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Union District, Marion County, West Virginia

Along the western boundary of this district runs the Tygart Valley, which empties into the Monongahela, and the latter river forms the rest of its western and its northern boundary. Pricketts creek, running nearly north, forms the larger part of its eastern boundary with Winfield, and empties into the Monongahela. Guise run, taking a course west of south, across the district, empties into the Tygart Valley, into which also empties Hamilton run, which runs nearly west. The soil of the district is rather sandy and quite fertile. The surface is very hilly, and excellent sandstone, limestone and iron ore abound. The native timber is white oak, hickory, sugar maple, beech, chestnut, poplar and black walnut, and there is also considerable elm along the water courses.

The first settlement in this district was made on the Tygart Valley river three miles below Valley Falls, in 1775, when a cabin was erected by Richard Nuzum. Among other early settlers were Jacob Hampton, John Kirk, Gardner Leonard, John Springer, John Shriver, Hiram Cooper, Phillip Wagoner, John, James, William and George Nuzum, William Barnes, John Linn, William Pettijohn, Henry Tucker, Enoch Vincent, Joseph Powell, Alexander Brady and George Watson. The first grist mill was erected by John, Nuzum, and the first saw mill by William. The latter was a frame building, located on Tygart Valley river, and run by water.

In the year 1816 the first school was taught by Richard Hoil, attended by sixty-five scholars, and held in a log hut, which was furnished with all the rude inconveniences of the times. The district is now divided into nine school Districts, each containing a comfortable, well-appointed school house, and the enrollment of scholars is as follows: District No. 1, 28; No. 2, 48; No. 3, 28, No. 4, 41; No. 5, 66; No. 6, 73; No. 7, 46; No. 8, 49; No. 9, 23; total, 402.

The first postoffice was located where Texas now stands; Mr. Springer, postmaster. There are now five in the district, viz: Palatine, Bentons Ferry, Texas, Nuzums Mills and Valley Falls.

A sermon was preached by Evan Morgan, about 1780, and the first religious society was the Gilboa (Methodist Episcopal) Church, formed in 1812. Among its first members were Benjamin and Margaret Summers, Phebe Kirk, Sarah Leonard, Esther Davis, Enoch and Elizabeth Vincent, George Nuzum and Aaron Rogers. There are now four churches in the district, viz: Methodist Episcopal (Elder Conwall, pastor); Baptist (Rev. Sapp, pastor); German Baptist (Rev. Anon, pastor), and the Reform Church. A Sabbath school was organized in the year" 1830, by Miss Belle West, composed of twenty-five scholars.

Source: Hardesty’s West Virginia Counties; Volume 2; Pages 76-77
             Jim Comstock – Richwood, WV