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Shaver Cemetery

Seven Springs, WV

Read by: Dave Shaver (grandson of Newton Shaver)
As of: June 1, 2005

Go west out of Mannington on CR-1 - Buffalo Street about 3 miles,
then north on Bartholomew Fork Road - CR-3 to Seven Pines.
Turn Left, go 500 feet then look up on the hilltop on the right.
You'll need stamina to climb up there.

Note: The names that are underlined are linked to the online death-certificates that are available on the West Virginia Division of Culture and History web-site.

Surname, Given Name Birth Date Death Date Additional Information
Campbell, Margaret Watson 12/12/1781 01/10/1875 wife of Thomas Campbell
Campbell, Thomas 1788 11/01/1860 son of Andrew Campbell
Campbell, Thoma Jr. 11/30/1827 09/01/1896 son of Thomas Campbell
Crouser, Clarence 12/07/1899 05/17/1901 grandson of Thomas Campbell
Scritchfield, Antha Campbell 1856 07/16/1931 granddaughter of Thomas Campbell
Sharp, Margaret Youst 11/04/1853 02/17/1935 daughter of Merriman Youst
Shaver, Clement L. 01/22/1867 09/01/1954 son of John Riffle Shaver
Shaver, Cora Alice 1875 1916 wife of Newton Shaver
Shaver, Elizabeth Campbell 01/18/1818 06/11/1883 wife of James H. Shaver
Shaver, Fred 09/14/1914 09/16/1914 son of Joseph Shaver
Shaver, James 05/28/1875 07/09/1948 son of John Riffle Shaver
Shaver, James H. 02/28/1818 02/08/1893 son of Francis Riffle Shaver
Shaver, John Arthur 1899 1899 son of Newton Shaver
Shaver, John Riffle 08/27/1841 07/15/1909 son of James H. Shaver
Shaver, Katherine Neale 04/21/1866 05/11/1944 wife of Clem Shaver
Shaver, Mattie 08/09/1880 08/12/1882 daughter of John Riffle Shaver
Shaver, Nancy 11/03/1845 06/30/1856 daughter of James H. Shaver
Shaver, Newton 04/21/1868 05/15/1947 son of John Riffle Shaver
Shaver, Sarah Alive 03/21/1903 04/11/1961 daughter of Newton Shaver
Shaver, Sarah Cordelia 11/04/1844 05/02/1932 wife of John Riffle Shaver
Shaver, Thomas 11/20/1839 03/14/1840 son of James H. Shaver
Shaver, Walter 1900 1900 son of Newton Shaver
Youst, Thomas Dennis 05/08/1862 02/06/1935 son of Merriman Youst

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