Antill Funeral Home
Book 6


Typed by Frank Manning.

ALLEN, Alma May
Record: 286.
Born: 6-23-1886 Glen Easton
Died: 8-9-1965 McConaughey Rest Home aged 79 (last res. Glen Easton)
Parents: James Mellon
               Sarah DeGarmo
Marital Status: -Martin
Burial: Fork Ridge Baptist Cem.

ALLEN, Emma Mae, housewife
Record: 92.
Born: 6-23-1879 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 9-4-1960 Home of James A. Howard, Loudenville
Parents: Alex Howard
               Mary Elizabeth Bryner
Marital Status: wd - Thomas Allen
Burial: Salem Cem., Roberts Ridge

ALLEY, Ethel Marie Sampson.
Record: 224.
Born: 9-1-1918 Cameron, WV.
Died: 2-25-1964 Wheeling, WV., aged 45-5-23.
Parents: Arthur Franklin Sampson.
               Emma Dixon.
Marital Status: widowed - Herbert Dale.
Burial: Cameron Cem.

ALLEY, Sarah Florence Kent.
Record: 265.
Born: 5-20-1890 Jackson Co., WV.
Died: 1-19-1965 Wiley Ave. aged 75-8-.
Parents: Edwary Kent.
               Francis Morgan.
Marital Status: widowed - John W. Alley.
Burial: Cameron Cem.

ALLMAN, Eliza Jane
Record: 271.
Born: 9-7-1878 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-23-1965 Dixon Ridge - R.D.2 aged 87
Parents: Jerome Batton
               Linda Stiles
Marital Status: widowed - Jacob (died 1947)
Burial: Antioch Cem., Proctor, WV.

ANDERSON, Benjamin Franklin, pottery & fur buyer
Record: 100.
Born: 2-23-1885 New Freeport
Died: 12-9-1960 Home - Pottery Hollow
Parents: James Anderson
Mary Bardine
Inf.: Mrs. Winnie Anderson
Marital Status: Doshia Church , Winnifred Peacemaker
Burial: Big Run

ANDERSON, Zora Lyons Bryd
Record: 182.
Born: 3-11-1882 Harrison Co., WV.
Died: 4-23-1963 home of Geniveve Neuhauer aged 81-1-12 (last res. High St., Cameron)
Parents: Christopher
               Rhoda Morris
Marital Status: - Lloyd
Burial: Marshville Cem., Marshville, WV.

ANKROM, Dorothy Ellen Duffy
Record: 200.
Born: 9-7-1918 Wellsburg, WV.
Died: 10-26-1963 St. Joseph Hosp., Warren, Ohio aged 45-1-19
Parents: John Duffy
               Ellen Durig
Marital Status: md. - Earl Ankrom
Burial: Halcyon Hills

ANTILL, Homer Clyde, farmer & gas field worker
Record: 141.
Born: 11-28-1894 Metz, WV.
Died: 3-20-1962 Pgh Hosp. (Cameron res.)
Parents: Asberry Antill
               Lucy Rinehart
Marital Status: md. - Alta Benson Antill
Burial: Centennial

ANTILL, James Lindsey, carpenter
Record: 175.
Born: 3-27-1884 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-8-1963 Greene Co. Mem. Hosp. Aged 79-0-11
Parents: David Antill
               Betty Davis
Marital Status: Mary Tedrow
Burial: Centennial Cem.

ANTILL, Mary Ellen Tedrow
Record: 272.
Born: 1-24-1884 Aleppo Twp., Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-3-1965 Wynbrg. Hosp. Aged 81 (last res. New Freeport Star Rt.)
Parents: William H. Tedrow
               Caroline Phillips
Marital Status: widowed - James L. Antill
Burial: Centennial Cem.

ATKINSON, Alice Gertrude
Record: 184.
Born: 10-29-1890 Cameron, WV.
Died: 4-26-1963 Bladensburg, Ohio aged 72-5-16 (last res. Majorsville, WV.)
Parents: Martha Atkinson
Marital Status: single
Burial: Dallas, WV.

BAKER, Mary Elizabeth, housewife
Record: 60.
Born: 4-8-1891 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-10-1960 home - Cameron
Parents: Stidger S. Hicks
               Susan Jane Burley
Marital Status: Elwood H. Baker
Burial: Highland

BARNHART, Mary Jane, housework
Record: 87.
Born: 7-16-1867 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 7-31-1960 Home - Windy Gap
Parents: George Reigle
               Sina Whilatch
Marital Status: wd. - Silas Barnhart
Burial: Windy Gap

BELCH, Ida May Lemley
Record: 202.
Born: 2-17-1880 Deep Valley, Pa.
Died: 11-1-1963 home of dau. Mrs. Jacob Isiminger (Woodruff) aged 83-8-14
Parents: David Lemley
               Elizabeth Anderson
Marital Status: widowed - Lee Belch
Burial: Sand Hill Cem. (above Deep Valley)

BENSON, Clara Bell.
Record: 263.
Born: 2-10-1875 Aleppo, Pa.
Died: 1-1-1965 R.D. 1 home of Wylie Courtwright aged 89-11.
Parents: Abraham McCracken.
               Ida Wright.
Marital Status: widowed - Everett Benson.
Burial: Sugar Grove Cem.

BLAKE, James Walker, farmer
Record: 50.
Born: 7-11-1869 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 2-10-1960 Home of C. E. Mason, Glen Easton
Parents: Joseph Blake
               Lydia Gorby
Marital Status: widowed - Minnie Emery
Burial: Big Run

BLAKE, Rosa Hawkins
Record: 245.
Born: 11-15-1885 New Martinsville, WV.
Died: 10-3-1964 aged 79-11-18 Mdsv. Gen. Hosp. (last res. Mdsv.)
Parents: John Hawkins
               Fanny Moore
Marital Status: widowed - John
Burial: not avail

BLUM, Christian Samual "Chris", druggist
Record: 173.
Born: 4-6-1889 Wheeling, WV.
Died: 3-1-1963 ambulance - Clouston aged 73-8-25 (last res. Cameron - Wiley Ave.)
Parents: Christian Blum
               Clementine Woeber
Marital Status: md. - Emma Hill
Burial: Mt. Calvary, Wheeling, WV.

BOORD, John Thomas
Record: 278.
Born: 5-25-1896 Springhill Twp., Pa.
Died: 6-10-1965 Main St. aged 69
Parents: John L. Boord
               Malisse Everitthart
Marital Status: md. - Opal Cupp
Burial: Mt. Moriah, Point Marion, Pa.

BRADDOCK, Anetta Pauline
Record: 167.
Born: 12-15-1962
Died: 12-15-1962 O.V.G.H.
Parents: Thomas Braddock
               Judith Ann Jones
Burial: Highland /Rex Jones lot

BRIGGS, Encil Walter, farmer
Record: 103.
Born: 9-5-1898 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 1-13-1961 home - Loudenville
Parents: Henry Briggs
               Margaret E. Howell
Marital Status: md - Agnes Pettit
Burial: Salem, Glen Easton

BRIGGS, Talbert Glendon, retired farmer
Record: 59.
Born: 6-13-1881 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-2-1960 Home (Cameron)
Parents: David Briggs
               Alvida Talbert
Marital Status: widowed - Alice Myrtle Dobbs
Burial: Highland

BROWN, Cora M.
Record: 257.
Born: 10-24-1881 Crawford, Co., Pa.
Died: 12-3-1964 Martins Nursing Home - McMechen aged 83-1-19 (last res. Limestone).
Parents: William Faust.
               Marietta Thorn.
Marital Status: widowed - Charles Brown.
Burial: Highland Cem.

BUNGARD, Charles William, farmer.
Record: 260.
Born: 12-10-1887 Dry Ridge.
Died: 12-14-1964 aged 77- Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last res. Rock Lick).
Parents: George Bungard.
               Clara Knapp.
Marital Status: single.
Burial: Wolf Run Cem.

BURGE, Onward Elijah, glass worker
Record: 135.
Born: 3-3-1893 Rosby Road, WV.
Died: 2-5-1962 Oakland, VA Hospital (res. Cameron)
Parents: John Burge
               Sarah Shackelford
Marital Status: md. - Fannie Hinerman
Burial: Highland/Hinerman Lot

BURLEY, Bertha Bell Simmons, telephone operator
Record: 140.
Born: 8-23-1895 Greenfield Ridge
Died: 3-16-1962 Woodruff
Parents: Spencer Simmons
               Rachel Gatts
Marital Status: md. - John
Burial: Fall Run

BURLEY, Clara Virginia Fish Douglas
Record: 228.
Born: 11-13-1930 Irish Ridge
Died: 4-2-1964 Glendale Hosp. Aged 33-7-19 (last res. Wellsburg, WV.)
Parents: James Albert Fish
               Beulah V. Riggs
Marital Status: md. - Ammon Arden Burley
Burial: Mt. Hope, Calis, WV.

BUSH, Edith Frances, housework
Record: 48.
Born: 11-25-1879 Forrest Co., Pa.
Died: 1-27-1960 Wetzel Hospital (Cameron)
Parents: John Taft
               Elizabeth Kafer
Marital Status: widow - M. M. Bush
Burial: Highland

BUZZARD, Arnetta
Record: 277.
Born: 11-15-1877 Marshall Co.
Died: 5-10-1965 Cameron Ridge aged 88
Parents: Jesse Clark
               Harriett Chambers
Marital Status: widowed - Robert
Burial: Highland Cem.

BUZZARD, Martha May Chase
Record: 165.
Born: 5-5-1884 Cameron
Died: 12-5-1962 Home (Cameron)
Parents: J. K. Chase
               Mary Belle Dorsey
Marital Status: md. - Frank Buzzard
Burial: Cameron on Chase lot

CAMPBELL, John Ames, retired telephone employee
Record: 44.
Born: 10-12-1882 Winnamac, Indiana
Died: 1-12-1960 O.V.G.H. (Cameron)
Parents: William Campbell
               Mary LaFaver
Marital Status: md. - Olive Jolliffe
Burial: West View Cem, Carrollton, Ohio

CARMICHAEL, Saide Redd, housewife
Record: 21.
Born: 3-11-1886 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 7-1-1959 GDH (Beeler Station)
Parents: Solomon Redd, Beeler Station
               Sarah Stevens
Marital Status: md. - Martin Carmichael
Burial: Fork Ridge Baptist Cem.

