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Boothsville, Marion County WV (history)

Captain James Booth (marker)

The placque at the left reads:

Captain James Booth
17__ - 1778
Captain Booth migrated from the Valley of Virginia to this valley in 1768 and founded the first settlement here in 1772. He was fired upon and killed by a party of Shawnee Indians on June 16th, 1778 at a point on the near shore of the stream about 200 yards below here and lies buried at this spot. He was a highly esteemed man of education and character, a surveyor, pioneer, settler and patriot. A friend of General Washington under whom he served as an officer and with whom he made a surveying and exploring expedition in the Great Kanawha Valley.

Source: History and Progress of the County of Marion, West Virginia
by Geo. A. Dunnington, Publisher. 1880.

Page 74
In the year 1833, there had been a postoffice established at Robert Reed's tavern, near the forks of Booth's creek, and named Boothsville, in honor of Captain Booth, whose murder by the Indians is related in a former chapter, and in 1839 a small town was laid off Reed, adjacent to the postoffice, and has since grown to be quite a flourishing village, with a population of one hundred and fifty.

Boothsville lies mostly in Marion County, though it is partly in Harrison and Taylor counties as well. Robert Reed, who founded the town, secured a post office for it in 1833 and served as the first postmaster. It began its decline as the center of community life for a wide area with the coming of the railroad to Monongah, where much business also went. Later, with improved transportation, Fairmont became the most important town in the area.

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