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John Michael Boyles & Mary Alice Gable

Family Group Report and Census Analysis

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Family Group Report


John Michael Boyles

  (day-mo-year) Place -- City; Township; County; State; Country [Source]
Birth Sep 1858 WV
Marriage 3 Jul 1885 Barbour, WV  [marriage-register, page 14, line 42]
Death 1 May 1905 Marion, WV  [death-register, page 59, line 453]
his Father Joshua Boyles (b. 1832)
his Mother  
Notes about Husband:

Mary Alice Gable

  (day-mo-year) Place -- City; Township; County; State; Country [Source]
Birth 1 Sep 1869 West Virginia
Death 17 Mar 1918 Fairmont, Marion, WV  [death-certificate]
her Father William Gable (born in Pennsylvania)
her Mother - - - Fike
Notes about Wife:
Children (day-mo-year) Place -- City; Township; County; State; Country [Source] Spouse
1 M James William Boyles b 20 Jul 1886 Barbour, WV  [birth-register, page 76, line 27] (sp. 1889-1971)
m     Eloda Carpenter
d 31 May 1961 Marion, WV  [death-certificate] bur: Mt Zion Cemetery
2 F Edith Myrtle Gay Boyles b 4 Sep 1888 Barbour, WV  [delayed birth-certificate]  
m 13 Oct 1906 Marion, WV Mr. Nanstill
3 M John H. Boyles b Feb 1891    
4 F Josie Catherine Boyles b 21 Jul 1892 Marion, WV  [birth-register, page 7, line 13] b.Barbour  
m 16 Oct 1912 Marion, WV  [marriage-certificate, page 93] George Fred Kerns
5 F Eliza Belle Boyles b 24 Feb 1897 Marion, WV  [birth-register, page 57, line 15]  
6 M Carson Edward
"Edward Carson"
b 29 Sep 1895 Marion, WV  [delayed birth-certificate] (sp. 1904-1976)
m 16 Sep 1922 Marion, WV  [marriage-certificate page 524] Elva May Enoch
d 24 Dec 1980 Marion, WV bur: Mt Zion Cemetery
7 M Oliver Perry Boyles b 12 Jul 1899 Fairmont, Marion, WV [delayed-birth-certificate]  
m 7 Jul 1923 Marion, WV  [marriage-certificate page 337] Hazel May Stanton
d Apr 1973 Marion County, FL (death date/place from s.s.d.i)  
8 F Mary Elsie Boyles b 30 Apr 1901 Marion, WV  [birth-register, page 108, line 17]  
m     Edgar L. Yost
10 M Amos H. Boyles b 13 Jun 1905 Marion, WV  [birth-register, page 177, line 476]  
Notes about Children:
The 1900 census tells us that Mary had given birth to 7-children with 7-living
The 1910 census tells us that Mary had given birth to 10-children with 9-living.
The birth-register for Amos H. indicates he is the 10th child. So there might have been one child born & died between Mary E & Amos.

Census Analysis

Head of Household: John Michael Boyles Spouse: Mary Alice Gable
Date / Place of Birth: Sep 1858  /  near Grafton, Taylor, WV Date / Place of Birth: 1 Sep 1869  /  WV
Date / Place of Death: 1 May 1905  /  Marion, WV Date / Place of Death: 17 Mar 1918 / Marion, WV
Marriage Date / Place: 3 Jul 1885  /  Barbour, WV
1900 ST WV COUNTY: Marion ED ED:64; Winfield Magisterial District Pg# sheet 2A
Name Age BP Parent's BPs; Birth mo/year; Occupation / Additional Information
Boyels, John M. (head) 41 WV WV-WV; born Sept-1858; married-15-years; Sawyer (saw mill)
", Mary A. (wife) 31 WV Pa-WV; born Feb-1868; married-15-years; 7-children / 7-living
", James W. (son) 13 WV WV-WV; born July-1886; Day laborer
", Edith Jay (dau) 11 WV WV-WV; born Sep-1888; Day laborer
", John H. (son) 9 WV WV-WV; born Feb-1891
", Josie C. (dau) 6 WV WV-WV; born July-1893
", Liza B. (dau) 3 WV WV-WV; born Feb-1897
", Edward C. (son) 4 WV WV-WV; born Sep 1895
", Oliver P. (son) 10/12 WV WV-WV; born July-1899
Lines 8-16; Enum-Dwelling #13; Enum-Family #13; Farm-Schedule #12 (Note: their last-name is spelled "Boyels" on the census-page.
1910 ST WV COUNTY: Marion ED ED:58; Fairmont, Ward 1 Pg# sh 4A-4B 
Name Age BP Parent's BPs; Occupation / Additional Information
Boyles, Mary (head) 43 WV Pa-Pa; widow; 10-children / 9-living; Cook, for Hospital
", John H. (son) 17 WV WV-WV; Laborer, Railroad
", Josie C. (dau) 16 WV WV-WV
", Bell L. (dau) 12 WV WV-WV
", Mary E. (dau) 7 WV WV-WV
", Amos H. (son) 5 WV WV-WV
Address: 701 Merchant Street; Lines 44-50 & 1; Enum-Dwelling #56; Enum-Family #72

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