1840 Census Index

Transcribed by Linda Cunningham Fluharty,

Enumeration made by Robert McConnell, Assistant Marshal.

Prior to 1850, only the Head of Household was named in the census. Other residents of the home were indicated numerically in the appropriate age/gender category. At this time, only the names of the Heads of Household will be listed. In the future, the other data may be presented.

** Indicates Revolutionary War Veteran

William Abercrumby
William Airy
Joseph Alexander
Robert Alexander
William Alexander
William Alexander
David Allen
John Allen
John Allen
Malen Allen
Richard Allen
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen
William Allen
John Alley
Benjamin Allman
James Amos
Manuel Amos
Mordecai Amos
Rachael Amos
Abraham Anderson
Abraham Anderson
James Anderson
Jesse Anderson
John Anderson
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson
David Anguish
William Anguish
John Archer
John W. Armstrong
William H. Armstrong
John Arnold
Josiah Arnold
Joseph Arnold
Paul Arnold
Samuel Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Simeon Arnot
Owen S. Aston
John Bagley
James M. Baird
George Baker
Isaac Baker
Jackson Baker
Col. S. P. Baker
Daniel Baker
Henry Baker
Isaac Baker
Jacob Baker
John Baker
Stephen Baker
T. H. Bakewell
Frederick Bane
Frederick Bane
Jessy Bane
Joseph Bane
Mahala Bane
Moridicai Bane
Nancy Bane
Nimrod Bane
Asa Banning
Noah Barcus
Noah Barcus
Thomas G. Baron
Alexander Barr
Rufus Bartlett
Ryam Bartlett
John Barto
Jacob Beam
Mariah Beam
James Beard
John M. Beard
William Becket
Thomas Beegle
Benjamin Belford
John Bellville
John Bell
Andrew T. Berry
Reason Biddl
Loyd Biddle
Spencer Biddle
William Biddle
Thomas Biggs
Noah C. Bileter
William Bills
Brice Blair
Eleazar Blair
Francis Blair
John Bland
George Blake
Isaac Blake
Isaac Blake
James Blake
Joshuway Blake
Nathaniel Blake
Robert Blake
Calib Blakemore
Calib S. Blakemore
Elizabeth Blakemore
James Blakemore
Thomas Blakemore
William A. Blakemore
Ellen Blakeway
Humphrey Blakeway
William Blakeway
Hannah Blodget
Benjamin Blodgett
James Bockanon
Eliza Boner
James Boner
James C. Boner
John Boner
Martin Boner, Jr.
Lewis Bonnet
K. S. Boreman
Daniel Bowers
David Bowers
Henry Bowers
John Bowers
Dorothy Bowman
Joel Bowman
John Boyard
Sarah Brantner
Benjamin Briggs
David Briggs
Isaac Briggs
John Briggs
Thomas Briggs
George Broner
Isabel Brown
John Brown
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown
Ebenezar Bucanon
John Bucanon
Robert Bucanon
Robert S. Bucanon
Thomas Bucanon
William Bucanon
William Bucanon
Jesse Buck
John Buckman
Thomas Buckman
John Bukey
John Burch
M. L. T. Burch
Richard T. Burch
Elija Burge
Joshuway Burge
Minor Burge
William Burge
Eve Burges
John Burk
Noah B. Burks
Jacob Burly
John Burly
James Burley
Joshua Burley
George W. Burns
John Burrows
Samuel Burrows
Thomas Burrows
David T. Burton
Edward N. Burton
John W. Burton
John Bush
E. H. Caldwell
Ezekiel Caldwell
John Caldwell, age 90**
John Caldwell
Paris Caldwell
Adam Caufelt
Alexander Campbell
Edward Campbell
Francis Campbell
James Campbell
James Campbell
James B. Campbell
Samuel Campbell
Abram Cane
Jessy Cane
John Cane
Nathaniel Cane
George Carmichael
John Carmichael
Hugh Carr
William Carroll
Catherine Carver
Peter B. Catlett
Jacob Caufelt
Thomas Caufelt
John Cecil
Robert Cecil
William Cecil
William Cecil
Edward Chambers
Isaac Chambers
James Chambers
John W. Chambers
Joseph Chambers
Lydia Chambers
Reason Chambers
Soloman Chambers
Alfred Chandler
Thomas Charnock
James Chase
Elija Clagg
Isaac Clagg
John Clagg
Samuel Clagg
Thomas Clagg
A. D. Clark
Catherine Clark
Jacob Clark
Lambert Clark
Jacob M. Clark
Wallace Clark
William Clark
Joseph Clarke
James Clawson
Robert Clendening
William Clouston
David Clyde
Joshaway Coatsworth
Thomas Coatwright
Robert Cochrane
William Cochrane
Benjamin Cockane
Samuel Cockane, Sr.