CARMICHAEL, Sarah Catherine, housewife
Record: 24.
Born: 7-7-1879 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 7-31-1959 Cameron
Parents: Daniel Dunn
               Eliza Jane Garrison
Marital Status: md. - John N. Carmichael
Burial: Beeler Station

CARR, Edwin, sawmill, painter, farmer
Record: 153.
Born: 1-2-1885 Loudenville
Died: 7-24-1962 Home/Loudenville
Parents: Edward Carr
               Phoebe Kerns
Marital Status: md. - Isea
Burial: Highland

CHAMBERS, Ada V. Jones, housewife
Record: 163.
Born: 3-13-1881 Silver Hill
Died: 11-11-1962 Weston Medical Ctr. (res. - Cameron)
Parents: T. M. Jones
               Hettie Showalder
Marital Status: widow - Spencer Lee Chambers
Burial: Highland

CHAMBERS, Encil Glen, crane operator
Record: 207.
Born: 1-26-1921 Howard Post Office
Died: 12-16-1963 Bellaire, Ohio, aged 42-10-10
Parents: George W. Chambers
               Dora Sampson
Marital Status: md. Amanda Ruth Blake
Burial: Mt. Joy

CHAMBERS, John William, retired Phone Co.
Record: 73.
Born: 3-9-1883 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 5-16-1960 O.V.G.H. Glass House Hill
Parents: Amos Chambers
               Minnie Peters
Marital Status: md. - Josephine Grieree
Burial: Cameron Cem.

CHAMBERS, Radford Gerald, service station operator
Record: 72.
Born: 8-6-1916 Cameron
Died: 5-14-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: Charles Chambers
               Lucy Gray
Marital Status: md. - Betty Bailey
Burial: Highland

CHAMBERS, Sgt. Arthur M. "Tater", soldier
Record: 188.
Born: 4-6-1919 Cameron, WV.
Died: 6-19-1963 Fort Knox, Ky., aged 44-2-13 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Edward Chambers
               Belle Carr
Marital Status: divorced
Burial: Centennial Cem.

CLARK, Hattie L. Smith
Record: 190.
Born: 3-16-1883 Rosbys Rock, WV.
Died: 6-27-1963 Weston, WV., aged 80-3-11 (last res. East 3rd St. Preston)
Parents: Elijah Smith
               Margaret E. May
Marital Status: Widowed - Alvin
Burial: Highland Cem.

CLARK, Jackie Roger, student
Record: 91.
Born: 12-18-1944 Cameron
Died: 9-4-1960 GD Hosp., Pleasant Valley
Parents: Lewis Clark - Marshall Co., WV.
               Ethel Church, Marshall Co., WV.
Burial: Big Run

CLARK, Steen Rod, farmer
Record: 26.
Born: 4-5-1878 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 8-23-1959 Home of Lewis E. Clark
Parents: Thomas B. Clark
               Rhoda V. Smith
Marital Status: single
Burial: Big Run

COOK, Rosetta Welling
Record: 180.
Born: 3-29-1879 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: -- home of Ralph Antill aged 84-0-5 (last res. R.D.1)
Parents: Eliza Welling
Marital Status: widowed - George Cook
Burial: Centennial Cem.

COOPER, Mary Emaline Gilmore
Record: 239.
Born: 10-6-1873 St. Cloud, WV.
Died: 7-13-1964 Greene Co. Hosp., aged 91-2-26 (last res. Mt. Carmel)
Parents: Joseph Gilmore
               Mary Catherine Gilmore
Marital Status: widowed - James M.
Burial: Mt. Carmel Cem.

COURTWRIGHT, Charles Harrison, farmer
Record: 249.
Born: 5-15-1889 Cameron, WV.
Died: 11-5-1964 Glendale Hosp. Aged 75-6-19 (last res. Gable Ave.)
Parents: Branson Courtwright
               Sarah Murphy
Burial: Big Run

COURTWRIGHT, Marilyn Louise
Record: 198.
Born: 10-19-1963 Moundsville Gen Hosp.
Died: 10-19-1963 Moundsville Gen Hosp aged 1 day (last res. Fleming Ave., Cameron)
Parents: William J. Courtwright
               Shirley Jeanne Gump
Burial: Sugar Grove

COX, Mary Redd, housewife
Record: 17.
Born: 4-29-1865 Beeler Station
Died: 6-2-1959 Home Cameron
Parents: John S. Redd
               Elizabeth Wellman
Marital Status: widow - Alex Cox
Burial: Beeler Station

CROSS, Russell Joseph, pottery worker
Record: 194.
Born: 3-15-1900 Hundred, WV.
Died: 8-16-1963 Glendale Hosp.
Parents: Samuel Cross
               Mary Anderson Cross
Marital Status: md. - Genova Anderson
Burial: Cameron Cem.

CULLEY, John Lewis, retired farmer
Record: 68.
Born: 1-17-1891 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 4-9-1960 home - Big Run
Parents: Ernest Culley
               Anna Wilhelm
Marital Status: widowed - May Ellyson
Burial: West Alexander, Pa.

CULLEY, Mae Ellyson, school teacher
Record: 67.
Born: 11-22-1904 Webster Co., WV.
Died: 4-4-1960 home - Big Run
Parents: Delford Ellyson
               Birdie Woods
Marital Status: md. - John L. Culley
Burial: West Alexander, Pa.

CUNNINGHAM, Mary Virginia (Jennie)
Record: 159.
Born: 5-19-1878 Calis
Died: 8-19-1962 Home of Opal Perry (Calis)
Parents: James Cunningham
               Hester McMillan
Marital Status: single
Burial: Mt. Hope Cem.

Record: 89.
Born: 80701960O.V.G.H.
Died: 8-7-1960 O.V.G.H.
Parents: Harold Cunningham
               Irene Blake
Burial: Rock Lick

DAWSON, David William
Record: 14.
Born: 4-16-1943 Moundsville
Died: 5-17-1959 Glen Dale Hosp., res. Mdsv
Parents: Richard Dawson
               Bertha V. Anderson
Burial: Highland

DAYTON, Harley Zane, glass worker
Record: 231.
Born: 2-7-1891 Woodruff, WV.
Died: 5-17-1964 University Hosp., Morgantown aged 73-3-10 (last res. Cable Ave.)
Parents: David Dayton
               Julia Powers
Marital Status: md. - Emma
Burial: Highland Cem.

DEBOLT, Jessie Miller
Record: 191.
Born: 4-6-1889 Aleppo, Pa.
Died: 7-15-1963 O.V.G.H. aged 74-3-9 (last res. Greene Valley, Cameron)
Parents: Jacob Miller
               Amanda Jobes
Marital Status: md. - Lonnie
Burial: Cameron

DeBOLT, Lonnie, track foreman B & O R.R.
Record: 203
Born: 4-5-1885 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 11-12-1963 Weston State Hosp. Aged 78-7-7 (last res. Green Valley Rd., Cameron)
Parents: James DeBolt
               Isabelle Warrick
Marital Status: widowed - Jessie
Burial: Cameron Cem.

DILLAMAN, Frank Burton, Cameron Tool
Record: 294.
Born: 1-19-1892 Butler Co., Pa.
Died: 11-1-1965 Penna Ave. aged 73
Parents: George Dillaman
               Phoebe Byers
Marital Status: md. - Clara Lantz
Burial: Highland Cem.

DOBBS, Blanche Chapman, housewife
Record: 22.
Born: 3-2-1887 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 7-5-1959 Sisterville Nursing Home (Cameron)
Parents: Samuel Chapman
               Almira Lydick
Marital Status: md. - Alma Dobbs
Burial: Nauvoo Cem.

DOBBS, Ehelma Lengra
Record: 268.
Born: 3-3-1915 Rock Lick
Died: 3-4-1965 Glendale Hosp. Aged 50- (last res. Weston, WV.)
Parents: James Wetzel
               Georgianna Cox
Marital Status: md. - Randall
Burial: Nauvoo Ridge Cem.

DOBBS, Rose Ella, housework
Record: 38.
Born: 8-15-1875 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 12-12-1959 home - Nauvoo Ridge
Parents: John Grimm
               Katherine Gray
Marital Status: widow - J. F. Dobbs
Burial: Nauvoo Cem.

DOLAN, Gail Irene Riggle
Record: 291.
Born: 11-30-1909 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 9-26-1965 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. Aged 56-10 (last res. Calis, WV.)
Parents: Booth Riggle
               Blanche Barnett
Burial: Mt. Hope Cem., Calis, WV.

DOLEN, Bruce Burley, retired
Record: 127.
Born: 11-4-1870 Rock Lick
Died: 11-20-1961 Lewis Wetzel Nursing Home
Parents: John Dolen
               Elizabeth Burley
Marital Status: wd. - Agnes Cunningham
Burial: Mt. Hope, Calis

DOLLISON, Minnie Fletcher, housework
Record: 66.
Born: 12-10-1864 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-31-1960 home - Cameron
Parents: William Fletcher
               Nancy Stewart
Marital Status: widow - Samuel B. Dollison
Burial: Highland

DOMAN, Eli Alfred, farmer
Record: 31.
Born: 12-10-1870 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 10-10-1959 Home Cameron, Dry Ridge
Parents: Alfred Doman
               Nancy Harris
Marital Status: widowed - Dora McGinis
Burial: Rock Lick

DOWLER, Ella J., retired nurse
Record: 78.
Born: 4-27-1878 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 6-12-1960 Nursing Home, Sistersville, WV.
Parents: Edwarad Dowler
               Martha Dowler
Marital Status: single
Burial: Big Run

DUBBIN, Della L. Parson.
Record: 225.
Born: 1-24-1887 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-9-1964 Baltimore, Md., aged 77-1-15.
Parents: Vincent Parson.
               Belle Anderson.
Marital Status: md. - Allie Crickbaum.
Burial: Rice Ridge.

DUNCAN, James Frank, retired plumber
Record: 193.
Born: 7-31-1874 Cameron, WV.
Died: 7-25-1963 Ambulance enroute to hosp. Aged 88-11-24 (last res. High St.)
Parents: James Clark Duncan
               Rebecca Ann Hooton (Horton?)
Marital Status: md. - Florence Culley
Burial: Highland Cem.

DUNN, Charles Franklin, laborer
Record: 55.
Born: 4-10-1909 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 2-17-1960 New Castle, Pa. (Cameron)
Parents: James Dunn
               Iva Mae Mellon
Marital Status: md. ---
Burial: no info.

DUNN, George William, farmer
Record: 81.
Born: 11-4-1881 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 6-15-1960 Home of Raymond Dunn, Wolf Run
Parents: Daniel Dunn
               Jane Garrison
Marital Status: widowed - Etta Whipkey
Burial: Wolf Run

EARNEST, Samuel Griffith, farmer.
Record: 219.
Born: 2-8-1886 Woodruff, WV.
Died: 2-2-1964 O.V.G.H. aged 77-11-24 (last res. Star Rt. 2).
Parents: John Earnest.
               Susan Griffith.
Marital Status: md. - Alice Edgar.
Burial: Big Run.

EARNEST, William Andrew, watchman
Record: 110.
Born: 10-4-1887 Beverly, Ohio
Died: 2-21-1961 Wheeling Hosp., Cameron
Parents: George Earnest
               Millie Riggle
Marital Status: md. - Mary Ann Reed
Burial: Mt. Hope Cem., Calis

ELBIN, Nora Weimer, housework
Record: 54.
Born: 10-23-1880 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 2-16-1960 home (Cameron)
Parents: William Weimer
               Susan Murray
Marital Status: widow - John Elbin
Burial: Wind Ridge, Pa.

