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Palatine, Marion County WV (history)

At the beginning...

Around 1770, the area east of the Monongahela River from present Fairmont was settled by Robert Lowther, Andrew Davisson, Tigel and Arthur Trader, Abraham Sisco, and Nathaniel Springer. William Haymond, Jr. settled on a part of Davisson's land. Sometime after 1790, Jacob Polsley bought some land on Trader Island. His wife was Margaret Haymond, daughter of William's.

Haymond, along with Jacob Polsley's sons, Daniel and John, laid out the town of Palatine in 1838, and was legally formed in 1867. Council members at that time were F. A. Rymer and John H. Bennett, Recorder was N. D. Helmick, and Mayor was C. A. Swearingen. In 1899, Palatine became part of the city of Fairmont.

Source: History and Progress of the County of Marion, West Virginia
by Geo. A. Dunnington, Publisher. 1880.
Pages 74-75

In 1838, Palatine was established opposite Middletown on the east bank of the Monongahela river, when the land owned by William Haymond and John S. Barns, sr., who had jointly purchased it from Daniel and John Paulsley, the sons of Jacob Paulsley, who had moved upon the land in 1793. The tract was originally purchased by William Haymond, sr., for $140. Palatine is now the second town, in point of size and population, in the county. It contains at present about six hundred inhabitants, and is in a very flourishing condition. Here are located the Marion Machine Works,the oldest manufacturing establishment of any kind in the county. These works, over thirty years ago, manufactured the McCormick Reaper, the first reaping machine ever built for sale in the United States—a fact worthy of note. The Palatine Pottery is another very important branch of industry, which is located at this place. A large number of the male population of Palatine are employed in the several coal mines in the vicinity of Fairmont.

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