Vinceny Cockane
Hiram Cockayne
Samuel Cockayne, Jr.
Benjamin Coe
Isaac Coe
Phillip Coe
E. W. Comegys
Henry Conkle
John Conkle
Phillip Conkle
Thomas Collins
William Collins
Bernard Connelly
William Conner
John Cooey
Dorothy Cook
H. N. Cooper
John Cooper
George Cordell
James Corrol
Alexander Corvuthers
Robert Covalt
William Covalt
Joseph Cox
Samuel Cox
Thomas Crawfort
Philip Creekbomb
William Cregg
John Creighton
Michael Cresap
Enoch Criswell
James Criswell
John Criswell
Loyd Criswell
Richard Criswell
Justus Croder
John Crooston
Abram Crow
Henry Crow
Isaac Crow
Jacob Crow
Philip Crow, Jr.
Samuel Crow
Susan Crow
William Crow
John Crusse
Lawrence Crusse
John Cummins, age 85 years**
Samuel Cummins
William Cummins
Daniel Cunningham
John Cunningham
John Cunningham
Levi Cunningham
William Cunningham
R. J. Curtis
John Custor
Daniel Dague
Frederick Dague
Smith Dann
George Davidson
John Davidson
Mary Davidson
Albert Davis
Hanson Davis
Isaac Davis
James Davis
John Davis
John C. Davis
Leisun Davis
Robert Davis
Thomas Davis
Thompson Davis
William DeHass
David Delong
Alexander M. Den
ison Thomas Devine
John Dickey
John H. Dickey
Anger Dobbs
Henry Dobbs
Henry Docherty
William Docherty
Elizabeth Dockan
David Dodd
Francis Dodd
George Dodd
Samuel Dorsey
Thomas Dorsey
Micaja Doty
Edward Dowler
George Dowler
Michael Dowler
William Downey
Geo (Or Geon)Drives
John Drummond
Barnard Duffy
James Dunham
Robert Dunlap
Michael Dunn
Henry Durrow
Mulligan Duvoll
Abraham Earlywine
Abram Earlywine
Adam Earlywine
Barnhart Earlywine
James Earlywine
James D. Echols
William Echols
Michael Edwards
William Edwards
William Elder
Peter Eller
Mary Elliot
William Elliot
John Emery
Brice Enoch
Walter Evans
William Evans
William Evans, Sr.
Henry Ewing
James Ewing
William Ewing
Conrad Fair
Henry Farley
Patrick Farley
James Faunts
David Ferrel***
Sherman Ferrel
Henry Ryan
Isaac Fish
John Fish
Samuel Fish
William Fish
Charles Fisher
James Fisher
James Fitzsimmons
David Flack
Jacob Flanigan
John Flanigan
James Fleming
Samuel Fleming
James Foster
James Foster
Caleb Founds
Jefferson Founds
John Founds
John Founds
William F. Founds
Anthony Fountain
John Fox, Jr.
