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     From records of the Adjutant General's Office, compiled by the West Virginia State Archives:

     William L. Alley - Resident or enrolled Mannington, W.Va.; 26; mustered in 31 Dec 1861, Mannington, W.Va. Farmer, born in Marshall Co., W.Va. Re-enlisted as a Vet. Vol. 01 Jan 1864, at Rowlesburg, W.Va., under Gen'l Order #191, War Dept Series of 1863. Captured at New Creek, W.Va., 28 Nov 1864 and prisoner of war at date of muster out.

     William Leeper "Leep" Alley, was born 13 Aug 1835, near Lynn Camp, Marshall County. He was the son of John "Jack" Alley and Jane Hennen. (Source: Charlotte Hunter, gr-gr-granddughter).

Hennen's Choice by Dorothy T. Hennen
Pages 41-42.

     JANE HENNEN, daughter of Thomas and Anne Hennen, born Whiteley (now Gilmore) Twp., Greene Co., Pa. 2-14-1806; died Pine Grove, Va. (now W.Va.) 8-6-1852; married John Alley, son of John and Agnes Alley, born Whiteley Twp., Greene Co., Pa. 2-6-1800; died near Lynn Camp, W.Va. 2-16-1893. Jane Hennen Alley is buried in the cemetery now known as the simpson Hill Cemetery at Pine Grove, W.Va. She was the first person to be buried in this cemetery, the site at that time being a part of the home farm of John and Jane Alley. John Alley is buried in the Long Cemetery at Lynn Camp, W.Va.; at the time of his death weather conditions made it impossible to return the body to Pine Grove for burial beside his wife.
     John, more commonly known as Jack, and Jane Alley resided in Marshall County, Virginia (now W.Va.) until 1843-45 when they removed to Pine Grove in Wetzel County, Virginia. In 1857, Jane Alley having died, John sold his farm and moved back to Marshall County where he resided in Meade District until his death. John Alley married second, Margaret Franklin.
     John Alley was a farmer and land owner; however he was also a Methodist Minister who served various parts of the wilderness area of West Virginia. Records list many marriages performed by Rev. John Alley.
     The death record of John Alley is especially interesting since it lists his death as having occurred on 3-23-1893 and his date of burial as having been 2-18-1893. Further the cause of his death is listed as "force of habit supposed."

Children of John Alley and Jane Hennen:
Thomas Hennen Alley married Mary Steel
Minor Burge Alley died young.
Martha Alley married (1) Amos G. Milburn (2) William Fluharty.
Rawson Alley
William Leeper Alley married Matilda Sibert.
Rebecca Ann Alley married Charles B. Morgan.
John Kelley Alley married Martha Ann Richmond.
James M. Alley.
Uriah Talmage Alley married Brucie Clouston.

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Descendants of John A. Alley, Jr.

1850 Census, Wetzel County, W.Va.
ALLEY, John...50...farmer PA
Jane...44 Pa
Thomas A...24 Va
Rosen...17 Va
William L...14 Va
Rebecca...9 Va
John...7 VA
James...4 VA
Uriah...2 VA
Booth, Mariah...1 mnth Va

William L. Alley, 23, and Matilda Sibert, 20, were married 23 Sep 1860, in Marshall County, W.Va. Matilda was born Nov 1842. Their children were: George B., John William, Martha June and Elias Sheridan.

1880 Census, Cameron District, Marshall County, W.Va.
ALLEY (171)
Wm L...44-wm...farmer...VA...VA...PA
Matilda...36-wf...keeping house...VA...VA...VA
George B...18-wm...works on farm...VA...VA...VA
John W...15-wm...works on farm...WV...VA...VA

1890 Special Census, Meade District, Marshall County, W.Va.
ALLEY, William L., Private, Company "L", 6th WV Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/1861; discharged 3/29/1864. Length of Service: two years, two months, twenty-eight days. Re-enlisted 1864, same unit; discharged 6/10/1865. Address: Lynn Camp, WV. Disability Incurred: Rheumatism. Remarks: Prisoner.

     William Leeper Alley died in 1923 and is buried at the Bowman Ridge Cemetery, Marshall County, W.Va.