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Please be aware!! - these queries are from 1997 and the email addresses may no longer be valid.

Doug Garman       Sun Aug 24 07:37:46 1997
Marion Co. Looking for off-spring of> JOHN T. HASKINS or ANY HASKINS of Mannington area. Also ancestors of Adalaide YOST family of Mannungton.

Kristi Parker    Sat Aug 23 14:58:27 1997
I am looking for any information on the PARKER and TOOTHMAN families. My great-grandparents were Emory and Rebecc Toothman Parker. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Hickey    Thu Aug 21 17:52:44 1997
I am searching for information on the George W.(b. abt 1843) and Sarah Salina (AHMANNS) JONES family. My grandmother was born in 1886 at Blacksville, Monoghilia, WV. George and Sarah lived in Mannington, Marion Co., WV in 1910. George was a barber by trade. Thanks for your help.

Kathleen Rizer    Thu Aug 21 17:42:24 1997
Looking for further information concerning the husbands of these two daughters of Job Springer and Phoebe Nuzum. Dau. Malinda Springer b. 1821 married John W. Norris. They had a dau. Virginia Norris. Sister Hannah Springer married Manassah McGee in 1851 Marion Co. Did Hannah die young? Because the only Manassah McGee I can find in the 1860 census has a different wife. Did Hannah Springer and Manassah McGee have any children?

Kathleen Rizer    Thu Aug 21 15:59:11 1997
Would like death dates for McCormick Hanson MILLER b. 1813 and his wife Paulina Bunners b. 1818. They are in the 1850 Marion Co. census

Kathleen Rizer    Thu Aug 21 15:49:48 1997
John BUNNER (son of Joseph Bunner and Ann Springer) married Susanna Hughes (or was her surname Heck?) Did they marry in Marion Co? John Bunner died in that county in 1889. Did any of their children marry?? These were William Bunner b. 1854, Pinkney b. 1856, Homer b. 1858 and Nancy b. 1862. All of the children were with the parents in 1880 Marion Co. census.

Jan Everly Williams    Thu Aug 21 13:36:01 1997
Caleb FURBEE Jr., born about 1784 in Kent Co., DE, was the son of Caleb FURBEE Sr. and Sarah CRAIGE, who moved to Monongalia Co., VA, in 1796. Did the younger Caleb marry his cousin Mary DAVIS, daughter of Robert DAVIS and Miriam FURBEE? We know from her father's will that Mary did marry a FURBEE, and the younger Caleb's wife was probably a Mary. In the death records of Marion and Harrison counties, WV, are three men who are identified as sons of Caleb and Mary FURBEE: Charles D. (1812-1887), John (1818-1887), and George W. (1828-1895). There were only two other Caleb FURBEEs in the area with wives named Mary: Caleb Sr. & Mary LEMASTERS married in 1833, too late to be parents of Charles, John, and George; Caleb C. FURBEE & Mary SHANKS married in 1856, also too late to be parents of Charles, John, and George. I would like to hear from anyone who can provide evidence that Caleb's wife was Mary DAVIS, or that she was not.

Kathleen Rizer    Thu Aug 21 08:32:29 1997
Does anyone have the birth and death dates for PHEOBE NUZUM. I don't kown which NUZUM family she is from. She was the first wife of Job Springer he b. 1793 and d. 15 Nov 1874 in Marion Co. Pheobe Nuzum and Job Springer were married 15 Feb 1817 in Monongalia Co. I do have a complete list of their children. The last was born in 1838 so Pheobe NUZUM died after that date. Her husband, Job Springer, was the son of John Springer and Bashaba Merrifield.

John J. Hood    24 Aug 97
Would like to exchange information with descendants of John HOOD (1799-1843) and his wife and Letitia (SMITH) HOOD (c. 1802-1887) who came to Monongalia Co., WV about 1832 from Greene Co., PA.. Their sons John Smith (b.1821), James and Joseph (b. 1841) remained in the Lowesville area. Son Alfred (b. 1825) established Hoodsville in Marion County, WV. Would also like to exchange information with descendants of John Hood's sister, Isabella (Belle) (b. 1790-1800?), who married Zephaniah MARTIN about 1820 in Greene County, PA and appears to have moved to Monongalia/Marion County area. Both John and Isabella are said to be children of Archibald Hood, a Scot-Irish immigrant.