John Fox, Sr., age 85**
Joseph Francis
Manuel Francis
James Freeland
Stephen Freeland
Abraham Fry
Frederick Fry
Sarah Fuller
Simeon Fuller
James Gamble
James Games
George C. Ganns
Joshua Garlow
Joshuway Garner
Vincent Garrison
William Garrison
Nicholas Gates
Andrew Gatts
Christina Gatts, Sr.
Christina Gatts, Jr.
George Gatts
Peter Gatts
David Gatwood
Samuel Gatz
John L. Gibson
Robert Gilbert
Hugh Gill
Jarret Godard
William Goff
John Gollaher
Benjamin Gooding
James Goodrich
Nathaniel Goodrich
Nelson Goodrige
Daniel Gorby
Ebenezer Gorby
Jessy Gorby
John Gorby
William Gorby
Oliver Gorrell
Robert Gorrell
Alex. Gosney
Hamilton Gosney
Henry Gosney
William Gosney
William Gosney
William Graham
Ellis B. Gray
George Gray
Jacob Gray
Jacob Gray
James Gray
John Gray
Robert Gray
Walter Gray
Enoch Greathouse, Sr.
Enoch Greathouse, Jr.
Harmon Greathouse
Harmon Greathouse
John Greathouse
Samuel R. Greenfield
Bennet Gregg
Edward Gregg
Eliza Griffith
William Griffith
John Grimes
Adam Grindstaff
James Grindstaff
John Grindstaff
James Grun
James B. Grun
Jason Guess
Samuel Hagerman
Daniel Hall
Rufus Hall
Ecklin Hamilton
George Hammond
John Hammond
Joseph Hammond
John Hand
John Hannah
James Harbison
Moses Harbison
Amos Hardy
Robert Harper
Agnus Harris
Charles Harris
John Harris
John Harris
Joseph Harris
Samuel Harris
Denis Harrison
Henry Harsh
James Hart
Samuel Hartly
Benjamin Harvey
James Harvey
Edward Hatzell
Catherine Haut
David Hawk
James Hawk
James Hays
Adam Helms
David Henderson
David Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson
Solomon Hendrickson
Mathew Hennen
William H. Henry
Reuben Herrington
Nancy Hickman
Alex Hicks
Cornelias Hicks
Joseph Hicks
Levi Hicks
Robert Hicks
Alexander Higgs
Jeremiah Higgs
John Higgs
Parmenus Higgs
Benjamin Hill
George Hill
David E. Hinds
John Hitesman
Henry Hoblitzell
Obidah Hoch
Edward Hogan
Eph. Hogan
Jacob Hoge, Jr.
William Holiday
William Hillifield
William Hollinshead
Henry Holmes
James K. Holmes
John Holmes
Ruth Holmes
Thomas Holmes
Thomas Holmes
William Holmes
William Hood
Jared Hopkins
William Horris
Daniel Hottenshead
Enos Howard
George Howard
James M. Howard
John Howard
Reason Howard
Samuel Howard
Samuel Howard, Jr.
Adam Howe
Elija Hubbs, Sr.
Elija Hubbs, Jr.
George Hubbs
Isaac Hubbs
Joseph Hubbs
George Huff
Delila Huggins
William Hull
Joshua Hunt
William Hunter
William Hunter
John Hutchison
John Hutchison
John P. Hyder
John Hyle
Abram Ingram
Simeon Jackman
Elizabeth Jefferson
Jacob Jefferson
James Jefferson
John Jefferson
James D. Jennings
James Jimeson
Elizabeth Jinkins
Samuel Jobes
Sarah Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Abram Johnston
Jacob Johnston
John Johnston
David Jones
Garrison Jones
Jacob Jones
John Jones
Morgan Jones, Sr.
Morgan Jones, Jr.
Peter Jones
Phil. Jones
Samuel Jones
Thomas P. Jones
James Kane
William Keeves
Charles Keller
George Keller
Jacob Keller
Ann Kelly
Francis Kelly
Easter Kels
Jacob Kemp
Johnson Kemp
Charles Kemple
George Kemple
Jacob Kemple
Robert Kenady
William Kenady
Lewis Kerkendal
Silas Kettle, Jr.