ERNEST, Ella Voorheis, housewife
Record: 19.
Born: 1-24-1883 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 6-24-1959 McCon Rest Home
Parents: Gilbert Voorheis
               Mary Cain
Marital Status: widow - Ross Ernest
Burial: Highland

ERNEST, Hazel Virginia Hicks.
Record: 221.
Born: 3-8-1904 Cameron, WV.
Died: 2-13-1964 Lorain, O., aged 59-11-5 (last res. Crawford Ave., Cameron).
Parents: Robert Hicks.
               Minnie Ferrell.
Marital Status: md. - William.
Burial: not avail.

ESTEL, John D.
Record: 256.
Born: 5-9-1930 Richhill Twp., Pa (Greene Co.)
Died: 12-1-1964 enroute to hosp. Aged 34-7-22 (last res. W. Main St., Cameron)
Parents: Herman R. Estel
               Erdice Tennant
Marital Status: md. Nadine Mathews
Burial: Highland Cem.

EVANS, Jesse A., retired glassworker
Record: 46.
Born: 12-10-1869 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 1-17-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: George Evans
               Elizabeth Yoders
Marital Status: Della Daugherty
Burial: Cameron Cem.

FINNEGAN, Lawrence Edward, student
Record: 57.
Born: 12-13-1936 McMechan
Died: 2-21-1960 Mon. Hospital (Res. - Morgantown)
Parents: Charles Leo Finnegan
               Dorothy Chambers
Marital Status: md. - Zama Lou McKeny
Burial: Highland

FISH, Catherine Arminta, housework
Record: 90.
Born: 9-2-1873 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 8-8-1960 Home of Mrss. Myrtle Campbell, Cameron
Parents: Benjamin F. Pelley
               Emily Richmond
Marital Status: wd - John R. Fish
Burial: Big Run

FISH, Minnie McCardle Mason
Record: 275.
Born: 11-30-1873 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 5-3-1965 McConaughey Rest Home aged 82 (last res. Crawford Ave., Cameron)
Parents: C. Y. McCardle
               Jane Gorby
Marital Status: widower - Joe E. Mason - died 1914
Burial: Halcyon Hills, Sherrard WV. (Apostles Garden)

FISHER, Etta Pedicord, retired school teacher
Record: 12.
Born: 5-19-1877 Ohio Co., WV.
Died: 5-4-1959 McCon Rest Home
Parents: Alexander Pedicord
               Helen Burt
Marital Status: widow - George Fisher
Burial: West Alexander, Pa.

FLETCHER, Frank Wiley, farmer
Record: 32.
Born: 4-17-1871 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 10-19-1959 Cameron
Parents: William Fletcher
               Nancy Stewart
Marital Status: md. - Annie Polen
Burial: Wind Ridge

FLETCHER, Freda Loraine Kinsey.
Record: 217.
Born: 3-24-1910 Cameron, WV.
Died: 1-25-1964 R.D. 3 Cameron aged 53-10-0.
Parents: Allen Kinsey.
               Cecil Nuss.
Marital Status: md. - Harry Fletcher.
Burial: Highland Cem.

FONNER, Cloris Jane, housework
Record: 79.
Born: 7-2-1912 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 6-13-1960 Weston Hosp. (Woodruff)
Parents: William Porter
               Matta Terrell
Marital Status: md. - George Edward Fonner
Burial: Highland

FOWLER, Saran Ruth
Record: 197.
Born: 12-29-1867 Pittsburg, Pa.
Died: 10-2-1963 McConaughey Rest Home aged 95-2-3 (last res. Hillcrest Ave., Cameron)
Parents: William Lorentz
               Ruth Sheldon
Marital Status: widowed - George
Burial: Highland Cem.

FRANCIS, Fane Burdette, steel worker.
Record: 222.
Born: 3-19-1902 Pleasant Valley.
Died: 2-22-1964 Warren, O., aged 61-11-3.
Parents: Harry Francis.
               Elsie Jones.
Marital Status: widowed - Bertha May Hummel.
Burial: Pleasant Valley.

FRY, William Jackman, motorman
Record: 177.
Born: 8-10-1874 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-12-1963 Rock Lick aged 88-4-2
Parents: James Fry
               Jennie Coonrod
Marital Status: widowed - Mandy Peterson
Burial: Bishop Hill, Bishop Hill, Ill.

GALENTINE, Ezra Spencer, farmer
Record: 144.
Born: 8-10-1865 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-10-1962 Home of Harry Fletcher, RD 3
Parents: J. C. Lough
               Ellen Geho
Marital Status: md. - widow - Thomas F.
Burial: No info

Record: 283.
Born: 1-31-1895
Died: 7-23-1965 Chicago, Ill aged 70
Parents: Grant Gilburt
               Anna Small
Marital Status: md. - Anna
Burial: Cameron Cem.

GILBERT, William Walker, farmer
Record: 58.
Born: 10-2-1898 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 2-27-1960 Reynolds Mem. (Pleasant Ridge)
Parents: James Gilbert
               SeFrona Minor
Marital Status: Jessie Jane Chambers - spouse
Burial: Mt. Joy

GOODWIN, Leo, store keeper
Record: 179.
Born: 6-23-1889 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-20-1963 Glendale Hosp. Aged 74-2-27 (last res. Cameron Hotel)
Parents: Daniel Goodwin
               Lottie Hewitt
Marital Status: divorced - Flossie--
Burial: Lazear Cem.

GORBY, Homer Emmerson, farmer
Record: 298.
Born: 4-4-1902 Silver Hill
Died: 11-30-1965 R.D. 4 Camp Washington aged 63
Parents: Samuel Gorby
               Mirtie Mae Gorby
Marital Status: single
Burial: Beeler Station

GORBY, Mirtie May
Record: 192.
Born: 1-23-1882 Littleton, WV.
Died: 7-18-1963 home - Camp Washington aged 81-5-7
Parents: Thomas Gorby
               Nancy Anderson
Marital Status: widowed - Samuel Ward Gorby
Burial: Beeler Station Cem.

GORBY, Wilson Thomas, laborer
Record: 10.
Born: 5-28-1902 Wetzel Co.
Died: 4-1-1959 Home of Riley Gorby
Parents: William Gorby
               Ona Debolt
Marital Status: single
Burial: Cameron

GRAY, Charles E., Postmaster & store operator
Record: 211.
Born: 5-21-1898 Woodruff, WV.
Died: 12-30-1963 Glendale Hosp. Aged 65-7-9 (last res. Woodruff)
Parents: James A. Gray
               Margaret Stewart
Marital Status: md. - Ruth Earnest
Burial: Cameron Cem.

GRAY, James Alexander, retired
Record: 85.
Born: 12-16-1872 Deep Valley, Pa.
Died: 7-11-1960 Home - Woodruff
Parents: Samuel A. Gray
               Nancy Hennen
Marital Status: widowed - Maggie Stewart
Burial: Mt. Carmel

GRAY, Maggie D., housewife
Record: 16.
Born: 9-29-1875 Aleppo
Died: 6-1-1959 Woodruff
Parents: Isaac Stewart
               Louisa Miller
Marital Status: md. James Gray
Burial: Mt. Carmel

GRAY, Mary Margaret McCracken
Record: 133.
Born: 2-4-1867 Cameron
Died: 1-31-1962 Home of Eura Gray (Clarksburg)
Parents: Charles McCracken
               Elizabeth Cecil
Marital Status: md. - James Mathew Gray
Burial: Highland

GREEN, Dora Wendt
Record: 183.
Born: 3-31-1881 Cameron, WV.
Died: 4-26-1963 Bridgeport, Ohio aged 82-0-26
Parents: August Wendt
               Louise Tappa
Marital Status: widow - Frank
Burial: Big Run Cem.

GRIM, William Perry, retired
Record: 61.
Born: 9-22-1889 Aleppo
Died: 3-17-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: Christian Grim
               Malissa Hupp
Marital Status: md. - Freda Kuhn
Burial: Centennial

GUMP, Della Elizabeth
Record: 269.
Born: 11-7-1874 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-7-1965 home of Earl Gump aged 80
Parents: Abraham Kirby
               Rebecca Walker
Marital Status: widowed - William Edward
Burial: not avail

GUMP, Wayne Keith, army
Record: 104.
Born: 5-21-1925 Cameron
Died: 1-28-1961 Home of Mrs. Della Gump - Cameron
Parents: Earl Gump
               Clara Hartley
Marital Status: Div - Peggy J. Williams
Burial: Highland

HAGANS, Charlie Jared, B & O RR
Record: 130.
Born: 6-20-1896 Cameron
Died: 1-10-1962 Beckley, WV.
Parents: Walter Howard Hagans
               Maggie Dunlevy
Marital Status: single
Burial: Cameron Cem.

Record: 266.
Born: 12-4-1883 Calis, WV.
Died: 12-17-1964 O.V.G.H. aged 81- (last res. High St.).
Parents: Dr. Theodore J. Campbell.
               Sarah Dorsey.
Marital Status: Not avail.
Burial: not avail.

HAMILTON, Eva Phillips, housewife
Record: 126.
Born: 9-9-1885 Wetzel Co., WV
Died: 11-6-1961 Home - Cameron
Parents: Isaac Phillips
               Ruth Haines
Marital Status: wd. - Morgan Hamilton
Burial: Wind Ridge

HART, Charles Andrew, farmer & driller
Record: 137.
Born: 11-1-1898 Kausooth, WV.
Died: 2-14-1962 Shinnston (res. Wind Ridge)
Parents: Alex Hart
               Flora B. Stricklin
Marital Status: Grace Gray spouse
Burial: Big Run Cem.

HARTLEY, Elmer Lawrence, Mfg Lt. & Heat
Record: 282.
Born: 9-14-1909 Calis
Died: 7-19-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 65-10 (last res. R.D. 3 Cameron - Calis)
Parents: John Riggs (?)
               Elizabeth White
Marital Status: md. - Ota Riggs
Burial: Mt. Hope Cem., Calis

HARTZELL, Clara Courtwright, housewife
Record: 161.
Born: 1-12-1883 Marshall Co.
Died: 10-7-1962 O.V.G.H. (res. - Cameron)
Parents: Wm. Courtwright
               Mary E. Hughes
Marital Status: widow - Charles Milton Hartzell
Burial: Big Run

HAUGHT, William M., retired oil & gas worker
Record: 28.
Born: 11-11-1883 Widestown, WV.
Died: 8-31-1959 Oneida, N.Y.
Parents: Abraham Haught
               Druisilla Harvey (Harry?)
Marital Status: md. - Laura Fritz
Burial: Highland

HENDERSON, William Asa, lumber
Record: 210.
Born: 1-16-1886 New Martinsville, WV.
Died: 12-29-1963 O.V.G.H. aged 77-11-13 (last res. N. Ave., Cameron)
Parents: Sanford Henderson
               Edna B. Hall
Marital Status: md. - Jessie Chambers
Burial: Highland Cem.

