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Cunningham-Hawker Cemetery

The Cunningham Hawker Cemetery is located on the Margaret Road in Marion County, WV. It is near the community of Grangeville, in the Bingamon Creek area. This reading was started in May of 2009, by Vanessa Jane Gooden Shaw and should be considered a partial reading as the search for other unmarked burials for this cemetery is continuing. After completing several readings, I compared my lists to the WPA 1939/1940 reading and have added what was on the WPA readings (that I've not yet found stone markers for) to this list. Some of the rows are annotated with information found in death records. Burial records for this cemetery are being sought at several county court houses.

This cemetery is very well maintained. It is located directly across the road from the Consol Energy slope and beltline. After entering Consol Energy property through a gate, a small hill must be climbed and then you may enter the cemetery through a second gate. This is an old cemetery with lots of unreadable gravestones and lots of grave stones that are propped up against trees, yet mowed and trimmed around. Some stones that are still standing are also unreadable due to age and weather erosion.

The land for this cemetery was owned by Owen Hawker who donated it for a burial ground. Most death certificates list the name as the Owen Hawker Cemetery or the Hawker Cemetery, Bingamon Road. Some time in the last twenty years, the name was changed to the Cunningham Cemetery. Why the name change occurred, or who changed it is unknown. This name change has made it hard to find burial records that can be added to this reading, since there are several Cunningham Cemeteries in Marion County, WV. And some death records just contain a county and cemetery name. When possible, family members have been contacted to verify which burials belong to this cemetery.

Vanessa Jane Gooden Shaw       

Abbreviations in the "Additional Information column":
w/o = wife of; h/o = husband of; wid/o = widow of; wid'r/o = widower of;
s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of

Note: The names that are underlined are linked to the online death-records that are available on the West Virginia Division of Culture and History web-site. The little camera icons are linked to digital images of the tombstone.

Surname, Given Name Birth Date Death Date Additional Information
Amos, Gypsy 03/21/1904 07/07/1958 d/o Riley R. Moore and Victoria Bennett Moore
Arnett, Evert 11/15/1903 07/27/1905 s/o J. W. and M. E. Arnett; 1y-8m-12d
Arnett, Hattie 10/06/1882 . w/o J. L. Arnett
Ashcraft, Anderson 03/26/1884 02/28/1904 s/o J. B. and C. J. Ashcraft
Ashcraft, Cyrena J. 03/12/1861 04/26/1945 w/o John Boothe Ashcraft
d/o Henry and Francis Davis
Ashcraft, John Boothe 08/25/1849 01/16/1937 s/o Nathan and Emily Tucker Ashcraft
h/o Serena Jane Davis
Atha, Elisha 1836 1915 tombstone-photo
Atha, Luverna 1835 1919 w/o Elisha Atha; d/o Joseph Fetty and ? Wilcox tombstone-photo
Atha, Martin Grant 1869 1940 h/o Matilda Morris; s/o Elija Atha and Lucinda Fetty tombstone-photo
Atha, Mary Elizabeth Moore 09/13/1878 04/13/1909 w/o Homer E. Atha
Atha, Matilda J. 1879 1947 w/o Martin G. Atha tombstone-photo
d/o Michael L. Morris and Loreta V. Moore
Atha, Sara Kay 10/18/1959 10/18/1959 d/o Goldman G. Atha and Frances Floyd
Baker, Aubrey 08/18/1895 03/31/1967 s/o Riley Baker and Malinda Boggess tombstone-photo
Baker, Chloe 1898 1910 tombstone-photo
Baker, Emma A. Eddy 1892 . w/o Luther Baker tombstone-photo
Baker, Luther 1884 1965 s/o Riley Baker and Malinda Ann Boggess tombstone-photo
Baker, Melvin 05/18/1888 01/24/1967 s/o Thomas J. Baker and Mary Ann Long tombstone-photo
Belknap, Lillian Gay 1904 1924 w/o Dewey Belknap  tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
d/o William O. Griffen and Cora Shrivers
mother of Edith K. Belknap Hayhurst
Boggess, Caleb 1842 1917 tombstone-photo
Boggess, Fielding 1869 1877 s/o Caleb and Mary E. Boggess tombstone-photo
Boggess, Mary E. 1840 1922 w/o Caleb Boggess; d/o Thomas McIntire tombstone-photo
Conaway, Emma 04/04/1872 01/09/1904 tombstone-photo
Copenhaver, Cornelius W. 1858 1858 s/o James W. and Sena Copenhaver tombstone-photo
Copenhaver, Daniel 06/02/1866 12/22/1958 s/o James W. Copenhaver & Serena Cunningham
Copenhaver, Henry O. 1873 1925 s/o James W. Copenhavr and Sena Cunningham
Copenhaver, James W. 1826 1913 tombstone-photo
Copenhaver, John E. 1855 1855 s/o James W. and Sena Copenhaver tombstone-photo
Copenhaver, Mary A. 1857 12/25/1872 d/o James and Sarah/Sena Copenhaver tombstone-photo
Copenhaver, Mary L. . 1871 d/o James W. and Sena Copenhaver
Copenhaver, Mary L. 10/03/1871 06/29/1896 .