Silas Kettle, Jr.
Andrew Kiger
James Kiger/Tiger(?)
Lewis Kiger
Getson King
Leven C. Kirkman
William Kirkman
William Knight
John Knopp
James Knox
James Knox
Jacob Knuse
Eugine Lacraft
David Lahu
John Lake
John Lee
George Legged
John Lehew
John Lemon
Robert Lemon
Robert Lemon
John Leppin
Zadock Lewallen
John W. Lewis
Walter Lewis
William Lewis
Andrew Lindsay
Elisha Lindsay
William Literal
William Little
James Logan
Anthony Logsdon
Bennet Logsdon
Bennet Logsdon
Joseph Logsdon
James Logston
Lawrence Logsdon
William Logsdon
David Long
Adam Loudenslager
Charles Loudenslager
George Loudenslager
John Loudenslager
Joseph Loudenslager
Alex Lowry
Samuel Loydick
James Lucus
Philip Lucus
James Luke
Simon Lumbard
William Lustre
David Luts
Ebsy Lutes
David Lyons
Elizabeth Macky
Elias Magers
Jerushe Maning
Benjamin Manning
Mary Manning
Wilford Manning
Peter Markee
Joseph Marpole
Joseph Marpole
Morgan H. Marpole
Abs'm Marsh
Isaac Marsh
Mathew Marsh
Richard Marsh
Robert Marshal
Jacob Marshall
James Marshall
James Marshall
John Marshall
Benjamin Martin
Bonham Martin
Jefferson T. Martin
John Martin
Robert Martin
Samuel Martin
Squire D. Martin
William Martin
Jacob Mason
Zadock B. Masters
Elsy Mathews
Jacob Mathews
John Mathews
John Mathews, Sr.
John Mathews, Jr.
William Maxwell
Thimothy Mayhall
Charles Mayjus
Samuel McBride
Thomas McBroom
Jonathan McCane
John McCardle
William McCardle
Charles McCarrihen
Mary McClain
Hannah McClain
Joseph McClain
Melmoth McClain
Robert McClain
Horatio J. McClean
Mariah McClean
George McCombs
James McCombs
John McCombs
David McConayha
Robert McConayha
Barbara McConnell
Joshua J. McCormick
Prudence McCormick
John McCracken
John McCreary
Samuel McCreary
Thomas McCreary
William McCreary
William McCuen
John McCullen
Ann McDaniel
Jane McDaniel
John McDaniel
William R. McDonald
David McDowel
George McElvane
William McFarland
James McGary
John McGary
William McGary
Patrick McGill
John McHenry
Gordon McKnight
George McKusky
Benjamin McMahen
David McMahen
Joseph McMahen
William McMahen
William McMaken(?)
George McMillen
John McMillen
Samuel McMillen
Thomas McMillen
William Menise
John Messacre
Phil Messacre
John Mewhorter
Christopher Micenhelter
Fred. Micenhelter
Allen Miller
Andrew Miller
Benjamin P. Miller
David Miller
Henry Miller
Jacob Miller
James Miller
John Miller
John Miller
Samuel Miller
John Minor
John Minson
John Miricle
Andrew Mitchaltree
George Mitcheltree
James Mitcheltree
William Mobley
Edward Monteath
James Monteath
Daniel Montgomery
George Montgomery
James R. Montgomery
John Montgomery
Joseph Montgomery
William Montgomery
William Montgumrey
Catherine Montgorey
Andrew Montgumay
Andrew Moore
John Moore
John Moore
John Moore
Jonathan Moore
Andrew Morgan
James Morgan
Thomas Morgan
Allison Morris
Daniel Morris
James D. Morris
John Morris
Nathan Morris
Stephen Morris
William Morris
Israel Morrison
Nathan Morrison
Adam Morrow
John Morrow
William Morrow
Richard Morton
Christina Moslander
John Moslander
John Moslander, Sr.