Rose King    Mon Aug 11 18:17:49 1997
Seeking ancestors for George A. Davis born 1919 in Fairmont, WVa, Marion County. Born to John and Queen (Bunton). Some siblings (may be more): Mary Davis Suggs, Margaret Davis Cherry, Pearl Davis Turner, Charles, Nathaniel, James "Sugarbowl". Not sure of location of sibling births except James was born somewhere in KY. Have no info on John or Queen.

Rose King    Mon Aug 11 18:17:49 1997
Seeking ancestors for George A. Davis born 1919 in Fairmont, WVa, Marion County. Born to John and Queen (Bunton). Some siblings (may be more): Mary Davis Suggs, Margaret Davis Cherry, Pearl Davis Turner, Charles, Nathaniel, James "Sugarbowl". Not sure of location of sibling births except James was born somewhere in KY. Have no info on John or Queen.

Shirley Davis    Sat Aug 9 19:08:26 1997
I would like any information on the parents or the children of CLARENCE J. WHITEHAIR married to LAURA M. WHITECOTTON. Resided in FAIRMONT, MARION COUNTY in 1948. Had seven daughters with Laura Whitecotton. Had five daughters from a previous marriage. Born around 1900. Laura died around 1949 or 1950. Clarence moved to California after the death of Laura. Any information about any family members would be appreciated.

Hugh Smith   9 Aug 1997
Does anyone have information on the following:
Married probably in mid 1800's. Charles may have come from Scotland. Had eight children: Winfield Scott, Abbie (may have married a Hubbs), Kathie, Joe, Henen, Kinze, Neil and Harvey.
Probably married in 1880's. Thought to be in or around Wetzel County, West Va. Settled in Monongalia County at least in 1920's. Had ten children: Chester Arthur (b. 1899; married Melissa Olive Stewart); Flossie Ledora (married a Maust), Bessie, Lester, Sylvester, Dephia (married Robert Mollard), Opal, Bertha Marie, Katherine Ruby (married a Harry Kerns) and Dollie May.
Jasper Lemasters, married Molly Smith. Had ten children: Clarence (Siddie Estep, settled in Monongalia County, WV); Charles (Edith Greathouse, lived in Jerry, WV. located in Monongalia County), Marcus (Winnie Kerns); Winfield (Virgie Postelwait, settled in and around Claysville, Pa.); Ethel (Gray); Jemima (Kidd, believed to have lived in Eastern Ohio); Luther, Andrew, Josephine (Harlon) and Ocena May (Winfield Scott Smith, lived in Monongalia County, WV.)
Had a son Nicholas Stewart who married Arizona Stall (Stahl). Children: Udall, Hugh, James, Ivan, Olive and Virginia.
Thank you for your help - Hugh in Kentucky   

John Olesky, Jr.    Wed Aug 6 16:27:56 1997
FUTTEN or OLESKY. Seeking information on parents of SEVERINO FUTTEN, who was married to Maria Fedrigon Futten of Mione in Trentino, Italy. Children were LENA FUTTEN OLESKY, who lived in Monongah, W.Va., at time of her death; GEZALA FUTTEN LOSS, formerly of Mill Fall, W.Va., and SILVIO FUTTEN, of Fairmont, W.Va., at time of his death. Also parents of MARTIN OLESKY and MARY PEREMBA OLESKY, who lived in Monongah, W.Va., at time of their deaths.

Kathleen Rizer    Sat Aug 2 19:48:30 1997
Does anyone have information on the Daniel Snider who married Susanna Morgan, dau. of Job Harryman Morgan and Ary Jolliffe? I know Susanna was born about 1840, so they married about 1860. They apparently lived at Worthington.

Theresa Robinson    Mon Aug 4 00:20:19 1997
CLELLAND,Hubert Lee b.? d.? m. Myrtle Springer Father was George Clelland Mother was ?...lived on Monkey Wrench Hollow in Marion County circa 1800's Farm was part of the Northwestern turnpike. Any and all info welcome.

Lesley Vincent    Wed Jul 30 09:44:45 1997
MARION COUNTY-Searching for info regarding: J.N. VINCENT (born c. 1841- 1846) and SAREPTA VINCENT who resided in MARION COUNTY (and also CALHOUN COUNTY). Their children were as follows: SARAH E. VINCENT (born c.1866), EMMA A. (born c.1877), CORA A. (born c.1877), and GEORGE ELMOS (born c.1876) and George married Eunice Mace on 14 Sept 1902. Specifically seeking info about J.N. VINCENT's parents, his birth, death, marriage dates, etc. Also seeking info concerning: CLYDE VINCENT (b. 23 Oct 1887 d. Aug 1978) in Monongah (Marion County), WV and GEORGE VINCENT (b. 25 Oct 1898 d. Apr 1981) in Monongah (Marion County), WV and another GEORGE VINCENT (b. 05 Dec 1909 d. Aug 1984). I believe the Clyde and the 2 Georges were all close relations in the same town of Monongah, WV and the Clyde and George have been used many times repeated into present day Vincent family. Any info is greatly appreciated in advance. Thank you. Lesley Vincent