HILL, Romeo F., driller
Record: 232.
Born: 10-15--- Big Run, WV.
Died: 5-19-1964 O.V.G.H. aged 63-7-4 (last res. Wheat Ave., Cameron)
Parents: James O. Hill
               Laura Hill
Marital Status: md. - Katy
Burial: Big Run Cem.

HINERMAN, Clyde Ray, farmer
Record: 142.
Born: 7-27-1879 Aleppo
Died: 3-23-1962 OVG Hosp. (Aleppo res.)
Parents: Jesse Hinerman
               Rebecca Strait
Marital Status: widowed - Blanche Huffman
Burial: Centennial

HINERMAN, Curtis Leslie, farmer
Record: 238.
Born: 1-9-1876 Aleppo, Pa.
Died: 6-11-1964 home of Mardell Hinerman - Aleppo, aged 88-5-2
Parents: Jesse Hinerman
               Rebecca Strait
Marital Status: single
Burial: Windy Gap Cem.

HINERMAN, Elsworth Lindsey, businessman & farmer
Record: 181.
Born: 11-22-1872 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-22-1963 Glendale Hosp. Aged 90-5-0 (last res. N. Ave. Cameron)
Parents: Lindsy Hinerman
               Elizabeth Slonaker
Marital Status: -- Jennie Caldwell
Burial: not given

HINERMAN, John Oscar, farmer
Record: 52.
Born: 1-8-1881 Aleppo
Died: 1-11-1960 Home - Aleppo
Parents: Jesse Hinerman
               Rebecca Straight
Marital Status: single
Burial: Windy Gap

HINERMAN, Mary Jane (Mollie)
Record: 115.
Born: 10-3-1873 Aleppo
Died: 7-18-1961 McCon Rest Home, Aleppo
Parents: Jesse Hinerman
               Rebecca Strait
Marital Status: single
Burial: Windy Gap

HOLMES, Loretta Freda
Record: 56.
Born: 2-18-1960 O.V.G.H.
Died: 2-19-1960
Parents: Leon Holmes
               Silvia Berisford
Burial: Wolf Run Baptist

HOUSTON, George McVAy, driller - oil & gas
Record: 254.
Born: 9-5-1893 Aleppo Twp. Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 11-24-1964 Sugar Grove, Pa. Aged 71-2-19
Parents: George E. Houston
               Florence McVay
Marital Status: md. - Fern Powers
Burial: Sugar Grove Cem.

HOWARD, Annie Belle
Record: 227.
Born: 4-6-1873 Cameron, WV.
Died: 3-27-1964 Moundsville, WV. Aged 91- (Mrs. Edna Romel)
Parents: James Howard
               Sarah Slonaker
Marital Status: widowed - William W.
Burial: Highland Cem.

HOWARD, Harry, electrician
Record: 120.
Born: 5-24-1902 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 10-6-1961 Crabapple
Parents: Sherman Howard
               Nettie Nuss
Marital Status: md. - Lora Burley
Burial: Lazear Cem.

HOWARD, May, housewife
Record: 34.
Born: 7-17-1876 Ohio Co., WV.
Died: 10-23-1959 Mc Con Rest Home
Parents: John S. Lemmons
               Caroline Tarr
Marital Status: widow - Patrick Howard
Burial: Highland

HOWARD, Minnie Leota, housework
Record: 43.
Born: 7-14-1874 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 1-12-1960 McCon Rest Home
Parents: George W. Wilhelm
               Larima Stricklin
Marital Status: widow - James W. Howard
Burial: Big Run

HUFFMAN, Emma Katherine
Record: 251.
Born: 2-13-1876 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 11-13-1964 Monogahia Gen. Hosp. Morgantown aged 88-9 (last res. Mannington & Cameron)
Parents: William A. Porter
               Camille Hicks
Marital Status: widowed - Albert
Burial: Cameron Cem.

HUFFNER, Della McCracken, housewife
Record: 237.
Born: 12-22-1873 Cameron, WV.
Died: 6-3-1964 Church St. aged 90-5-11
Parents: Isaac McCracken
               Elizabeth Henry
Marital Status: widowed - C. W. Huffner
Burial: not avail

HUPP, Anna Danley, housewife
Record: 4.
Born: 2-20-1886 Greene Co.
Died: 1-25-1959 Hupp Ridge
Parents: William Danley
               Rose Allison
Marital Status: md. C. A. Hupp
Burial: Big Run Cem.

HUPP, James W., potter
Record: 246.
Born: 5-23-1890 Woodruff, WV.
Died: 10-7-1964 home of Lily Edw. Strait aged 74-4-18
Parents: Elmer Hupp
               Lucy Lyon
Marital Status: widowed - Anna Bungard
Burial: Mt. Carmel Cem.

HUTCHINSON, John Bell, retired salesman
Record: 84.
Born: 6-18-1868 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 6-28-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: James W. Hutchinson
               Sarah Bell
Marital Status: md. - Nelle Rogers
Burial: Highland

INGRAM, Lucy Jane Buckhannon Wyckoff, housewife
Record: 125.
Born: 8-23-1879 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 10-29-1961 Home of Burgo Leichliter, Loudenville
Parents: William Buchannon
               Cindy Knight
Marital Status: wd. - John Wyckoff
Burial: Cameron

JACKLEY, Tamar, housewife
Record: 101.
Born: 11-1-1883 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 12-23-1960 McCon Rest Home - Cameron
Parents: George Howard
               Sarah Dayton
Marital Status: we - Thomas Jackley
Burial: Highland

JOLLIFFE, Roy William, hardware & politics
Record: 122.
Born: 3-15-1895 Silver Hill, WV.
Died: 10-9-1961 O.V.G.H.
Parents: Elmus Jolliffe
               Ester Simmons
Marital Status: md. - Rae Lowe
Burial: Highland

JONES, Elsie Mae
Record: 287.
Born: 7-29-18992 Cameron, WV.
Died: 8-9-1965 Glendale Hosp. Aged 73 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Adam Taylor
               Etta Sampson
Marital Status: - Frank
Burial: Highland Cem.

JONES, Lauri Ann
Record: 162.
Born: 6-23-1962 Hosp
Died: 10-31-1962 Hosp (res. - Cameron)
Parents: Rex Jones
               Shirley Williams
Burial: Highland

JONES, Newton Lewis, ML & H Co. & garage
Record: 158.
Born: 8-22-1881 Enon, Pa.
Died: 8-12-1962 Home - Calis
Parents: Lewis Jones
               Sarah Jane Jones
Marital Status: single
Burial: Mt. Hope

JONES, Stephen Rex
Record: 65
Born: 2-29-1960 O.V.G.H.
Died: 3-28-1950 O.V.G.H. (Cameron)
Parents: Rex Jones
               Shirley Williams
Burial: Highland

KARR, Erma Virginia Marshall, housewife
Record: 138.
Born: 2-1-1912 Cameron
Died: 2-17-1962 Massillon Hosp.
Parents: Evan Marshall
               Armintha Clark
Marital Status: widowed - H. Encil
Burial: Big Run

KARR, Harley Encil, welder
Record: 86.
Born: 5-5-1905 Cameron
Died: 7-20-1960 Home - Massillon, Ohio
Parents: Charles H. Karr
               Lydia J. Fish
Marital Status: md. - Erma Marshall
Burial: Big Run

KARR, John Edward, Republic steel - caster
Record: 270.
Born: 2-23-1903 ??, WV.
Died: 3-16-1965 Massillion, O., aged 62-
Parents: Charles H. Karr
               Lydia Fish
Marital Status: --
Burial: Big Run Cem.

KELLY, Laura Meda Conner Blake.
Record: 218.
Born: 1-20-1872 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 2-2-1964 McConaughey Rest Home aged 92-0-12 (last res. Limestone).
Parents: Phillip Connor.
               Eliza Frances.
Marital Status: widowed - Vincent.
Burial: Limestone Cem.

KERNS, Albert Wesley, retired service station
Record: 18.
Born: 8-13-1883 Wadestown, WV.
Died: 6-11-1959 O.V.G.H. Cameron
Parents: Johnathan Kerns
               Mariah Shuman
Marital Status: md. - Frances D. Courtwright
Burial: Cameron

KERNS, Evelyn May
Record: 248.
Born: 4-28-1911 Cameron, WV.
Died: 11-2-1964 Ambulance enroute to hosp. Aged 53-5 (last res. Penna. Ave.)
Parents: Harry Hughes
               Susie Burley
Marital Status: md. - Walter Kerns
Burial: Highland Cem.

KERNS, John Arthur, farmer
Record: 134.
Born: 3-24-1882 Glen Easton
Died: 2-3-1962 Home of Mrs. Ruby Briggs
Parents: David Kerns
               Susan Williams
Marital Status: md. - Stella Richter
Burial: Highland

KING, Benjamin Franklin
Record: 297.
Born: 1-1-1883 Aleppo
Died: 11-18-1965 Church St.
Parents: William B. King
               Elizabeth Evans
Marital Status: md. - Minnie Simms
Burial: Highland Cem.

KINNA, Jesse B., concrete worker
Record: 51.
Born: 5-15-1889 Pa.
Died: 2-10-1960 Weston State Hosp. (Cameron)
Parents: Albert Elmer Kinnan
               Hannah Parshall
Marital Status: widowed - Anna Shultz
Burial: Greene Co., Memorial

KINNAN, Debra Anna, housewife
Record: 40.
Born: 4-13-1886 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 12-18-1959 home - Cameron
Parents: John Shultz
               Amelia Yeager
Marital Status: md. - Jesse B. Kinnan
Burial: Greene Co. Memorial

KINNEY, Lona McMillan, housewife
Record: 121.
Born: 3-4-1876 Wolf Run
Died: 10- -1961 Home of Wm. H. Martin, Dry Ridge
Parents: John Oscar McMillan
               Amanda Kerns
Marital Status: wd - John Kinney
Burial: Wolf Run

KNAPP, Lucy Rosetta, housework
Record: 83.
Born: 6-8-1871 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 6-23-1960 Home of Porter Lyon (Cameron)
Parents: Jeremiah R. Long Wetzel Co., WV.
               Lucinda Kirkpatrick
Marital Status: wd. - Frank C. Pyles, John Knapp
Burial: Highland

LAMB, Terence Dee, teacher.
Record: 258.
Born: 1-3-1887 Troy, WV.
Died: 12-4-1964 Maple Ave., aged 77-.
Parents: John A. Lamb.
               Mariah Riddle.
Marital Status: md. - Flossie Poe.
Burial: Bridgeport Cem., Bridgeport, WV.

LEICHTER, Charles Dana (Buck), Carnation Milk Co.
Record: 242.
Born: 8-24-1914 Cameron, WV.
Died: 7-26-1964 Sulphur Springs, Texas aged 50- (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Charles C. Leichter
               Blanche Shimp
Marital Status: md. - Beulah Severn
Burial: Highland Cem.

