Will of A. J. Steele

Submitted by Harry Steele.

Will of A. J. Steele
Marshall County, WV
Will Book 5, Page 81
Dec. 8, 1904

I A. J. Steele of West Finley, Washington County Pa. Do hereby make this
my last will and testament, That is to say.

I order and direct that all my just debts be paid.

I give and bequeath my estate and property as follows

I give unto Mary M. Steele, my wife, the sum of Three hundred and fifty
dollars ($350.00) said amount being paid by me as part purchase money on
a house and lot situated in West Finley, Washington County Pa. And deeded
to Mary M. Steele by Nina Frazier and husband, Said three hundred and
fifty dollars to remain her property until her death. Then to be equally
divided among Blanch Maude & Charley Steele. A note of one hundred dollars
($100.00) held by me against Alex Miller of Washington Penn. I direct to
be equally divided among Blanch Millers heirs. To Charley Steele I give
and bequeath the sum of two hundred dollars which amount has been well
and truly paid by me as follows one hundred dollars ($100.00) spent for
his schooling at Wheeling and the other one hundred paid by me on his
life insurance.

To My daughter Maud I give the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) 
Fifty dollars paid to her in cash by me.

What money I have in the First National Bank of Claysville Pa. I direct to
be used to defray my funeral expenses etc.: buying a lot and moving my
first wife to the Dallas cemetery where I desire to be buried and also a
tombstone suitable for myself and first and second wife and request myself
and both wives be buried together at said lot in Dallas cemetery.

To the heirs of my first wife I direct that a note calling for ($985.00) on
S. T. Alley together with all Interest on the same to be equally divided
among them namely Thos. V. Steele  H. W. Steele  Maggie Groves  Ettie Alley
and Jennie Carroll.

I further direct that H. W. Steele act as my administrator.

Signed sealed and delivered and declared this instrument as my last will at
Majorsville Marshall County W. Va. On this 8th day of Dec. ___

A. J.  X   Steele……(SEAL)

R. M. Atkinson……(SEAL)
H. A. Richmond…..(SEAL)

In the County Court of Marshall County, West Virginia.
In the matter of the probate of the will of A. J. Steele, deceased.
On this the 19th day of February 1910 came Thos. Steele, Maggie Groves, Chas.
O. Steele, H. W. Steele, Etta Alley, Jennie Carroll and Maud W. Lacock and
filed their petition in open court praying for the probate of a certain paper
writing bearing the date on the 8th day of December, 1904 and purporting to be
the last will and testament of A. J. Steele, deceased. And it appearing to the
court that the petitioners are all the parties interested in the probate of
said will and the said will having been proved by the oaths of R. M. Atkinson
and H. A. Richmond subscribing attesting witnesses to said writing- on motion 
it is order that said paper writing be admitted to probate and recorded as true
last will and testament of the said A. J. Steele, deceased.	

Thereupon came H. W. Steele, executor named and appointed in said will and took
the oath required by law as such and together with Citizens Trust and Guaranty
Company of West Virginia entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penal sum
of $2000.00 conditioned and payable as the law directs. On motion of said
executor Wm. Harsh, David Archer and H. a. Richmond are appointed to appraise
the said estate. They to be first duly sworn for that purpose.

TESTE     J. E. Chase         Clerk