John Straight    Tue Jul 29 21:05:21 1997
In April I entered a Query for descendants of Iva Jane WILLIAMEE. I now change that for any information on this lady. 29 May 1905 she married John Straight, Sr. (his 1st spouse) They had no children and she died ca1912. Williamee may have been her stepfather. Real name may have been Miller. I would appreciate any information on this lady.

William Fleming Ash    Tue Jul 8 22:08:09 1997
I Am searching for any info on my grandparents who resided in Fairmont WV.My Grandfather was Francis Marion FLEMING.My grandmother was Agnes Cecilia RYAN.These are my maternal Grandparents. My fathers Parents also lived in Marion county at the montana mine where my father was born.My Paternal Grandfather was William Ferris ASH,Married to Elizabeth WHITE. I would appreciate any info on any of the above surnames. I also have some info that states that the mother of Elizabeth White was Emily McGUIRE and the mother of Francis FLEMING Was Mary Ann COX.Any further info would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Bill Ash

Pat Pulasky    Mon Jul 7 18:45:41 1997
SANDY:Need info on Vincent SANDY, dob 1800, married Mary BEATY, Marion County, 1828, moved to Tyler County. Son of Vincent, possibly brother to Thomas; mother's given name possibly Mila. Is anyone else researching this name, or does anyone know any Sandys still residing in Marion County? Thank you. Pat Pulasky

Phil & Sharon (Wilcox) Hawkins   18 Jul 1997
Requesting any information on Thomas Baker WILCOX, b 1824, and married Eunice A. Davis, b 1823. Eunice's middle name may be Ann; she was possibly married to a TATMAN before her marriage to Thomas; possibly her marriage was to a Davis; we are not at all sure of her last names. Thomas has a brother John, and they are said to have come from Marion Co., VA. They were in Ohio Counties Athens and Morgan in the mid 1800's, and Thomas and Eunice are buried in Independence Cemetery, Jackson Co., WV. Children of Thomas are Charles S., Ellen, Sarah, and Thomas Arthur. Children of John are James and Stephen.

Barbara Brown    Wed Jul 9 19:30:49 1997
I am looking for information about Henry MICHAEL who was married to Anne _____. They had at least one son, Alexander Jackson MICHAEL born in 1848 in MARION COUNTY. He married Virginia Isabell WILKINS on Sept. 12, 1884 in Harrison County. Virginia was the daughter of Daniel and Marry Catherine WILKINS and was born in 1860.

Barbara Brown    Wed Jul 9 19:30:49 1997
I am looking for information about Henry MICHAEL who was married to Anne _____. They had at least one son, Alexander Jackson MICHAEL born in 1848 in MARION COUNTY. He married Virginia Isabell WILKINS on Sept. 12, 1884 in Harrison County. Virginia was the daughter of Daniel and Marry Catherine WILKINS and was born in 1860.

Janice and Dave   Thu, 17 Jul 1997
Looking for information on my gg grandmother, Sarah Harriett RABER, 1837-1925. She was born in Glover's Gap, Marion Co. and lived out her life in the area. Her parents were Will RABER and Cassandra (possibly Cassa) _______. Married to Jacob METZ in 1854 and had at least 15 children. I would be glad to share what I have. Thanks!

Linda Paris Zakrzewski   Thu, 10 Jul 1997
I have been trying to find information on my grandparents who lived in Carolina, West Virginia. The names were Raymond (Ramon) Paris who married Katherine Audia. I believe they lived in Carolina until 1950,then moved to Detroit. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I know my grandfather worked in the coal mines while living their. Their children are/were: Lewis Franklin, Samuel, Ramond, Ramona, and Julia. Thank you for your help.

Chris Wilson    Sun Jul 6 13:50:52 1997
I am looking for any info on Joseph M. Wilson Sr., who along with his wife Elizabeth Gray, moved from Marion Co. to Ritchie Co. He was reportedly born about 1790 in Harrison Co. and died about 1861.

Zack Myers    Thu, 03 Jul 97
Would like to know how to get the parents of David NEER born June 1853 in Marion County, Va. His spouse was Hannah J. FLUHARTY. Thank you. Need help on this.