Copenhaver, Nellie May 09/09/1881 10/13/1956 w/o Daniel Copenhaver
d/o Alonzo Custer and Cyrena Duncan
Copenhaver, Sena 1836 1913 w/o James W. Copenhaver tombstone-photo
Copenhaver, William H. 1859 1859 s/o James W. and Sena Copenhaver tombstone-photo
Cunningham, (infant female) stillborn 04/06/1910 d/o J. H. and L. C. Cunningham  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, (infant female) stillborn 10/18/1938 d/o Sidney E. Cunningham and Linnie Amos
Cunningham, Anna 12/09/1871 11/30/1946 (see - - Pleasy Ann Shriver Cunningham)
Cunningham, Carrie Humphrey 1895 1986 w/o Charles R. Cunningham  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Catherine 18y-11m-2d 09/09/1847 d/o J. and M. Cunningham  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Charles Ray 01/21/1896 03/08/1951 s/o John L. Cunningham and Pleasy Ann Shriver tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Clarence Clifford 09/15/1912 04/02/1926 s/o James H. Cunningham and Lettie Stark  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Cora 10/17/1875 08/08/1878 d/o Daniel & S.A. Cunningham; age 36-9m-21d
Cunningham, Dale Q. 1903 1920 s/o J. W. Cunningham and O. N. Ice
Cunningham, Daniel 1843 03/12/1918 h/o Sarepta Heldreth  tombstone-photo
US Vol 1st WVa Lt. Art. Bat'y F
Cunningham, Elias 29y-9m-20d 02/02/1860 .
Cunningham, Elizabeth Hess 03/10/1830 01/12/1890 .
Cunningham, Ellis Bruce 07/10/1872 05/23/1953 s/o Daniel Cunningham & Sarepta Heldreth  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Florence T. 03/08/1910 08/11/1912 d/o J. W. & O. M. Cunningham
Cunningham, Francis Marion 08/13/1845 08/26/1864 s/o John Cunningham and Mary Tetrick; Civil War
Cunningham, Grace 11/29/1895 12/01/1895 d/o J. W. & O. M. Cunningham
Cunningham, Harry Luther 11/12/1902 03/02/1960 s/o Luther S. Cunningham and Ida Baker
Cunningham, Henderson 02/05/1832 01/24/1862 Civil War
Cunningham, Henry 23y-8m 12/12/1862 Civil War
Cunningham, Henry G. 11/24/1922 07/24/1923 s/o Calvin Cunningham and Lena M. Floyd
Cunningham, Henry Nelson 04/12/1839 12/12/1862 s/o John and Mary C. Cunningham
Cunningham, James H. 01/16/1868 12/26/1936 h/o Lettie Stark  tombstone-photo
s/o Daniel Cunningham and Serepta Hildreth
Cunningham, James W. 1869 05/15/1949 .
Cunningham, John 02/17/1907 11/20/1930 s/o James Cunningham and Orlena Ice
Cunningham, John C. 04/01/1803 02/11/1851 .
