Antill Funeral Home
Book 7


Typed by Frank Manning.

ASTON, Michael Elwood, child
Record: 3.
Born: 3-17-1965
Died: 2-1-1966 St. Marys, WV., aged 11 mo., (Parents res. R.D.3 Cameron)
Parents: Harold Aston
                Wilda Lighter
Burial: Fork Ridge Baptist Cem.

BANE, Margaret E., employee - Reynolds Mem. Hosp.
Record: 12.
Born: 9-24-1903
Died: 7-5-1966 R.D. 4 Cameron aged 63
Parents: Frank Redd
               Rachel Hamilton
Burial: Highland Cem.

BANE, Mrs. Clara Fletcher
Record: 2.
Born: 2-17-1874
Died: 1-13-1966 Rock Lick aged 91 (R.D. 3)
Parents: William Fletcher
                Nancy Stewart
Burial: Rock Lick Cem.

BLAKE, Rachel
Record: 45.
Born: 9-2-1891
Died: 7-29-1967 res. R.D. 2, Cameron
Parents: Jefferson Gilbert
               Vern Montgomery
Marital Status: not avail.
Burial: not avail.

BRIDGES, Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Matron - House of Friendship
Record: 38.
Born: 10-29-1901
Died: 4-15-1967 O.V.G.H. aged 66 (last res. Wheeling)
Parents: Edward Murphy
               Nellie Shay
Marital Status: --
Burial: Cameron Cem.

CHAMBERS, Anna Hazel
Record: 19.
Born: 8-7-1898
Died: 8-27 1966 aged 68 O.V.G.H. (last res. R.D. 2 - Cameron)
Parents: James Gilbert
               Alice Hitchcock
Burial: not given

CHAPMAN, Hartenca B.
Record: 40.
Born: 7-7-?
Died: 4-18-19967 aged 69 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last res. Glen Easton R.D. 1)
Parents: J. Walker Blake
               Minnie Emery
Marital Status: Elmer Chapman (?)
Burial: Nauvoo Cem.

COE, Lloyd Leonard "Dink"
Record: 11.
Born: 4-5-1922
Died: 6-12-1966 aged 44, Penna Ave., Cameron
Parents: Bryon Coe
               Lenora Wayt
Marital Status: Maxine Coe
Burial: not given

COURTWRIGHT, Helen Irene Murphy, housewife
Record: 32.
Born: 7-11-1924
Died: 2-26-1967 aged 42 Canonsburg Gen. Hospital (last res. R.D. 1 Georgetown, Pa.)
Parents: David Murphy
               Katherine Shaffer
Marital Status: James Boyd Courtwright (?)
Burial: Highland Cem.

DOBBS, Burdell, Neubauer's Greenhouse
Record: 28.
Born: 5-25-1913
Died: 2-14-1967 aged 53 Glendale Hosp., (last res. Howard St., Cameron)
Parents: Alma Dobbs
               Blanche Chapman
Marital Status: md. - Ada Dobbs
Burial: Highland Cem.

EARLEWINE, Arthur Harold, farmer
Record: 23.
Born: 3-5-1899
Died: 12-2-1966 aged 67 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last res. Glen Easton)
Parents: J. Rowe Earlewine
               Martha Alley
Burial: Universalist Cem.

EARNEST, Mary Phillippi, school teacher
Record: 33.
Born: 4-2-1914 Cameron
Died: 3-1-1967 Nashville Gen. Hospital (last res. Madison, Tenn.) aged 52
Parents: Henry Phillippi
               Alice Lough
Marital Status: Geo. W. Earnest (?)
Burial: not given

ERNEST, Maude Mary Anderson
Record: 14.
Born: 4-2-1890 Nettle Hill, Pa.
Died: 7-27-1966 aged 76 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last Res. Pottery Hollow R.D. 2)
Parents: James Anderson
               Mary Berdine
Burial: Highland Cem.

ESTEL, Zachary Ross
Record: 10.
Born: 4-28-1964
Died: 6-10-1966 aged 2 yrs. Crawford Ave., Cameron
Parents: William (Butch) Estel
               Margaret Jane Shaver
Burial: not given (Highland?)

FELCAR, Daisy Elizabeth
Record: 25.
Born: 4-22-1876
Died: 12-30-1966 aged 90 last res. McKeesport, Pa.
Parents: James Kenney
               Elizabeth Smith
Burial: Cameron, WV.

FLETCHER, Alice Ruth Myles
Record: 44.
Born: 2-17-1876
Died: 6-18-1967 aged 93 Weston WV.
Parents: Steven Myles
               Ella Fonner
Marital Status: --
Burial: Centennial Cem.

FLETCHER, Annie Polen
Record: 29.
Born: 5-6-1871 Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 3-30-1967
Parents: Daniel Polen
               Elizabeth Hartzell?
Marital Status: not avail
Burial: no avail

FLETCHER, Charles, laborer
Record: 20.
Born: 11-29-1883
Died: 10-9-19-66 Glendale Hosp. (last res. R.D. 3)
Parents: father - unknown
               Minnie F. Dallison
Burial: Highland Cem.