Patty Helms    Sat Jul 5 10:05:20 1997
I am researching the John Carpenter and Nancy Ann (Miller)? family tree. John was born in 1755 in New York. He bought property with William Miller in 1805 on Pricketts Creek in Monongalia County Va. They bought this property from Siscoes and it was located on Siscoes Run has anyone heard of Siscoes Run in Marion county. John Children was Ashman married Emily Martin, David married Sarah Mundell, John married Joanna McGee, Elizabeth married William Baker, Prudence married George Martin, Mary married John Satterfield, Lurenna married richard Harr, any info would be appreciated

Susan   Wed, 2 Jul 1997
Quite a while ago I posted asking if someone in the Fairmont WV area could help me obtain a videotape of the re-enactment play at Fort Prickett. Someone replied but I accidently deleted the message. They haven't written back. I would really like to purchase a commercial copy of the play, if that is possible. I am a descendant of Jacob Prickett as well as other families who lived in or near the Fort. I live in Houston, TX and will proibably never get to the area myself. I will gladly trade research at our genealogy library here for the entire purchase price of the tape plus extra for the effort, or re-imburse the purchase price and effort.

Mary Ellen Lake    Sat Jun 21 13:31:02 1997
Looking for any siblings of Matilda Hannan RICE DONALDSON b.Apr 26,1875. Parents were William RICE and Martha Ellen ARNETT. They lived in Marion and Monongalia Co. LAWRENCE G. BROWN    Wed Jun 18 20:14:56 1997
Looking for parents, siblings of my great-grandfather, JOHN WILSON HAY(e)S, b. 7 June 1827, Monongalia Co; d. 17 Oct 1904,-served in Mexican Expedition 1849 and Civil War. Married 9 Dec 1848 to, poss. Monongalia Co., to Elizabeth Lydia FETTY, b. 24 Nov 1828, - d. 11 May 1881. Both buried Mt. Nebo Cem., Winfield Dist., Marion Co. Lived mostly after Civil War in Winfield Dist., near Bunner's Ridge and had property on Pete Johnson's Run. Total 12 children to this couple. Of those with longer tenure Fairmont vicinity were Emma Datha HAYS, married to Joseph WILLIAMS; and Rebecca Jane HAYS, married to George W. HULL, whose son Brooks HULL was later Fairmont Postmaster. Mary Elizabeth HAYS married Wm. Elbert MORRIS who lived on White Day Creek, with MORRIS and BROWN descendants near Fairmont vicinity. Guy Barton HAYS buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Fairmont. Have some info, and will reciprocate exchange.

11 Jun 1997 Betty Renshaw    James Field and Mary Plumb mar Jan 1809 or 10 in Monongalia Co., She is dau of John and his wife Sarah Jacobs, d/0 Jacob and Hannah Johnson; Wills in Harrison of Jacob. Wish to find Jame's bp and parents. I really believe James is the son of Wm and Mary Miller of Culpeper Co Va, b in Madison 1788...but.... appreciate help.

JAMES BISH    Mon Jun 2 12:36:42 1997
Building my family tree.looking for information on Patrick Murphy and his wife,Johanna Fitzgerald.They married 1-2-1866.Spent part of there life in Marion County.Had 6 children,William,Rose[ married to Dr.Collins in Farmington 1912], Nelle, Alfonso, Mary, and Charles.Thanks.

Kathleen Rizer    Sun Jun 8 17:55:15 1997
Seeking the birth and death date for Seth Ferrell, who married Rose Ann Harris. Or was his name Sanford Ferrell? Rose Ann was born in 1865 and died in 1944, buried at Catawba Cemetery. Rose Ann Harris was the dau. of Seth Harris and Drusilla Swisher.

Kathleen Rizer    Sun Jun 8 18:40:41 1997
Would like death dates for this couple: Sylvanus (called Bean) Lyman b. Sep 1847 and his wife Rebecca E. Swisher b. also in 1847? She was the dau. of Levi Swisher and Nancy Wilson. Did they have any children?

