Will of Alexander Porter

Submitted by Joe Porter.

Will book & page not known.

Be it remembered that I Alexander Porter of Sand Hill District Marshall County, West Virginia, do make this my last will and testament in the manner following that is to say,
First: I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah, all of my estate both real and personal durong her natural life.
Second: I give and bequeath to my oldest son Abner, four hundred dollars.
Third: I give and bequeath to my son Charles Henry, four hundred dollars.
Fourth: I give and bequeath to my son Robert W., four hundred dollars.
Fifth: To my daughters, Jane Amanda, Nancy Ann, Samantha and Sarah Minerva, I give, bequeath to each of them two hundred and seventy five dollars, and to Ella, one hundred dollars.
Sixth: To my other three sons, William Alexander, Joseph Benton and Issac Newton, I give devise and bequeath all my real estate equally between them on the condition that they pay to the other of my heirs herein mentioned the amount herein bequeathed them. Or if they so elect or desire, either one of them or any two of them can keep the farm by paying the other four hundred dollars.
Seventh: I appoint my sons William Alexander and Issac Newton, executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have signed and sealed published and declared this instrument as my last will on this the third day of October one thousand eight hundred and ninety five.

Alexander Porter

The said Alexander Porter on this the third day of October A. D. 1895, signed sealed this instrument and published and declared the same is and for his last Will, and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have here unto written our name as subscribing witnesses.

A. H. Daugherty
H. L. Daugherty
West Virginia

Marshall County Court Nov. 8th 1900
A paper writing bearing date the 3rd day of October in the year 1895 and purporting to be the last will and testament of Alexander Porter deceased, late of this county is this day duly served in open court on the sworn testimony of A. H. Daugherty and H. L. Daugherty the two subscribing witnesses thereto and is admitted to probate and ordained to be recorded aqs said for the true last will and testament of said Alexander Porter deceased, and William Alexander Porter and Issac Newton Porter the two executors in said will named are granted leave to qualify as such executors at the expiration of thirty days from this date not being required to give bond under the terms of said will

E. M. Lewis, clerk

Note: The female named Ella mentioned in Alexander's will above is his granddaughter and the daughter of Nancy Porter Gray.