James Moslander
William Moslander
Elisha Moss
John Mount
James Mundle
John Mundle
Thomas Murdock
James Murphy
David Murry
George Murry
Ephraim Myers
John Myers
David Nace
John Neely
John Nelson
Jacob Nesly
John Newland
Alex. Newman
Cabb Nice
William Nice
Thomas Nichols
David Nickison
John Nickison
John Nisely
James Nixon
John Null
Alex Ogle
Lawrence Oharow
Biggs Oldfield
John Oliver
H. B. Oneal
Johnson Oneal
Thomas Oneal
Peter Oram
Peter Oram
William Oram
Hiram V. Orr
Joseph Parkerson
William Parkerson
Dennis M. Pariot
John Parrot
Joseph Parrot
Jessy Parson
Joseph Parson
Thomas Parson
Henry Parsons
Thomas Parsons
James Patterson
James Patterson
Sarah Ann Patterson
Arthur Pearce
Lemuel Peck
John Pegg
Colbert Pelly, Jr.
Colbert Pelly, Sr.
George Pelly
James Pelly
Nathan Pelly
John Pender
Michael Piles
Thomas Pollock
Asa Polson
Aaron Porter
John Porter
Richard Porter
William Porter
William Porter
Edward Powel
Richard Powel
Thompson M. Powel
William O. Powel
E. L. Pratt
Job Prettyman
Adam Price
Argelon Price
Bushrod Price
G. M. Price
John Price
John Price
W. T. Price
John W. Probasco
James Purdy
John Purdy
Lewis Purdy
Robert Purdy
Simeon B. Purdy
Simeon Purdy, Sr.
Ely Pyles
George Pyles
John Pyles
John Pyles
William Quaintance
John Quigly
William Quigly
James Ramsey
Joseph Ramsey
Nancy A. Ramsey
Elenor Ransom
Hiram Ransom
Richard Ravenscraft
Thomas Ravenscraft
Thomas Ray
Joseph H. Raymond
Nathaniel M. Raynes
George Rease
Thomas Reason
James Reed
John Reed
John Reed
Joseph Reed
Levi Reed
Moses Reed
Samuel Reed
Thomas Reynolds
John Rice
Joseph Richardson
Joshua Richardson
Jacob Richmond
John Richmond
Joseph Richmond
Smith Richmond
Edmund Riggs
Elias Riggs
James Riggs
John Riggs
Laban Riggs
Mahlon Riggs
Nathaniel Riggs
Noah Riggs
Thomas Riggs
William Riggs
William Riggs
Samuel Riley
John Rine, Sr.
Phip. Rine
Lazarus Rine
Hellen Ritchey
James Ritchey
Martha Ritchey
Jacob Rizer
John Robbinson
Nathan Robbinson
Barton Roberts
David Roberts
David Roberts
Gauss Roberts
George Roberts
John Roberts
John of Jno. Roberts
James Robinson
John Robinson
Phillip Robinson
William Robinson
Richard Robison
Henry Rodocker
Ellen Roe
John A. Roe
John Roger
William Rogers
John Rogerson
William Roney
Allen Rose
William Rosebrough
John Rosenberger
Joseph Ross
William Ross
David Ruckman
Samuel Ruckman
Richard Rulong
Goofry Rumble
Jacob Runion
Robert Rush
William Ruth
George Ryan
John Ryan
Joseph Ryan
Lazarus Ryan
William Ryan
George Santmire
George Sampson
Thomas Sanders
William Sanns
William Scofield
James Scott
John Scott
John Scott
William Scott
Caroline Seamon
John C. Sears
John B. Seaton
Jacob Sharp
Jacob Sharp
Pearly Sharp
Isaac Shaw
John Sheets
Benjamin Shepherd
Henry Shepherd
James Shepherd
Jeremiah Jones
John Shepherd
Joseph Shepherd
Nath. Shepherd
William Sherman
Robert Shoemaker
John Shroder
Henry Shutes
George Sibert
John Sickles
Isaac Simmons
John Simmons
Gabriel Simms
Jackson Simms
Alex Simpson
John Simpson
John Simpson
Jacob Singleton
Samuel Singleton
Jacob Sivert
George Sivert
John Sivert
Mordicai Sloan
John Smally
Moses Smally
Andrew Smith
Benjamin Smith
Christian Smith
Frederick Smith
Frederick Smith
George Smith
George Smith
James Smith
James Smith
Job Smith
Joseph B. Smith
Joseph B. Smith
Martha Smith
Samuel Smith
Sarah Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Thompson P. Smith
William Smith
Garret Snediger
Andrew Snider
David Snider
Frederick Snider
Mathew Snider
Michael Snyder
Henry Sockman
Henry Sockman, Jr.