Cunningham, John Lincoln 11/16/1866 01/22/1949 s/o Daniel C. Cunningham and Surrepta Heldreth tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Joseph Linden 05/19/1919 03/22/1970 h/o Freda Ruth Higgins
s/o Clarence H. Cunningham & Sarah F. Hunter
Cunningham, Lennie B. 1908 1960 d/o Alva Amos and Victoria Ice
Cunningham, Lettie K. 11/26/1872 07/01/1966 w/o James H. Cunningham  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Lynn S. 06/23/1911 06/05/1971 tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Mary B. 03/07/1917 03/22/2005 w/o Lynn Cunningham tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Mary C. Tetrick 01/19/1807 02/02/1872 w/o John C. Cunningham
Cunningham, Nellie 02/14/1900 09/08/1901 .
Cunningham, Orlena Maria Ice 11/12/1873 11/01/1941 w/o James W. Cunningham; d/o Henry Ice and Anara Dent
Cunningham, Pleasy Ann Shriver 12/29/1871 11/30/1946 w/o John L. Cunningham  tombstone-photo
d/o Jacob Shriver and Sarah Hennen
Cunningham, Sarepta Heldreth 1845 1907 w/o Daniel Cunningham  tombstone-photo
Cunningham, Sidney E. 06/04/1893 07/18/1968 s/o James Wm Cunningham & Orlena Marie Ice
Cunningham, William R. 4mns 1841 s/o John and Mary C. Cunningham
Davis, Rebecca F. 8y-11m-21d 03/18/1877 .
Davis, Sarah H. 1y-9m-18d 03/03/1877 d/o H. & T. A. Davis
Duncan, Arliss W. 02/08/1880 03/27/1902 s/o J. C. and M. A. Duncan
Duncan, Lelia J. 60y-6m-2d 05/15/1939 tombstone-photo
Duncan, Milley A. 05/16/1841 07/06/1896 w/o J. C. Duncan tombstone-photo
Gifford, Allie F. 06/03/1878 02/02/1941 w/o Tillman A. Gifford  tombstone-photo
d/o Riley Baker and Malinda Boggess
Gifford, Everett Carl 09/19/1921 11/29/1978 tombstone-photo
Gifford, Francis Vietta 03/26/1855 03/17/1925 d/o Joshua Griffin and ? Rogers  tombstone-photo
Gifford, Robert M. 11/01/1853 02/21/1935 wid'r/o Francis Griffin  tombstone-photo
s/o Jacob Gifford and Eliza Hill
Gifford, Tillman Audrey 1884 1968 s/o Robert M. Gifford and Frances Griffin  tombstone-photo
Griffin, (cluster of graves) . . tombstone-photo
Griffin, Cora Shriver 03/29/1873 09/26/1907 w/o William O. Griffin  tombstone-photo
Griffin, William Oliver 09/09/1875 09/30/1867 s/o Benjamin and Louisa Griffin  tombstone-photo
Grooms, Cora Belle 05/28/1889 11/14/1969 d/o Riley Baker and Malinda Boggess  tombstone-photo
Grooms, Daniel Elsworth 04/24/1874 03/28/1964 s/o James Lewis Grooms & Lydimia Harvey  tombstone-photo
Grooms, James Lewis 02/0/1859 05/26/1942 wid'r/o Lodema Harvy
s/o Wm Henry Harrison Grooms and Sarah Shaw
Grooms, Lodema 10/24/1852 03/08/1907 w/o J. L. Grooms  tombstone-photo
Hawker, Annie 01/08/1863 12/03/1914 w/o James R. Hawker
Hawker, Bessie 01/08/1888 09/30/1936 d/o John Hawker and Rosalee Moore
Hawker, Delbert M. 02/06/1887 08/13/1911 s/o James R. and Anna Hawker
Hawker, George 03/28/1906 09/10/1927 s/o Blain Hawker and Malissa Farnsworth
Hawker, Jas. R. 01/03/1860 05/09/1952 s/o Owen Hawker and Roanna Cunningham
Hawker, John C. 1861 1912 .
Hawker, Mary A. 14y-1m-12d 05/18/1873 d/o Owen and Roann Hawker
Hawker, Nellie 07/31/1885 09/29/1912 .
Hawker, Owen 1833 12/10/1890 .
Hawker, Rosaltha 1865 1931 w/o John C. Hawker
d/o Caleb Moore and Martha Shaw
Hawker, Rowanna 02/12/1838 01/14/1931 w/o Owen Hawker; d/o John Cunningham and ? Tetrick
Hayhurst, Edith Marie Baker 1921 1939 w/o Fleming Hayhurst;
d/o Aubry Baker and Cloie Robinson tombstone-photo
Heflin, Moses A. 54y-1m-26d 11/03/1906 .