Paul & Dora Clary    Thu May 1 08:48:52 1997
We have a Mary HART 1830 Pa. who m William HAWKINS in Wetzel Co WV sometime before 1848. The 1840 Tyler Co. census lists a James, a John, and a William HART. In 1850 James and William are still in Tyler Co. While there is a John C. HART listed in Wetzel Co.. Also there is a Elmore HART listed in Harrison Co., WV in the 1840 census. There were alot of HART's in the Tyler Co. area also including Doddridge Co., Marion Co., and Monongalia Co and Taylor Counties. Any help would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU

MT Griswold    Tue May 6 22:25:47 1997
HENRY, EVANS, STRAIGHT. Looking for information on James HENRY, Samuel EVANS, Mary EVANS, Oliver/David/Peter/Jacob STRAIGHT, Delia RICE, Isaac RICE, and Nancy FRYE. These are all my ancestors, and I am looking for family history on them. James HENRY married Mary EVANS. Samuel EVANS married Nancy, maybe two different families.Oliver STREIGHT married Nancy Frye, David STRAIGHT married Delilah RICE. Isaac is her father.

Cindy McCarran    Wed May 7 12:34:27 1997
I am looking for info on the Stull family of Mannington. My maternal grandfather was Cecil Wayne Stull, and he was born in 1910. I am looking for info on his siblings, parents, or other relatives. Thanks for your time!

Edith Cooper Shaver    Sat May 10 06:20:58 1997
Need parents, siblings of John J. COOPER born 1813 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and wife Mary HENKINS, daughter of George and Mary (Supinger) Henkins, born 1808. Children listed in 1850 Monongalia County, Virginia, 37th District Census were: 1. John J. born 1835, married Victoria CRAMER, went to Illinois as a railroader; 2. Daniel born 1836, married Rebecca McVicker, lives in Farmington, WV; 3. Mary C. born 1839; 4. Margaret A. born 1841, married Horatio HAYES; 5. George W. born 1843, served in 31st VA Infantry, Co A; 6. William M. born 1844-1872, buried at Davis Ridge, on Little Mill Fall, near Monongah, WV.; 7. Peter R. born 1846, married Anna, lived in Ohio County, WV in 1880, occupation locomotive engineer; 8. Richard M. born 1850. Need any information relating to John J. and Mary COOPER's family.

Kathleen Rizer    Thu May 15 17:21:30 1997
Drusilla Barker, b. 1824, dau. of David Barker and Hannah Morgan, married John Gabert or Gebbart, in 1850 Marion Co. They had children: Horatio, Felix and Rachel Gabbert. Did this family remain in West Virginia? Can exchange info on earlier generations.

Kathleen Rizer    Thu May 15 17:26:10 1997
Felix Barker b. 1813 and married Casandra Griffith in Jan 1847. This family is in the 1850 Marion Co. census. Would like dates on Casandra. They had children: Zackquill Barker b. 1847 who married a Matilda Jane, Elizabeth Barker b. 1849 and Casandra b. 1850. Were there other children? Did this family continue to live in Marion Co.

Kim Morris    Thu May 15 19:39:15 1997
Does any one know where Fishing Creek, West Virginia is ??? Several family members were born in Fishing Creek, Virginia 1838-1842 but the family also shows up in Guernsey Co. Ohio in 1840 census and Marion County, Virginia in 1850. I found Fish and Fishing Creeks (actual rivers) but no Fishing Creek Town. Thanks! This is the Soloman Morris Family

Kathleen Rizer    Fri May 16 18:35:24 1997
Ulysses Morgan Price was born in 1829, son of John Price and Sarah Morgan. He married Rebecca Arnett. They are in the 1870 Marion Co. census which children: William E. Price b. 1856, Sarah (who married? Edward Mockler), Riley b. 1860, Malissa b. 1864, Eber b. 1865, Richard b. 1867 and Vina b. 1872. Who are the spouses of these children? Need death dates for all.

Doyle Oaks    Sat May 17 13:04:38 1997
Seeking information on ancestors of Richard Daniel MILLER, born in Marion county about 1900. He ran away from home at a young age and never established contact with his family. Father was John Wilson MILLER. Mother was Elizabeth (?) GEARY. Any info would be appreciated.

Linda Hughes Hiser    Mon May 19 06:51:20 1997
VANGILDER We are currently in the process of putting together a comprehensive listing of all descendants of Jacob VANGILDER and Anna Margaret K(G)IBLER of Monongalia and then Marion County, West Virginia. If Jacob and Anna Margaret VANGILDER are part of your family tree, please contact me with your descendancy so you are included. Thank you.