Charles W. Spillman
Peter Spoon
Peter Spoon
Jackson Sprigg
Judith Sprigg
Absalom Standiford
James Standifort
John Standifort
Peter Standifort
Skeliton Standifort
John Standiford
Racheal Steel
Ephraim Steenrod
Fleming Stewart
Hugh Stewart
Irwin Stewart
J. J. Stewart
Jessy Stewart
John Stewart
Joseph Stewart
Samuel Stewart
Thomas Stewart
Thomas Stewart
Thomas Stewart
William Stewart
Edward Stricklen, Sr.
Edward Stricklin
Thomas Stricklen
John Strong, Sr.
John Strong, Jr.
John Suiters
Edward Supler
Daniel Sutter (or Sutler)
Rememberance Swan
Francis Syers
Aaron Syhock
Elizabeth Tabler
John Tarr
Nathaniel Tarr
Cunningham Taylor
James Taylor
John Taylor
John Taylor, Sr.
John R. Taylor
Patterson Taylor
William Taylor
Miles Tegarden
Andrew Tenny
Amos Terrel
Daniel Terrel
Benjamin T. Thistle
Elias Thomas
James Thomas
Josiah Tolbert
Abelard Tomlinson
Margaret Tomlinson
Mary Tomlinson
Robert Tomlinson
Samuel Tomlinson
George Thompson
James Thompson
John Thompson
John Thompson
John Thompson
Samuel Thompson
Ephraim Thornburg
John Thornburg
Thomas Todd
John Tolbert
Josiah Tolbert
Absolom Toler
Adam Toler
Jesse Toler
James Trader
William Trader
William Travers
William Twinimon
John Varley
David Venaman
Charles Venimon
John Venimon
David Venice
Samuel Venice
Robert Waddle
Jane Ward
John Ward
Joseph Ward
William Ward
William Warden
Hezekiah Wayman
Zachariah Wayman
Leanerd Waymen
William Waymen
Andrew Wayne
James Wayt
Joseph Wayt
Joseph Wayt
Samuel Wayt
William Wayt
Jjohn Webb
John Welling
William Welling
Charles Wells
David Wells
Rolly Wells
David West
William Wheatley
Richard Wheeler
James Wherry
John Wherry
John Whetzell
Lewis Whetsell
John White
Joseph White
Apollos Whitney
Dennis Whitney
Nathan Whitney
Joseph Wilbon(?)
Edmond Wilkerson
Eli Williams
Frederick Williams
Harmon Williams
James Williams
John Williams
Lawson Williams
Michael Williams
Thomas Williams
Peter Williams
William Williams
John Wilson
John Wilson, Sr.
John Wilson, Jr.
Joseph Wilson
William Wilson
Charles Winesburg
John Winesburg
Samuel Winesburg
James Winters
John Winters
Rees Winters
Samuel Winters
William Woodburn
George Woods
Benjamin Workman
Eli Workman
George Workman
Joshuway Workman
Josiah Workman
Stephen Workman
William Workman
Nicholas Wycart
William Yancy
George Yoho
Henry Yoho, age 88**
Isaac Yoho
Jacob Yoho
Lewis Yoho
Wiliam Yoho
Andrew Young
Aron Young
Elija Young
Jacob Young
Noah Yost

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