LEMASTERS, Alvina May Sidell
Record: 208.
Born: 5-29-1897 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 12-18-1963 High St. Cameron aged 66-7-9
Parents: J. D. Sidell
               Nanna Pyles
Marital Status: md. - Earl
Burial: Halcyon Hill, Sherrard, WV.

LEMMON, Minnie Leota
Record: 160.
Born: 1-15-1889 Woodruff
Died: 9-23-1962 Glendale Hosp. (res. - Cameron)
Parents: Stanton Myers
               Laura May Wallace
Marital Status: Md. - John Lemmon (dec'd)
Burial: Highland

LEMMONS, Hubert Sandford, toy plant
Record: 253.
Born: 7-25-1909 McMechen, WV.
Died: 11-15-1964 Crawford Ave., aged 55-3-10
Parents: John S. Lemmons
               Minnie Myers
Marital Status: single
Burial: Highland Cem.

LORENZ, Virginia Mary, switchboard operator
Record: 98.
Born: 3-7-1907 Cameron
Died: 11-15-1960 O.V.G.H., Cameron
Parents: Clarence Smitley
               Maude Gable
Marital Status: md. - Gilbert Lorenz
Burial: Highland

LOUGH, Harry Lee, farmer
Record: 151.
Born: 5-31-1895 Aleppo
Died: 7-3-1962 PGH Hosp. (res. Cameron)
Parents: George Lough
               Rebecca Rush
Marital Status: md. - Bessie Antill
Burial: Slonaker Cem.

LOWE, Geneva Phillips.
Record: 213.
Born: 9-21-1888 Cameron, WV.
Died: 1-7-1964 Fork Ridge (Glen Easton R.D. 2) aged 75-4-15.
Parents: William I. Phillips.
               Amanda J. Cox.
Marital Status: widowed - Harvey.
Burial: No info.

LUDOLPH, Charles William, glass worker.
Record: 259.
Born: 3-29-1896 Charleori, Pa.
Died: 12-11-1964 aged 77- Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last res. Rock Lick).
Parents: George Ludolph.
               Anna Meinersager (?).
Marital Status: md. - Pearl Covert.
Burial: Big Run.

LUDOLPH, Leah Gertrude Wright, housewife
Record: 155.
Born: 1-27-1900 Morford, Pa.
Died: 7-30-1962 Home/Schoolhouse Hill
Parents: William Wright
               Belle Cunningham
Marital Status: md. - Charles Ludolph
Burial: Big Run

MACKEY, Flora Ota Bonar.
Record: 223.
Born: 4-18-1876 Cameron, WV.
Died: 2-25-1964 Howard St., Cameron aged 87-10-7.
Parents: Charles Bonar.
               Clarinda Cummins.
Marital Status: widowed - William.
Burial: Cameron Cem.

Record: 284.
Born: 3-16-1886 Woodruff
Died: 7-26-1965 N. Whg. Hosp. Aged 79 (last res. Penna. Ave., Cameron)
Parents: John H. Mackey
               Flora Knapp
Marital Status: single
Burial: Big Run

MARSHALL, Evan H., farmer
Record: 109.
Born: 4-8-1871 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 2-21-1961 home - Grapevine Ridge
Parents: Theodore Marshall
               Martha Chambers
Marital Status: md - Armintha Clark
Burial: Big Run

MARTIN, Elaine Sanborn, receptionist
Record: 1.
Born: Cameron
Died: 1-2-1959 Wheeling aged 42-11-21
Parents: William Shackelford dec'd
               Laurna Wilson
Marital Status: Div.
Burial: Cremation

MASON, Joseph
Record: 15.
Born: No info. Died: 5-21-1959 Sebring, Ohio aged 86 yrs
Parents: No info.
Marital Status: widowed
Burial: Pleasant Ridge (pd by Glen Mason)

MASTERS, Beulah Maxine
Record: 33.
Born & Died: 10-29-1959 Hospital - stillborn
Parents: Raymond E. Masters, Marshall Co.
               Joann Blake, Marshall Co.
Burial: Cameron

MASTERS, Erna Litten, housewife
Record: 157.
Born: 9-12-1894 Sardis, Ohio
Died: 8-10-1962 O.V.G.H. (res. - Cameron)
Parents: Earnest Litten
               Mae Hubbard
Marital Status: md. - C. O. Masters
Burial: Highland

MAURER, Bernard George, meter service man
Record: 152.
Born: 9-11-1927 Cameron
Died: 7-11-1962 Home Whg Ave.
Parents: William Maurer
               Ivy Jacobs
Marital Status: md. - Iva Nell age 31
Burial: Beeler Station/Harry Wellman Lot

MAURER, William Louis, retired Mfg. Light
Record: 64
Born: 11-19-1892 Findley, Ohio
Died: 3-24-1960 Reynolds Hosp.
Parents: Peter Maurer
               Jeanette Hezman
Marital Status: widowed
Burial: Highland

McCARDLE, Amy Marguerite, teacher
Record: 234.
Born: 7-6-1906 Cameron, WV.
Died: 5-26-1964 main St., Cameron aged 57-
Parents: D. D. McCardle
               Elma --
Marital Status: single
Burial: Highland Cem.

McCARDLE, Daniel (DOC) Dinsmore, (Pres. of Telephone Co.)
Record: 114.
Born: 9-26-1880 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 7-9-1961 Home - Cameron
Parents: C. Y. McCardle
               Jane Gorby
Marital Status: md. - Elma ---
Burial: Highland

McCARDLE, Elma Idella
Record: 303.
Born: 12-9-1884 Glade Mills, Pa.
Died: 12-22-1965 N. Whg. Hosp. Aged - (last res. main St.)
Parents: John W. Hendrickson
               Salina Starr
Marital Status: ??
Burial: Highland

McCARDLE, William Ethridge, barber
Record: 71.
Born: 11-3-1893 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 5-7-1960 Weston State Hosp. (Cameron)
Parents: Samuel Wesley McCardle
               Rena Mason
Marital Status: md. - Emma Gray
Burial: Highland

McCLEAD, Linda Lee
Record: 186.
Born: 9-28-1955 Barberton, Ohio
Died: 5-13-1963 O.V.G.H. aged 7-8-15 (last res. Pena. Ave., Cameron)
Parents: Sholon McClead
               Muriel Wade
Burial: Highland Cem.

McCLURE, John, farmer.
Record: 226.
Born: 7-5-1891 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-26-1964 Mdsv. Gen. Hosp. Aged 72- (last res. Belton, WV.)
Parents: Frank McClure
               Siah/Seab McMasters
Marital Status: widowed - William W.
Burial: Highland Cem.

McCRACKEN, James Sellers, farmer
Record: 106.
Born: 10-16-1891 Aleppo
Died: 2-2-1961 O.V.G.H. - Cameron
Parents: Willis McCracken
               Lucy Sellers Marital Status: md - Naomi Houston Chance
Burial: Wind Ridge Cem.

MCCRACKEN, John Henry, retired ML & H. Co.
Record: 149.
Born: 10-15-1881 Cameron
Died: 5-21-1962 Home - Water St.
Parents: Isaac McCracken
               Elizabeth Henry
Marital Status: md. - Mary Maude (?)
Burial: Highland

McCRACKEN, Mary Maude Lohr
Record: 293.
Born: 1-15-1884 Aleppo Twp., Pa
Died: 10-25-1965 Jones Nursing Home, Beech Bottom, WV. Aged 81-10 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Murray Lohr
               Hannah McVay
Marital Status: widowed - John H.
Burial: Highland Cem.

Record: 255.
Born: 10-28-1894 Penna.
Died: 11-28-1964 O.V.G.H. aged 70-1- (last res. R.D. 4 - Sugar Grove)
Parents: Austin Rutan
               Sarah Gunn
Marital Status: md. - Ray E.
Burial: Highland Cem.

McELWEE, Emma Isabel Slater
Record: 166.
Born: 2-7-1875 Chicara, Pa.
Died: 12-4-1962 Holloway, Ohio (home of dau.)
Parents: John Slater
               Sarah Black
Marital Status: Joseph McElwee
Burial: Cameron

McMILLAN, Velma Ellen
Record: 288.
Born: 8-1-1878 Big Run
Died: 8-16-1965 Irish Ridge (res. Randall McMillen) aged 87
Parents: Franklin Conley
               Martha Jane Marshall
Marital Status: widowed Clyde
Burial: Mt Hope, Calis

McNINCH, Emile Russell, farmer
Record: 117.
Born: 4-24-1890 Wolf Run
Died: 8-12-1961 Farm on Wolf Run - Cameron
Parents: Joseph McNinch
               Sophia Miller
Marital Status: Daisy Holmes
Burial: Wolf Run Baptist

McVAY, Mattie Grade
Record: 273.
Born: 8-16-1895 Aleppo, Pa.
Died: 4-6-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 69 (last res. Aleppo, Pa.)
Parents: William McVay
               Elizabeth Woodruff
Marital Status: single
Burial: Centennial Cem.

MILLER, Charles Roscoe, oil & gas worker
Record: 301.
Born: Springhill Twp.
Died: 12-17-1965 Aleppo, Pa.
Parents: William Miller
               Cinderella Ullom
Marital Status: Etta Anderson
Burial: Centennial Cem.

MILLER, James Ferman, Solvay Chemical
Record: 195.
Born: 8-9-1927 Cameron, WV.
Died: 9-6-1963 Pitts. Aged 36-0-25 (last res. Moundsville)
Parents: Ferman Miller
               Nellie Strope
Marital Status: divorced
Burial: Big Run Cem.

MILLER, Olive Moro Wright
Record: 168.
Born: 3-6-1879 Danville, Ill
Died: 12-19-1962 Home - Woodruff
Parents: George Wright
               Elizabeth Kimbell
Marital Status: widow - Ray
Burial: Fairview/Wind Ridge

MOORE, Raymond Ray, farmer
Record: 2
Born: 5-20-1889 Aleppo, Greene Co.
Died: 1-13-1959 Dixmont State Hospital
Parents: William P. Moore
               Minnie S. Antill
Marital Status: single
Burial: Windy Gap

MOOSE, Vida Virginia, teacher
Record: 290.
Born: 1-17-1902 Cameron
Died: 9-25-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 63 (last res. Hillcrest Ave., Cameron)
Parents: Harry Moose
               Ocie Dowler
Marital Status: single
Burial: Halcyon Hills

MORGAN, Santford William, retired
Record: 11.
Born: 6-21-1889 Marion Co., WV.
Died: 4-7-1959 Green Valley
Parents: John E. Morgan
               Jennie Baker
Marital Status: md. Jessie Fletcher
Burial: Highland

MORRISON, Charles E.
Record: 111.
Born: 3-27-1883 Proctor
Died: 3-15-1961 Home of Dewit Morris - Grapevine Ridge
Parents: Commodore Morrison
               Mary Fogle
Marital Status: single
Burial: Palmer Cem., Proctor, WV.

