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Fairview, Marion County WV (history)

At the beginning...

Fairview's first known settler was supposedly William Duvall, who owned 6,000 acres of land.

The community's name was derived from an inn operated there by William Basnett circa 1815, the name for which was selected by Milinds A. Jones because, from that location, a clear (fair) view could be had of the surrounding country.

Located on Paw Paw Creek, Fairview was originally called Paw Paw City, and the post office was known as Amos. The town was quite a stable community until the oil and gas boom in 1890. At that time, hundreds of people moved into the town, filling every house, outbuilding, and even living in tents until better quarters could be found.

Fairview was incorporated in 1891.

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