Dec 10, 1863     daughter   Elias & Hannah Dudley    19y 2m 14d

Nester, O__r E.            Feb 1, 1904   May 27, 1948                                                 "Gone but not forgotten"
Morris, Byrd E.           Mar 25, 1910   July 1, 1989                     
   This appears to be Byrd E. Sale, daughter of Charles Sale & Nellie M. Toothman.
   (Nellie Toothman was the daughter of James Toothman & Christina Dudley). 
   Byrd Sale married O. E. Nester (possibly son of Amos L. Nester/Nestor & Nicey Ruhannah Annis Boner) 
   and had daughter Ova. This may be the same Byrd, who later married a Morris.

Williams, C. C.                   1825           1903           
Williams, Lourinda B.             1840   Aug 20, 1919     daughter   Elias & Hannah Dudley
    Lourinda Belle Dudley first m. John Wesley Youst (son of Aaron Youst & Sarah Pitzer). 
    Lourinda later married C. C. Williams. 
    Lourinda's husband John Wesley Youst and her sister Hannah's husband Martin Yost were 1st cousins.

Upton, James              Feb 11, 1795 June 10, 1868          73y 4m          
   James Upton (son of Samuel Upton & Mary Ann Lanham) m. Rebecca Boggess (daughter of Robert Boggess
   & Nancy Dickey and niece of Lindsay Boggess & Milly Janes) Oct 31, 1816 in Monongalia (now Marion) Co.
Upton, Samuel P.          Feb  7, 1821     July 1821      son        James & R. Upton            5m      Samuel Perry Upton
Upton, J. R.              Mar 21, 1828    after 1880      son        James & Rebecca Upton               Co. A. 6 W.Va. Inf.
    James "Riley" Upton m. Mary Jane "Millie" Floyd Apr. 19, 1863 in Marion Co. 
Upton, J. S.              Oct 30, 1869  Jan 20, 1936      son        Riley & Millie Upton                Joseph Santford Upton
Upton, I. N.                about 1846                                                                   Co. M. 4th W.Va. Cav.
   Isaac N. Upton, son of Samuel Upton & Lettice McHenry and nephew of James & Rebecca Upton.

Michael, R. J.            Dec 10, 1841 July 23, 1899
Michael, E. Jane           Sep 8, 1843   May 8, 1926
   Remus Jackson Michael (son of John E "Jackie" Michael & Ann Musgrave) m. Elizabeth Jane Clayton (daughter 
   of Richard Clayton & Nancy Amos) Sept. 30, 1866 in Marion Co. Grandson Ralph Jennings Michael (son of 
   Cornelius Ross "Neal" Michael and Delphia Ann "Anna" Riggs) was one of the last cemetery trustees elected.
Michael, Clement L.          July 1867          1908      son        R.J. & E. Jane Michael
Michael, John L.              May 1876          1967      son        R.J. & E. Jane Michael
Michael, Myrtle E.            Apr 1879          1967      daughter   R.J. & E. Jane Michael
Michael, William Earl         Nov 1883          1934      son        R.J. & E. Jane Michael

Sturm, Charles            Aug 29, 1818  Mar 10, 1890
Sturm, Nancy D.           Dec 11, 1817  May 14, 1891      Wife       C. Sturm
   Charles Chase Sturm (son of John Jacob Sturm & Tabitha Dorcas Martin) m. Nancy Drucilla McDougal 
   (daughter of John McDougal & Margaret Hillery) Nov. 5, 1838 in Marion Co. 
   Nancy was the sister of John Fletcher McDougal, who married Elvira Boggess.
Sturm, John                                               son        C. & N. D. Sturm                    Infant
Sturm, Annie May          Mar 12, 1858          1942      dau        C. & N. D. Sturm

Sturm, Felix R.           Apr 10, 1850  Jan 29, 1909      son        C. & N. D. Sturm
Sturm, Margaret M.        Aug 10, 1853  Jan  9, 1929
   Felix Riley Sturm m. Margaret R. "Maggie" Amos (daughter of Enoch Amos & Malinda Billingsley).

Billingsly, Warren        Mar 25, 1819  Sep 29, 1889                                          70y 6m 4d
Billingsly, Amanda M.     May 10, 1827  Jul 13, 1911      Wife       W. Billingsly
   Francis 'Warren' Billingsley (son of Samuel Billingsley & Elizabeth Snider) m. Amanda Melvina Fleming
   Jun 5, 1845 in Marion Co.
Billingslea, F. G. N.     May 18, 1861  Jan 10, 1894      son        Warren & Amanda Billingsly
Billingslea, Hazel G.     Feb  2, 1888  July 4, 1889      daughter   F & L Billingslea
    Hazel Gem Billingslea was the daughter of Franklin Grant Neville Billingslea & Lulu Maude Morris.

Mercer, John B.           Dec 13, 1822 July 20, 1901
   "They that trust in the Lord shall never be confounded."
Mercer, Julia A.          Mar 1, 1826   Sep 20, 1912
   John Brand Mercer (son of Abner Mercer & Agnes Nancy Brand) m. Julia Ann Snider 
   (daughter of John Snider & Sarah Jeffers).
Shuman, Sarah R.                  1853          1936      daughter   J.B. & J.A. Mercer           "The just shall live by faith"
Mercer, Thomas H.                 1860          1938      son        J.B. & J.A. Mercer                  "Asleep in Jesus"
Mercer, Henry F.          Feb 13, 1864  Mar 28, 1888      son        J.B. & J.A. Mercer       24y 1m 15d
66 graves marked; none known unmarked
*NOTE: Dates in italics are: (1) calculated from age at death or (2) from family trees/census records.

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