MURPHY, Anna Liza McCracken, housewife
Record: 143.
Born: 8-1-1866 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-1-1962 Waynesburg Ave.
Parents: Abraham McCracken
               Ida Wright
Marital Status: widow - John C.
Burial: Highland

MURPHY, James Raymond, machinist.
Record: 215.
Born: 1-8-1894 McMechen, WV.
Died: 1-17-1964 Clarksburg VA Hosp., aged 70-0-9 (last res. home of Mr & Mrs. Dean Richmond, Cameron).
Parents: Edward Murphy.
               Nellie Shay.
Marital Status: single.
Burial: Mt. Calvary, Wheeling, WV.

MURPHY, John Edward
Record: 302.
Born: McMechen, WV.
Died: 12-20-1965 Weston State Hosp. Aged 75
Parents: Edward Murphy
               Nellie Shay
Marital Status: single
Burial: Mt. Cavalry, Wheeling

NEELY, Jacob Francis, farmer
Record: 252.
Born: 9-9-1897 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 11-13-1964 R.D.2 aged 67-2-4
Parents: John Neely
               Rachel Robinson
Marital Status: - Roxie
Burial: Mt. Joy Cem.

NEUBAUER, 2nd Lt. Jack A., Air Force
Record: 233.
Born: ---------, Mannington, WV.
Died: 5-11-1964 Clark Air Force Base, Phillipines (res. Cameron) aged 27-4-25
Parents: Frank (Chan) Neubauer
               Genevieve (Jan)--
Marital Status: Dorothy Ann Kinney
Burial: Highland Cem.

NICHOLS, Edna Belle Ullom.
Record: 214.
Born: 1-13-1899 Aleppo, Pa.
Died: 1-16-1964 High St., Cameron aged 65-0-3.
Parents: Robert Ullom.
               Ida Moore.
Marital Status: md. - Charles B.
Burial: Greene Co. Mem., Wynbrg, Pa.

NICHOLS, Sallie, housework
Record: 80.
Born: 2-13-1876 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 6-15-1960 McCon Rest Home
Parents: Joseph R. Jones
               Sarah Elizabeth Stricklin
Marital Status: widow - John Nichols
Burial: Highland

No listing
Record: 169.

No listing
Record: 212.

No listing.
Record: 262.

OLIVER, Jerald Clinton, salesman -Fuller Brush
Record: 69.
Born: 3-26-1939 Ohio Co., WV.
Died: 4-17-1960 RR Tracks near Denver (Woodruff)
Parents: Jesse Clinton Oliver
               Bessie Smith
Marital Status: md. - Elizabeth Martin
Burial: Wise Cem., Quiet Dell

ORTH, Alfred Gustave, meat cutter
Record: 171.
Born: 6-13-1870 Wheeling
Died: 1-25-1963 Warwood
Parents: Louis Orth
               Ellen Roth
Marital Status: md. - Minnie
Burial: Mt. Zion

PARSONS, Eva Mae Hicks
Record: 131.
Born: 2-26-2895 Cameron
Died: 1-11-1962 Hospital - res. Cameron
Parents: William Hicks
               Samantha Fletcher
Marital Status: md. - Luster
Burial: Halcyon Hills

PARSONS, Luster, construction worker
Record: 62.
Born: 5-7-1901 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 3-19-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: Philo parsons
               Belle Huggins
Marital Status: md. Mae Hicks
Burial: Halcyon Hills

PELLEY, Samuel S., electrical engineer
Record: 45.
Born: 6-27-1881 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 1-16-1960 Hospital Akron
Parents: Jasper Pelley
               Mary Stimmel
Inf. John Pelley
Burial: Cameron Cem.

PHILLIPS, Dara F. Cranlee
Record: 199.
Born: 9-7-1880 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 10-20-1963 McConaughey Rest Home aged 83-1-13 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Dayton Cranlee
               Rachel Estel
Marital Status: widowed - Adam
Burial: Highland Cem.

PHILLIPS, Emma Leona Conklin
Record: 292.
Born: 7-2-1878 Pa.
Died: 10-15-1965 McConaughey Rest Home aged 87-3 (last res. home of Bus Rane?)
Parents: Henry Conklin
               Eleanor Hoy
Burial: Highland Cem.

PHILLIPS, James Peter, farmer
Record: 13.
Born: 9-6-1874 Greene Co. Pa.
Died: 5-5-1959 Cameron
Parents: William D. Phillips
               Sarah Cole
Marital Status: widower - Cora Lee Strawn
Burial: Salem Cem.

PHILLIPS, John William, retired mail carrier
Record: 7.
Born: 4-31-1891 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-19-1959 O.V.G.H. Cameron
Parents: Joseph L. Phillips
               Jennie Hutchinson
Marital Status: md. Bertie Reid
Burial: Greene Co. Memorial

PHILLIPS, Nancy Matilda Terrell
Record: 235.
Born: 12-18-1873 Fork Ridge
Died: 5-29-1964 N. Ave. aged 90-5-11
Parents: Thomas Terrell
               Agnes Harris
Marital Status: widowed - George
Burial: Universal Cem., Fork Ridge

Record: 281.
Born: 8-25-1881 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 7-15-1965 Reynolds Mem. Hosp., aged 83 (last res. Sugar Grove)
Parents: George McCann
               Harriett Wilson
Marital Status: widowed - William
Burial: Sugar Grove Cem.

PLETCHER, Mary Elzina, housework
Record: 88.
Born: 9-15-1881 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 7-31-1960 home of Olaf Hartzell, Cameron
Parents: William A. Porter
               Cansilla Jane Hicks
Marital Status: md. - Elias Hartzell - dec'd, md. - 2 __
Burial: Cameron Cem.

PODOLL, Norma Imogene "Dovie" Stewart Richey
Record: 172.
Born: 2-21-1934 Cameron
Died: 2-1-1963 Erie, Pa.
Parents: William Stewart
               Christabel Gump
Marital Status: md. - Theodore Podoll
Burial: Highland

POGUE, Guy Morrison, architect.
Record: 266.
Born: 8-1-1889 Michigan.
Died: 1-26-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 75- (last res. Wheeling).
Parents: Norbal Pogue.
               Stella Morrison.
Marital Status: widowed - Mabel.
Burial: Greenwood Cem.

POGUE, Jennie Mabel Griffin
Record: 119.
Born: 5-15-1889 Ohio Co., WV.
Died: 9-27-1961 Home Warwood
Parents: Robert Griffin
               Jennie Dixon
Marital Status: md. -Guy Pogue
Burial: Greenwood, Wheeling

PORTER, Sgt. Franklin D., U.S.Army.
Record: 264.
Born: 5-28-1941 Cameron, WV.
Died: 12-3-1964 Viet Nam aged 23-7-2 (last res. R.D. 2).
Parents: Willis Herman Porter.
               Belle Blake.
Marital Status: md. - Linds Kisner.
Burial: Highland Cem.

Record: 154.
Born & Died 7-25-1962
Parents: Roy Postlethwaite
               Gloria June Metcalfe
Burial: Rock Lick Cem.

POSTLETHWAITE, Laura Mabel Carr, housewife
Record: 146.
Born: 3-21-1890 Sardis, Ohio
Died: 4-13-1962 Hm Rocklick
Parents: Chriss Carr
               Adaline Hoskinson
Marital Status: md. General Sherman (Stub)
Burial: Northview, New Martinsville

PYLES, Alta Edith, housewife
Record: 95.
Born: 8-3-1899 Silver Hill
Died: 10-17-1960 O.V.G.H. (Loudenville)
Parents: Edward Yocum
               Esta Calvert
Marital Status: md - William Pyles
Burial: Greenwood Cem., New Martinsville

PYLES, Everette Clark, retired farmer
Record: 3.
Born: 1-18-1866 Marshall Co.
Died: 1-19-1959 Silver Hill
Parents: John A. Pyles
               Louisa Covalt
Marital Status: single
Burial: Jolliff Cem., Silver Hill

QUIGLEY, Algia (Dutch)
Record: 241.
Born: 2-29-1874 Cameron, WV.
Died: 7-17-1964 McConaughey Rest home aged 90-4-17 (last res. Star Rt. 2 ----)
Parents: David Mathews
               Mary Ann Stricklin
Marital Status: widowed - John W. Quigley
Burial: Big Run Cem.

Record: 102 None

REDD, Rachel Hamilton, housewife
Record: 123.
Born: 2-11-1872
Died: 10-20-1961 Home of Alfred Bane
Parents: Robert Hamilton
               Rachel Tuttle
Marital Status: wd - Frank Redd
Burial: Beeler Station Cem.

REESE, Alta Mason, housewife
Record: 70.
Born: 4-10-1895 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 4-19-1960 Reynolds (Moundsville)
Parents: Elbert Mason
               Phoebe Adaline Gilbert
Marital Status: md. - Edward R. Reese
Burial: Halcyon Hills

REICHERTER, Anna Bell Schrecengost
Record: 280.
Born: 12-24-1872 Armstrong Co., Pa.
Died: 7-15-1965 Magolia manor Nursing Home, Sistersville, WV., aged 92-7 (last res. Howard St., Cameron)
Parents: Jeremiah Schrecingost
               Mary Ann Bargerstock
Marital Status: widowed - Norman
Burial: Brookville Pa. Cem.

REID, Edward Raymond (Ray)
Record: 42.
Born: 6-16-1891 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 12-21-1959 home - Cameron
Parents: John P. Reid
               Mary Quigley
Marital Status: widowed - Lulu May Goddard
Burial: Big Run

REIGLE, Dora, housewife
Record: 29.
Born: 11-29-1871 Aleppo
Died: 9-7-1959 Home - Cameron
Parents: George V. McCullough
               Harriett McNeely
Marital Status: widow - Thomas C. Reigle
Burial: Highland

RENTSCH, Ada C. Pogue
Record: 209.
Born: 9-12-1896 Wheeling, WV.
Died: 12-19-1963 Wheeling, WV., aged 67-3-7
Parents: Norval Wilson Pogue
               Estella Morrison
Marital Status: me. - George
Burial: Highland Cem.

RICHARDS, Porter, state road worker
Record: 5.
Born: 8-31-1900 Marshall Co.
Died: 1-26-1959 Cameron (O.V.G.H.)
Parents: Grant Richards
               Laura Virgin
Marital Status: md. Myra Howard
Burial: Big Run

RICHEY, Carrie Estella, housewife
Record: 35.
Born: 6-16-1884 Dallas, WV.
Died: 10-25-1959 Home - North Ave.
Parents: James Howard
               Mary Trussell
Marital Status: md. - Wilbert D. Richey
Burial: Highland

RICHEY, Wilbert Dague, postal clerk
Record: 296.
Born: 8-22-1882 Rock Lick
Died: 11-12-1965 Car - parked at old freight office - aged 83 (res. N. Ave.)
Parents: John W. Richey
               Elizabeth Dague
Marital Status: widowed - Carrie
Burial: Highland Cem.