Linda Hughes Hiser    Mon May 19 07:01:16 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descending from Henry Sommerville MORGAN and Mary LANHAM. Henry was born June 4, 1799, son of Stephen Morgan, and died Septembe 26, 1873 in Marion County. He married Mary Lanham, daugher of William and Catherine Lanham, born August 23, 1803 and died June 3, 1886. The family lived on their farm in near Rivesville, Marion County. Their children were: Louisa M who married John C. Gallahue, Charles R. who married Harriet Fairfax Brown, William L., Edward L. who married Ellen Barnes and Elizabeth Welty, Stephen A. who married Louisa V. Huffman, Sallie, and Henry B. who married Myrtle Merrill. Thank you.

Ed Kent    Tue May 20 12:30:25 1997
I am trying to find out when and where JOSEPH KENT and ELIZA GASKILL were married. Time frame is 1820 to 1840. After their marrage they moved to Washington Co,Pa. The Gaskills lived near Cheat River and/or southern Fayette Co. Pa. I have checked many records without success. Please check your records for this couple. Thank You.

Beverly Jacobs    Sat May 24 14:09:20 1997
Looking for info on Granville or G. L. LONG and wife Mary KIRBY Parents of Orville Lee LONG Born Aug 15, 1896 died 3-4-1952 married Lillian SHELTON in 1915. Died Harrison or Marion County Any information on these lines welcome.

Ruby Hillberry    Sun May 25 11:18:29 1997
Are the WV counties listed in black not accessible for information? I live in Marion County and have a desire to begin research on the cemetaries in this county. What is the best procedure for this? I intend to involve by Extension Homemakers in this project. Thany you Ruby Hillberry

Kathleen Rizer    Sun May 25 19:53:41 1997
Martha Swisher, b. 1844, dau. of Morgan Morgan Swisher and Mary Micky was married to someone named Van Gilder. What was his name, was it James Van Gilder, and did they have children? This family probably lived in Marion Co.

Susan Fortenberry    Mon Apr 7 02:47:47 1997
HI: I am interested in purchasing a video of the "Pricketts Fort: An American Musical" which is performed at the Pricketts Fort Sate Park. I am a descendant of the founders of the fort but will probably never get an opportunity to visit.I would also like to hear from others researching the following lines in WV. Thanks, Susan Fortenberry in Houston, TX Researching: MORGAN & CATHERINE GARRETSON MORGAN; DAVID & SARAH STEV(PH)ENS MORGAN md~1745; ZACQUILL & NANCY PAXTON MORGAN md~1755-1759; JACOB & DOROTHY SPRINGER PRICKETT md1745; JAMES & TEMPERANCE MORGAN COCHRAN md1777; MORGAN & DRUSILLA PRICKETT MORGAN md1768; ZACKQUILL & DRUSILLA MORGAN COCHRAN md~1797; CHARLES & CATHERINE COCHRAN BOWMAN md1816; THOMAS JANE RHOADS BOWMAN md ~1790. ********************************************************************

Ervin Davis    Wed Apr 9 10:34:27 1997
HUGHES ; I am looking for any information about the following individuals , all named HUGHES and born between 1865 and 1910 ; JOHN, his wife ELLA (WAUL) , children named : ERNEST, CHARLES, EUGENE, ELMER and DONALD.

Mary Ellen Lake    Sat Apr 19 08:17:29 1997
I am researching familes in Marion Co. They are Gump,Donaldson,Devine,Fox and Rice and Cunningham. Will gladly share any info I have.

Joel R. Wuthnow    Sun Apr 20 12:15:49 1997
GALLAHUE FAMILY 1690-1926 will trade info.

John Straight    Sat Apr 26 17:44:31 1997
Interested in locating descendants of Iva Jane Williamee. Williamee I think was her stepfathers name. Correct may have been Iva Jane Miller. She was 1st wife of John Straight. my father. They married ca1905 Marion Co. but may have been Wetzal or Monongalia Co.

Sara Pyle    Mon Apr 28 23:16:58 1997
Looking for any information on John PYLE(S), no dob, who died or disappeared in 1881. John was married to Anna WATKINS, b. 20 Aug. 1851, d. 8 Jan 1904. Would also like information about Anna WATKINS family. John and Anna lived in Marion Co. and had two sons, Zachery Taylor PYLE(S) and Joshua PYLE(S). The two sons were reared by a family named SLOCUM after John's death or disappearance. Zachery Taylor PYLE(S) later married Viola M. TETRICK. Any information on these families will be greatly appreciated. Have a great deal of information on other PYLE/PYLES lines and will be happy to share.

Beverly Ann Anthony    Tue Apr 29 22:25:20 1997
any information regarding the David and Blanch Doll family who lived near Farmington in the 30's and 40's. My Dad, Thomas J. Doll was the next to the youngest of 7.