Hildreth, Mary Blanche Hawker 1883 1946 w/o Rufus W. Hildreth  tombstone-photo
d/o James R. Hawker and Anna Moore
Hildreth, Rufus Winfred 83-yrs 06/21/1962 s/o Daniel F. Hildreth & Ruhama Talkington  tombstone-photo
Holbert, Blanche Pearl 1884 1915 .
Holbert, Clarence Lee 1883 1928 s/o Isaac Holbert and C. M. Hibbs
Johnson, Benjamin Franklin 1870 1942 h/o Nora Shriver  tombstone-photo
Johnson, Nora Shriver 1882 1940 w/o B. F. Johnson  tombstone-photo
Leggett, Cora E. 10/06/1875 04/17/1904 w/o H. L. Leggett  tombstone-photo
Leggett, George I. 1902 05/03/1989 tombstone-photo
Leggett, William W. 03/04/1925 04/07/1963 s/o George Leggett and Bertie Duncan
WV Pvt US Army, World War II
Long, B. F. 01/08/1860 03/13/1888 .
Long, Elizabeth 03/18/1859 08/08/1886 w/o B. F. Long (note: death year could be 1885)
Long, George F. 04/12/1882 05/28/1907 .
Long, James 08/07/1865 07/13/1904 .
Long, William A. 02/04/1881 08/27/1907 .
Looman, Ann Tacy Watson 06/11/1819 01/10/1879 w/o John Looman tombstone-photo
Looman, Edith 03/25/1857 12/23/1893 w/o R. V. Looman
Looman, Eugenius 01/22/1845 01/19/1890 h/o Mabel Amos Looman
s/o John and Ann T. Watson Looman
Looman, John 12/28/1821 04/10/1900 tombstone-photo
Looman, Joshua 09/14/1843 03/08/1931 s/o John and Ann Tacy Watson Looman
Looman, Lula Gay 01/26/1901 07/17/1901 d/o W. S. and Ida Looman
Looman, Mabel Amos 03/19/1847 07/02/1935 wid/o Eugene Looman; d/o John Amos
Looman, Mary Elizabeth 11/22/1851 11/20/1875 same stone as Sarah Ann Looman tombstone-photo
Looman, Sarah Ann 05/29/1847 05/07/1878 same stone as Mary Elizabeth Looman tombstone-photo
Looman, William Riley 10/16/1873 03/08/1953 s/o E. C. Looman and Mahala Amos
McIntire, Cora Belle 1877 1950 d/o James Copenhaver tombstone-photo
McIntire, M. V. 1864 1911 tombstone-photo
McIntire, Sarah 10/15/1853 01/15/1897 .
McIntire, Silas G. 1872 1956 s/o George McIntire tombstone-photo
McIntire, Thomas 08/12/1817 05/12/1895 .
McIntire, Virgil 03/18/1905 08/12/1905 s/o Silas and Cora Belle McIntire
McIntire, W. J. 1854 1908 tombstone-photo
Moore, Alice A. 12/13/1870 06/09/1907 w/o Owen Moore tombstone-photo
Moore, Cena 01/02/1850 08/29/1919 w/o Elias Moore
Moore, Charles 66y-7m-8d 06/25/1939 .
Moore, Daniel 11/14/1847 12/16/1922 wid'r/o Valinda Starkey;  Co. H 14th WVa Inf.
s/o Frank Moore and Louisa Amos
Moore, Effie D. Tennent 1868 1947 w/o Job W. Moore tombstone-photo
Moore, Elias 08/08/1847 09/26/1899 h/o S. Moore; s/o E. and M. Moore  tombstone-photo
Moore, Fonton H. 1844 1913 Co. H 14th WVa Inf. tombstone-photo
Moore, Frank N. . . Co. H 14th WVa Inf.
Moore, Jesse . . Co. H 14th WVa Inf.
Moore, Job W. 1858 1918 s/o Eli Moore tombstone-photo
Moore, M. V. 1884/1864 1911 .
Moore, Mary Elizabeth 09/18/1878 03/25/1900 w/o Homer Atha
Moore, Mary Jane 08/04/1831 04/20/1905 w/o Jesse Moore
Moore, Owen 10/30/1883 01/27/1884 .