RIGGS, Abbie Eliza Kirby
Record: 187.
Born: 10-13-1871 Balton (Belton?), WV.
Died: 6-13-1963 St. Johns Hosp., Pitts., aged 91-8 (last res. Kausooth)
Parents: Peter Kirby
               Hannah Crawford
Marital Status: widowed - Harry
Burial: Kausooth - Conley Cem.

RIGGS, David Compton, retired farmer
Record: 129.
Born: 3-9-1877 Pleasant Valley
Died: 1-6-1962 Home - Calis
Parents: John Riggs
               Matilda Wilhelm
Marital Status: md. - Zella
Burial: Mt. Hope, Calis

RIGGS, Lee Row, farmer
Record: 174.
Born: 2-9-1880 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-6-1963 Cameron Star Rt. Aged 83-0-25
Parents: Thomas Riggs
               Susan Staley
Marital Status: widowed - Iona ---
Burial: Highland Cem.

ROBINSON, James Lindsey, barber
Record: 93.
Born: 3-16-1890 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 10-13-1960 VA Hosp. Clarksburg (Moundsville)
Parents: John Robinson
               Jane Yoho
Marital Status: Div.
Burial: Highland

ROTH, Maude Jackson
Record: 243.
Born: 2-19-1890 Bridgeport, Ohio
Died: 9-1-1964 Reynolds Hosp. Aged 74-6-12 (last res. Penna. Ave.)
Parents: Ephraim Jackson
               Caroline Davies
Marital Status: widowed - William
Burial: Highland Cem.

RUSH, Ira Jonathan, retired teamster
Record: 20.
Born: 5-11-1889 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 6-24-1959 Fairmont Hosp. ( Mannington)
Parents: Jophn Rush
               Cassie Welling
Marital Status: md. - Myrtle Mahony
Burial: Macedonia Cem.

SAMPSON, AO 2 Robert Keith, U.S. Navy
Record: 240.
Born: 6-7-1938 Cameron, WV.
Died: 6-27-1964 Brunswick, Maine aged 26- (last res. Howard St., Cameron)
Parents: Denzil Sampson
               Ruby Blake
Marital Status: single
Burial: Highland Cem.

SAMPSON, Herman Leonard
Record: 132.
Born: 9-5-1929 Cameron
Died: 1-23-1962 Cameron
Parents: Arthur Franklin Sampson
               Emma Dixon
Marital Status: single
Burial: Cameron

SCHWARTZ, Elizabeth Gehringer
Record: 274.
Born: 3-25-1879 Wheeling, WV.
Died: 4-20-1965 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. Aged 86 (last res. Glen Easton R.D. 1)
Parents: Herman Gehringer
               Catherine Olemiller
Marital Status: widowed - Oscar Schwartz
Burial: Greenwood - Wheeling, WV.

SELVING, Margaret, (Peggy)
Record: 49.
Born: 6-23-1925 Hundred, WV.
Died: 1-28-1960 Ann Arbor, Mich. (hospital)
Parents: T. D. Lamb
               Flossie Poe
Marital Status: md. - B. T. Selving
Burial: Masonic, Bridgeport, WV.

SHIPMAN, Alice Conrad, housewife
Record: 108.
Born: 12-23-1877 Sugar Grove, Pa.
Died: 2-14-1961 O.V.G.H. - Cameron
Parents: Louis Conrad
               Priscilla Wood
Marital Status: wd - Frank Shipman
Burial: Centennial

SIMMONS, Dora Calvert, housewife
Record: 113.
Born: 11-21-1870 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 6-9-1961 O.V.G.H. - Cameron
Parents: Albert G. Calvert
               Mary Cain
Marital Status: wd - Robert Simmons (children - Lawrence, Russell, Amy Ames)
Burial: Mt. Joy, Fish Creek

SIMMONS, Kenneth Harold, machinist
Record: 289.
Born: 8-22-1910 Cameron
Died: 8-25-1965 Wheeling, WV.
Parents: Spencer Simmons
               Rachel Gatts
Marital Status: md. - Irene Reigle
Burial: Highland Cem.

SIMMONS, Maude E., nurse
Record: 107.
Born: 10-19-1885 Pleasant Ridge
Died: 2-8-1961 home - Cameron
Parents: Spencer Simmons
               Rachel Gatts
Marital Status: single
Burial: Highland

SINSEL, Herbert Winfield, hardware
Record: 201.
Born: Penna. Ave., Cameron aged 84-10-2
Died: 10-28-1963 Penna Ave., Cameron aged 84-10-2
Parents: Winfield Sinsel
               Julia Ann Rector
Marital Status: md. - Minnie Davis
Burial: Highland Cem.

SINSEL, Minnie B. Davis.
Record: 216.
Born: 9-1-1878 Monroe Co., Ohio.
Died: 1-23-1964 Penna. Ave., Cameron aged 85-4-22.
Parents: Thomas Bishop.
               Susan Ogle.
Marital Status: widowed - Herbert W.
Burial: Highland Cem.

SMITH, Hennen, retired
Record: 23.
Born: Wetzel Co., WV.,
Died: 7-9-1959 Clarksburg, VA Hosp. (Martinsville) age 70-0-13
Parents: William Harvey Smith
               Mary Ellen Yoho
Marital Status: md.
Burial: Highland

SMITH, Sylvanis Clyde, retired
Record: 156.
Born: 4-29-1880 Aleppo
Died: 8-4-1962 Home - New Freeport
Parents: Daniel Smith
               Mary Jane Loughlin
Marital Status: md. - Anna Straight
Burial: Highland

SMITH, William Victor, Supt. Water Dept.
Record: 189.
Born: 4-7-1885 Parkersburg, WV.
Died: 6-24-1963 Glendale Hosp. Aged 78-2-17 (last res. Crawford Ave., Cameron)
Parents: William H. Smith
Marital Status: md. - Dessie Fluharty
Burial: Greenwood Cem., Whg., WV.

SNOWDEN, Lina Hagans, housewife
Record: 96.
Born: 1-30-1888 Cameron
Died: 11-2-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: Walter Hagans
               Maggie Dunlevy
Marital Status: wd - George Snowden
Burial: Cameron Cem

STERN, Agnes Francis
Record: 206.
Born: 8-23-1895 Belton, WV.
Died: 12-7-1963 aged 69-3-14 Mdsv. Orthopedic Hosp. (last res. home Ralph Stern?, R.D.1 Cameron)
Parents: James Amos
               Dora Tuttle
Marital Status: widowed - George Stern
Burial: Macedonia Cem.

STERN, Gregory Don, (infant)
Record: 128.
Born: 12-1-1961
Died: 12-1-1961 Glen Dale Hospital
Parents: Terrill Stern
               Carol Ann Hartzell
Burial: Halcyon Hills

STEWART, Emma Victoria Riggs, housewife
Record: 139.
Born: 9-21-1880 Pleasant Valley
Died: 3-11-1962
Parents: John Riggs
               Martha Livingston
Marital Status: md. - Eddie C. Stewart age 79
Burial: Beeler Station/New Section

STEWART, Mattie Louisa Shilling, housewife
Record: 105.
Born: 8-31-1883 Proctor, WV.
Died: 1-29-1961 O.V.G.H. - Cameron
Parents: Henry Shilling
               Louisa Hall
Marital Status: wd - R. G. Stewart
Burial: North View, new Martinsville

STEWART, Okey Hays, Ins. agent
Record: 27. Born: 10-17-1893 Wolf Run, Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 8-31-1959 McCon Rest Home
Parents: Harry M. Stewart
               Delia Whipkey
Marital Status: md. - Margaret Gordon
Burial: Wolf Run Baptist

STEWART, Washington Woodrow, miller
Record: 236.
Born: 7-31-1913 Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 5-30-1964 Beloit, Ohio aged 50-10-
Parents: W. R. Stewart
               Adelia Grimm
Marital Status: single
Burial: Macedonia Cem., Greenfield Ridge

STEWART, William Austin, Cameron Tool
Record: 300.
Born: 12-27-1911 Cameron
Died: 12-16-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 54 (last res. Upton Ave.)
Parents: Harry Stewart
               Rose McCardle
Marital Status: Christabel Gump
Burial: Highland Cem.

STRAHL, Fay Pain(?)
Record: 279.
Born: 4-28-1885 Somerton, Ohio
Died: 7-13-1965 Church St. aged 80
Parents: George Strahl
               Ora Palmer
Marital Status: md. - Sarah Chambers
Burial: Cameron Cem.

STRAIT, Floyd, farmer.
Record: 220.
Born: 7-27-1879 Aleppo, Pa.
Died: 2-3-1964 R.D. 1 aged 84-4-6.
Parents: John Strait.
               Hannah Hartzell.
Marital Status: widowed - Elizabeth McCormick.
Burial: Slonaker Cem.

Record: 299.
Born: 3-1-1886 Woodruff, WV.
Died: 12-10-1965 Milford, Mich. Aged 79 (home of Thomas Hill - formerly Cameron)
Parents: Zach Yoders
               Lucinda Ott
Marital Status: widowed - Jess Strait
Burial: Mt. Carmel

STRAIT, Ray, farmer
Record: 178.
Born: 6-23-1889 (?) Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 4-17-1963 VA Hosp. Clarksburg, WV., aged 69-2-9 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: John Strait
               Mariah Bosworth
Marital Status: divorced - Icie Chambers
Burial: Slonaker

STRAIT, Walter, driller
Record: 94.
Born: 2-26-1896 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 10-14-1960 Home - Aleppo
Parents: John Strait
               Marion Bosworth
Marital Status: md - Orpha
Burial: Halcyon Hills

STROPE, Alice Anderson, housewife
Record: 97.
Born: 10-31-1882 New Freeport, Pa.
Died: 11-13-1960 O.V.G.H. - Cameron
Parents: James Anderson
               Mary Berdine
Marital Status: wd - Ben Strope
Burial: Centennial

STROPE, Rosa Robbins, housewife
Record: 136.
Born: 8-19-1880 WV.
Died: 2-8-1962 Home - Pa. Ave.
Parents: William Robbins
               Fannie Lewis
Marital Status: div.
Burial: Big Run

TAYLOR, George Wescomb, gas & oil field worker
Record: 53.
Born: 4-16-1878 Shamrock, Pa.
Died: 2-13-1960 Home (Cameron)
Parents: George H. Taylor
               Delilah Willis
Marital Status: md. - Elsie Chambers
Burial: Highland

TEDROW, George, retired farmer
Record: 36.
Born: 3-29-1871 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 10-28-1959 home - Elm Grove
Parents: George Tedrow
               Hannah Immel
Marital Status: md. - Mary Yoders
Burial: Miller, Pa.

