Company "I" 3rd West Virginia Infantry, subsequently 6th West Virginia Cavalry
Company "C" 7th West Virginia Infantry

Research by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.


Civil War Pension Index Card, National Archives

This soldier's medal is unclaimed at the West Virginia State Archives.

Isaac Grimes, born in Greene County, Pennsylvania on 12 August 1839, was the son of John and Barbara (Hubbs) Grimes.

1860 Census, Glen Easton, Marshall County, (West) Virginia
GRIMES (756)
John W...16-wm...farmer...VA

At the age of 19, Isaac Grimes and his brother, Oliver, mustered into service on 10 July 1861 with Company "I" 3rd West Virginia Infantry, later designated the 6th West Virginia Cavalry. Towards the end of the war, on 23 Mar 1865, Isaac Grimes mustered in to Company "C" 7th West Virginia to serve as a Substitute.

Following the war, on 5 May 1867, Isaac T. Grimes was married to Miss Jane A. Wilson by Francis Drake, Esq., in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Isaac Grimes was not with his wife and daughter at the time of the 1870 census.

1870 Census of Cameron Twp. (Glen Easton Post Office) Marshall County, West Virginia
Muldoon (211)
Oram...27-M...Farmer...Father foreign born...2,500...590...WV
Grimes, Jane...20-F...WV
Grimes, Mary B...1-F...WV

Isaac Grimes was not found in either the 1870 or 1880 census records.

Isaac's daughter, Mary B. Grimes, 24, born in Marshall County, was a resident of Tyler County when she married John B. Tary, 22, in Tyler County on 30 Aug 1894. Upon her death in Ohio County, West Virginia on 1 Dec 1942, her death record reflects that she was born 18 Jul 1870 to Issac Grimes and Jane Wilson.

In 1885, Issac Grimes applied for a government pension. In his application he stated that he had one living child, Mary B. He also stated his wife was dead.

Isaac Grimes was residing with his sister, Joanna Grimes, at the time of the 1900 Census of Aleppo, Greene County, Pa. His birthdate is stated as Aug 1840.

On June 17, 1924, Isaac Grimes died of Pneumonia in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia. His DEATH CERTIFICATE indicates he was widowed. The personal information in the certificate was given by his son-in-law, J. B. Tary. He is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Moundsville, Marshall County.

Additional information about the wife of Isaac Grimes indicates a possibilty that he and his wife, the former Jane Wilson, were divorced.

The 1870 census, presumed to be the wife and child of the soldier, reveals that Isaac was not with the family.

On 12 Aug 1877, Mr. Peter Gump and Miss Jane Grimes both of Marshall County, West Virginia were married by Francis Drake, Esq., in Greene County, Pennsylvania. They are found in the 1880 Census of Marshall County. However, the name of Jane Gump is scratched through and the word "Dead" is written. She is buried at Beeler's Station Cemetery in Marshall County and her tombstone allegedly (according to a descendant) says, "Jane Wilson wife of Peter Gump - 16 Aug 1848 - 6 May 1880." So, she died at about the time the census was taken. Their daughter is listed as "May", age 2, in that census.

Because Jane's maiden name is allegedly stated on the gravestone as Wilson, and she was married to Mr. Gump with the surname Grimes, it seems probable that she is the same Jane Wilson who was first married to Isaac Grimes. It is known that before her death, this Jane had a daughter, Lily May Gump, with Peter Gump. A descendant of Lily May Gump remembers being told about a family connection to Mary B. Grimes Tary.

If Jane Wilson married Isaac Grimes and had his daughter, Mary B., and then married Peter Gump and had his daughter, Lily May, the two girls would be half sisters. However, only Mary B. would be related to the soldier, Isaac Grimes.