Will of Abel Vanscyoe

Submitted by Phyllis D. Slater.

Record of Wills Book 2, page 85

In the name of God Amen I Abel Vanscyoe of Ohio County & state of Virginia revoking all others appoint this to be my last will & testament. In the first place I give & leave unto my son John 80 acres of land conveyed to me by Constantine O'Neal being part of his old settlement on grave creek & he is to be made a lawful deed of Conveyance for it by my executors when he pays the balance due for it which will appear by a settlement with him I leave my sons Cornelius James & Aron the money that is a coming from my son John Witt one Beay horse five years old & my waggon all to be divided equally betwean them I leave my daughter Ann one dollar if demanded I leave my daughter Mary one yearling heiffer & one bed & bedding I leave my daughter Catherine Ann when she arrives at the age of eighteen one cow & yearling heiffer bed & beding I leave to my daughter Ruth at the age of eighteen one cow yearling heiffer bed & bedding I leave my dear & loving wife Mary the small plantation we now live on with a large brown horse aged six years & a sorrel ditto, aged eight years with my other property not mentioned she is to part with such of the goods & chatels as is not above discribed that she pleases to spare & pay all my just debts & improve the premises all which property & place she is to have during her widowhood to sell & make use of at her discresion she is to give William & Ruth a reasonable shareof schooling & at her decease or expiration of her widowhood the land & the goods & chattles left on after satisfying the above demands is to be equally divided between my sons Abel & William but the land is not to be sold untill my daughter Ruth is come to the age of eighteen years. I appoint my dear & loving wife Mary & Edward Dowler to be executors of this my last will & testament as witness my hand & seal this thirtieth day of July 1814 signed in presents of .....

Abel Vanscyoe....seal
Samuel Cockayne
Sarah Cockayne

A true copy from the orginal which was proven in court at October term 1814 by the oaths of Samuel Cockayne & Sarah Cockayne the subscribing witnesses & ordered to be recorded.

Teste.................Wm. Chapline Jr....C.O.C.