TEDROW, Josie Cathers, housewife
Record: 112.
Born: 10-1-1887 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-25-1961 Home of Charles Tedrow
Parents: Robert Tedrow
               Fannie Cathers (?)
Marital Status: md. - Charles Tedrow
Burial: Centennial

TENNANT, Frederick Leroy, retired steelworker
Record: 47.
Born: 6-16-1900 Metz, WV.
Died: 1-22-1960 Home - Cameron
Parents: John Tennant
               Lucinda Haught
Marital Status: md. - Erma Evans
Burial: Harmony Cem., Burton

TIMMINS, Anna J. Moore, housewife
Record: 170.
Born: 5-25-1884 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 1-13-1963 Lancaster, Pa.
Parents: John Moore
               Jennie Longsrteth
Marital Status: md. - James E.
Burial: Mt Zion/Wheeling

TODD, Amelia Wendt, housewife
Record: 176.
Born: 3-14-1877 Cameron WV.
Died: 3-19-1963 Cameron R.D. 4 aged 86-0-5
Parents: August Wendt
               Louise Tappet
Marital Status: Widow - George E.
Burial: Cameron Cem.

Record: 41.
Born: 9-19-1888 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 12-27-1959 near Huntington
Parents: Alfred Turner
               Mary Lowe
Inf. John Strait
Marital Status: single
Burial: Big Run

TURNER, Wiley J.
Record: 30.
Died: 10-11-1959 Stillborn
Parents: Wiley J. Cecil, Cameron
               Patricia Turner, Cameron
Burial: Bruhn

VIRGIN, Thomas Hughes, retired tool dresser
Record: 37.
Born: 2-13-1879 Greene Co.
Died: 12-9-1958? Home - Woodruff, WV.
Parents: Nelsons Virgin
               Sally Ann Keffer
Marital Status: md. - Jennie Chedester
Burial: Big Run

WADE, Rebecca
Record: 267.
Born: 2-7-1965 Reynolds Mem. Hosp
Died: 2-7-1965 Reynolds Mem. Hosp (res. Silver Hill)
Parents: Edward Wade
               Virginia Hartley
Burial: Rice Ridge Cem.

WADE, William Archie, farmer & painter
Record: 147.
Born: 4-6-1895 Littleton
Died: 4-21-1962 New Martinsville Hosp. (res. Cameron)
Parents: Spencer Wade
               Lavina Riggs
Marital Status: md. - Alma Richter
Burial: Northview, New Martinsville

WALKER, Frank Arthur, Ex VP Bank
Record: 6.
Born: 10-14-1900 Wetzel Co.
Died: 2-21-1959 O.V.G.H. Cameron
Parents: David Walker
               Rachel Cook
Marital Status: md. Ruth Buzzard
Burial: Highland

WARRICK, Homer, glass worker
Record: 230.
Born: 2-22-1901 WV.
Died: 4-29-1964 Glass House Hill aged 63-2-8
Parents: William Warrick
               Lena DeBolt
Marital Status: single
Burial: Cameron Cem.

WELLING, Jesse, laborer
Record: 9.
Born: 9-10-1898 Greene Co.
Died: 3-26-1959 Alliance City Hosp., res. Alliance, Ohio
Parents: Henry Welling
               Arrella Henry
Marital Status: md. Mabel Rutan
Burial: Rock Lick

WELLING, Sarah Irene
Record: 295.
Born: 10-31-1965 Glendale Hosp.
Died: 11-1-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 1 day (res. R.D. 4)
Parents: William Welling
               Patricia Ann Dobbs
Burial: Nauvoo Cem.

WELLMAN, Mary Olive, housework
Record: 39.
Born: 11-25-1863 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 12-16-1959 home of W. H. Wellman, Cameron
Parents: Amos P. Wellman
               Temperance Bane
Marital Status: widow - Samuel Wellman
Burial: Beeler Station

WELLS, Dr. George Ray, retired Dentist
Record: 76.
Born: 1-31-1878 Marion Co., WV.
Died: 5-31-1960 Hospital, Denver, Colo.
Parents: Michael Price Wells
               Julius Eckert
Marital Status: widowed - Edna Spragg
Burial: Cameron Cem.

WENDT, George
Record: 285.
Born: 6-15-1879 Cameron, WV.
Died: 8-8-1965 Glendale Hosp. Aged 86 (last res. home of Arthur Wendt)
Parents: August F. Wendt
               Louise Pappel
Marital Status: widowed - Mary
Burial: Big Run

WENDT, Mary Lucretia, housewife
Record: 8.
Born: 4-13-1882 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-19-1959 Laurel Hill
Parents: John Miller
               Beatrice McCormick
Marital Status: md. George Wendt
Burial: Big Run

Record: 77.
Born: 6-25-1959 Mitchel Air Base, N.Y.
Died: 6-4-1960 Ft. Bragg, N.C.
Parents: Gerald T. Wetteran
               Betty Jane Gilmore
Burial: Highland

WHIPKEY, Annie Mae Porter
Record: 250.
Born: 3-4-1879 Sugar Grove, Pa.
Died: 11-6-1964 aged 85-8-2 McConaughy Rest Home (last res. Glen Easton)
Parents: Andrew J. Porter
               Barbara Ann Welling
Marital Status: widowed - George
Burial: Wolf Run Cem.

WHIPKEY, Joseph Edward, farmer
Record: 150.
Born: 4-13-1884 Wolf Run
Died: 6-25-1962
Parents: James Whipkey
               Mary Koant
Marital Status: md. - Mattie
Burial: Big Run

WHIPKEY, Lena M. Turk, housewife
Record: 148.
Born: 5-2-1895 Wolf Run
Died: 5-21-1962 Home - Wolf Run
Parents: Ross A. Turk
               Verna Spillman
Marital Status: md. - Encil Whipkey
Burial: Wolf Run

Record: 204.
Born: 4-15-1888 Mi.
Died: Richill Twp.
Parents: 11-15-1963 State St., Cameron aged 75
               Alex McDonald
Marital Status: Margerite Riggs
Burial: widowed - Elmer
Centennial Cem.

WHIPKEY, Willmetta Terrell Porter
Record: 118.
Born: 9-10-1887 Knoxville, WV.
Died: 9-3-1961 Home on Star Rt. 2.
Parents: Daniel Terrell
               Rebecca Crow
Marital Status: md - Joseph Whipkey age 77
Burial: Highland on Wm Porter Lot

WHITE, Myrtle, housework
Record: 75.
Born: 6-18-1885 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 5-31-1960 Rest Home, Richmond, VA.
Parents: Joseph Hubbard Wise
               Sarah Hinerman
Marital Status: widow - Melvin White
Burial: Wise Cem.

WIESENMYER, Henry John, glass worker
Record: 185.
Born: 11-21-1873 Monroesville, Ohio
Died: 5-5-1963 Lewis Wetzel Home, New Martinsville aged 89-3-14 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Fred Wiesenmyer
               Jeanette Heyman Maurer
Marital Status: md. - Sophia Dwain
Burial: Riverview Cem., Roundbottom Hill, Mdsv.

WILLIAMS, Chester Allen, B & O Eng.
Record: 124.
Born: 3-28-1881 Glen Easton
Died: 10-21-1961 Home - Cameron
Parents: Robert Williams
               Alice McCann
Marital Status: md. - Alice Chambers
Burial: Highland

WINTERS, Robert Thomas, foreman - Triangle Conduit
Record: 205.
Born: 11-19-1911 Beeler Station
Died: 11-19-1963 R.D. 3, Clouston aged 52.
Parents: George H. Winters
               Mary Elizabeth Daugherty
Marital Status: md. - Thelma Huff
Burial: Beeler Station Cem.

WISEMAN, Edwina Rae
Record: 276.
Born: 4-10-1965 O.V.G.H.
Died: 5-5-1965 O.V.G.H. aged 25 days (res. Camp Washington R.D. 4)
Parents: Ray Wiseman
               Martha Holmes
Burial: Rock Lick Cem., R. D. 3

WOOD, Clarence Randall, farmer
Record: 63. Born: 12-16-1896 Greene Co., WV.
Died: 3-23-1960 GCMH (Bristoria)
Parents: Francis Marion Wood
               Orpha Cooper
Marital Status: Single
Burial: Centennial

WOOD, Ruth Vaughn, housework
Record: 82.
Born: 10-5-1899 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 6-21-1960 Home - Bristoria
Parents: Francis marion Wood
               Orpha Cooper
Marital Status: single
Burial: Centennial

WORKMAN, Della Courtright, housewife
Record: 99.
Born: 4-21-1892 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 11-16-1960 O.V.G.H. Woodruff
Parents: Thomas Chaplin
               Arinda Edge
Marital Status: wd 1. Harley Courtright, dec'd, 2. George Workman, dec'd
Burial: Big Run

WYCKOFF, Clarence Lee (Buzz)
Record: 116.
Born: 3-21-1901 Littleton
Died: 7-29-1961 Cameron
Parents: John Wyckoff
               Lucy Buchanon
Marital Status: md. - Dorothy--
Burial: Cameron Cem.

WYCKOFF, Dorothy Margaret Blaser, housewife
Record: 247.
Born: 9-1-1911 Ford City, Pa.
Died: 10-10-1964 W. High St. aged 53-0-29
Parents: Nicklause Blaser
               These Sindelback (Theresa Sindelbach ?)
Marital Status: widowed - Clarence
Burial: Cameron Cem.

YEATER, Chauncy Luster, oil & gas field driller
Record: 196.
Born: 4-276-18887 --
Died: 9-27-1963 Weston Hosp. Aged 76-17 (last res. Wheeling & Adaline)
Parents: Christopher
               Martha Teagarden
Marital Status: --
Burial: Not avail

YOCUM, Sarah Elizabeth, housewife
Record: 25.
Born: 9-30-1864 Silver Hill, Wetzel Co., WV.
Died: 8-17-1959 Home of O. C. Yoho, Mdsv.
Parents: John Elliott
               Caroline Cohen
Marital Status: widow - Theodore M. Yocum
Burial: Macedonia - near Silver Hill

YODERS, James Hamilton, farmer
Record: 244.
Born: 6-25-1880 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 9-7-1964 home of Earl Tedrow aged 84-2-12
Parents: Josephus Yoders
               Sarah Isiminger
Marital Status: md. - Celeste Welling
Burial: Miller Cem.

YOHO, Clarence, farmer
Record: 164.
Born: 9-26-1887 Howard Post Office
Died: 11-29-1962 Home - Cameron
Parents: Simeon Yoho
               Ella Ressinger
Marital Status: md. - Anna Harlan
Burial: Mt. Joy

YOHO, George N., farmer - stockman
Record: 229.
Born: 2-18-1868 Proctor, WV.
Died: 4-7-1964 New Martinsville aged 96- (last res. Proctor - home of Jole Yoho B.A. Cameron, WV.)
Parents: Joshua Yoho
               Sarah Monroe
Marital Status: widowed - Ida
Burial: Highland Cem.