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Worthington, Marion County WV (history)

At the beginning...

The first settlers at the present site of Worthington is said to have been Joseph Coon and Daniel Tevebaugh, (This name is sometimes found as Tivebaugh, Teusbaugh, and Teefilbaugh.) Another early settler, Coleman Brown, was killed by Indians. His widow married Martin Worthington, for whom the town is named. His father, John Worthington, had come to the area with David Coon (Joseph's son), Josiah Little, and Joseph Janes. These early settlers were before 1782. John Cochran and family were said to have moved to the area in the 1770's. They returned east after their son Nathaniel was taken by Indians.

Joseph Ney is said to have laid out the town, and lots were sold at least by the 1840's.

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