Moore, Owen (age 9 mo) 10/30/1893 s/o Elias and Sena Moore tombstone-photo
Moore, Sarah H. 1849 1932 w/o Fonton Moore tombstone-photo
Moore, Vilinda A. 06/17/1848 11/04/1913 w/o D. H. Moore  tombstone-photo
Morris, ___ 1906 1906 (old stone)
Morris, Elpha 05/28/1891 08/28/1942 wid/o Michael Morris
d/o Riley Baker and Malinda Boggess
Morris, Lorella V. 04/22/1860 01/07/1908 .
Morris, Michael 09/25/1854 12/16/1934 h/o Elpha Baker
s/o M. L. Morris and Elizabeth Smith
Mossman, Mary Maxine Cunningham 09/26/1934 07/21/2001 tombstone-photo
Robey, Francis M. 1832 1922 tombstone-photo
Robinson, Amelia 12/18/1873 02/19/1933 w/o Wesley Robinson
d/o Owen Hawker and Rowanna Cunningham
Robinson, Burgess 05/20/1837 10/04/1899 Civil War Veteran
Robinson, Clarissa 10/28/1837 . .
Robinson, Georgie 08/29/1878 10/08/1899 w/o E. N. Robinson
Robinson, Ida Jane 8y-1m-4d 05/17/1884 d/o J. S. and E. R. Robinson
Robinson, John Ellsworth 5m-4d 01/30/1868 .
Robinson, Wesley 1870 1915 .
Shaw, Edward Bernard 05/09/1893 12/20/1967 s/o James and Susan Shaw tombstone-photo
twin to Gypsy Lillian Shaw
Shaw, Gypsy Lillian 1893 1928 w/o James and Susan Shaw tombstone-photo
twin to Edward Bernard Shaw
Shaw, James Nelson 1860 1941 h/o Susan McIntire Shaw tombstone-photo
Shaw, Jesse 1832 1919 h/o Mary Cunningham Shaw tombstone-photo
Shaw, John R. 1858 1951 tombstone-photo
Shaw, Larra stillborn 10/27/1943 s/o Bernard Shaw and Helen Virginia Robinson
Shaw, Lula Grace 06/22/1890 02/16/1897 d/o William and Martha Shaw tombstone-photo
Shaw, Martha 1852 1852 d/o Jesse and Mary Shaw
Shaw, Martha H. 1862 1943 d/o John Hibbs and Edna Ammons tombstone-photo
Shaw, Mary Ann Cunningham 1833 1922 w/o Jesse Shaw tombstone-photo
Shaw, Mary E. 1871 1951 d/o Michael Baker and Matilda Shrader tombstone-photo
Shaw, Samantha 1853 1858 d/o Jesse and Mary Shaw
Shaw, Susan Lillian McIntire 1868 1956 w/o James Nelson Shaw tombstone-photo
d/o Dr. George Lyle and Emma Smith McIntire
Shaw, William Bayles 01/14/1797 02/18/1872 s/o James Shaw and Margaret Bayles  tombstone-photo
Shaw, William H. 1855 1917 tombstone-photo
Shriver, Genevieve 06/29/1912 06/29/1912 d/o B. F. and Emma Shriver
Shriver, Jacob 02/04/1850 06/08/1932 wid'r/o Sarah Cathrine Shriver  tombstone-photo
s/o Michael Shriver and Pleasy Riggs
Shriver, Sara Katherine 11/13/1851 12/22/1917 w/o Jacob Shriver  tombstone-photo
d/o Alex Hennon and Rachel Stoops
Starkey, Catherine 1868 1929 w/o Enoch Starkey tombstone-photo
Starkey, Enoch 1860 1931 tombstone-photo
Webb, Mary Jane (5y-9m-10d) 06/18/1877 d/o Richard and Pheobe Webb
Webb, Phoebe 1832 1921 w/o Richard Webb tombstone-photo
Webb, Richard 1832 1913 tombstone-photo
Webb, William 1858 1877 s/o Richard and Pheobe Heldreth Webb tombstone-photo
Wyckoff, L. C. 01/05/1879 . tombstone-photo
Wyckoff, Nellie Hawker 07/31/1885 09/29/1912 w/o Leonard C. Wyckoff  tombstone-photo
d/o J. R. and Ann Hawker
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