FLETCHER, Della Blanche Wendt, housewife
Record: 34.
Born: 10-22-1891
Died: 3-5-1967 O.V.G.H. aged - (last res. R.D. 1 Clouston)
Parents: August Wendt
               Ids May Welling
Marital Status: William H. Fletcher (?)
Burial: not given

HAGERMAN, Dr. Robert Paul, physician
Record: 9.
Born: 7-23-1896 Cameron, R.D. 3
Died: 5-5-1966 Waverly, Ohio aged 69
Parents: Benson L. Hagerman
               Anna Ingram
Marital Status: Mrs. Myrtle Hagerman
Burial: Fork Ridge Universalist Cem.

HATINA (Harina?), Martha Gertrude Hill
Record: 17.
Born: 5-11-1905
Died: 8-21-1966 Follansbee, WV., aged 61 (last res. Cameron)
Parents: James Hill
               Laura F. Mathews
Burial: Big Run Cem.

HAUGHT, Edwin Pascal, teacher
Record: 43.
Born: 12-26-1898 Metz, WV.
Died: 4-30-1967 O.V.G.H. aged - , last res. N. Ave., Cameron, WV.
Parents: James H. Haught
               Rachael Wells
Marital Status: Thelma Hauaght
Burial: Highland Cem.

HICKS, George Edward, retired grocery
Record: 18.
Born: 5-11-1882
Died: 8-26-1966 aged 84 O.V.G.H. (last res. Wheeling, WV)
Parents: Stidger Hicks
               Susan Burley
Burial: Highland Cem.

HILL, James Isaac, farmer
Record: 46.
Born: 12-22-1879
Died: 8-4-1967 aged 88 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last res. Crawford Hill - Cameron)
Parents: John Hill
               Martha Clouston
Burial: Big Run

HOWARD, James Alex, water well contractor
Record: 6.
Born: 3-21-1886 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 3-10-1966 R.D. 4 aged 79
Parents: Alex Howard
               Sarah M. Collins
Burial: Salem Cem., Glen Easton

HUBBS, J. Howard "Abbie", retired A & P
Record: 37.
Born: 3-5-1916
Died: 3-29-1967 aged 50 O.V.G.H. (last res. Cameron)
Parents: Lloyd Miller
               Nellie Anderson
Marital Status: Imogene Miller
Burial: not given

HUFF, Charles Quay, farmer
Record: 24.
Born: 3-13-1889
Died: 12-25-1966 aged 77 last res. R.D. 1 Cameron
Parents: Elmer E. Hupp
               Lucy Lyon Rhome
Burial: Big Run

ISIMINGER, Henry Wise, carpenter & oil & gas
Record: 15.
Born: 3-29-1872 Springhill Twp., Greene Co., Pa.
Died: 8-7-1966 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. Aged 94 (last res. R. D. 5 - Woodruff
Parents: Joseph Isiminger
               Hannah Miller
Marital Status: md. - Lucinda Whipkey
Burial: Mt. Carmel Cem.

ISIMINGER, Lettie Margaret Ward, housewife
Record: 5.
Born: 5-20-1898
Died: 3-3-1966 Mt. Carmel, R.D. 5 aged 67
Parents: James R. Ward
                Rosa Sloan
Marital Record: md. - Ray Isiminger
Burial: Mt. Carmel Cem.

Record: 30.
Born: 10-15-1887 born Switzerland
Died: 2-23-1967 aged 79 O.V.G.H. (last res. R.D. 3 Cameron)
Parents: Albert Thalmann
               Marie Thalmann
Marital Status: --
Burial: Highland Cem.

JOHNSON, Kenneth Booher, Mfg Lt. & Heat
Record: 4.
Born: 4-4-1908 Cameron
Died: 2-5-1966 Gable Ave., Cameron aged 57
Parents: Theodore Johnson
                Emileen Dallison
Marital Status: md. - Dollie Johnson
Burial: Highland Cem.

LEWIS, Robert Edwin, employer - Robert Chambers, Inc., Monroeville, Pa.
Record: 7.
Born: 4-27-1917
Died: 3-30-1966 Murrysville, Pa., aged 47
Parents: William Lewis
               Ida Simms
Marital Status: Myrtle Riggs
Burial: Highland Cem.

MASTERS, Charles Orval (D.O.) Retired Sinclair Refining Agent
Record: 13.
Born: 2-18-1892
Died: 7-18-1966 Morgantown, WV., aged 74 (last res. Maple Ave., Cameron)
Parents: George W. Masters
               Sarah Griffith
Burial: Highland Cem.

McCRACKEN, Icie Lenore, housewife
Record: 31.
Born: 4-11-1900 Washington Co, Pa.
Died: 2-23-1967 Glendale Hospital aged 66 (last res. R.D. 5 Aleppo)
Parents: Booth Riggle
               Blanche Barnett
Marital Status: Mont McCracken
Burial: Centennial Cem.

McGINNS, Minnie
Record: 21.
Born: 11-13-1880
Died: 10-19-1966 aged 85 home of Victor Doman (R.D. 3)
Parents: John McGinnis
               Melinda Smith
Burial: Rock Li9ck

Record: No Record.

ORTH, Minnie Matilda Rohrig Frantz
Record: 35.
Born: 4-24-1886
Died: 3-6-1967 aged 80 O.V.G.H. (last res. Warwood)
Parents: William Rohrig
               Mary Fischer
Marital Status: Bill Frantz (?)

REDD, Donald S., machinist for lumber co.
Record: 16.
Born: 6-10-1919
Died: 8-20-1966 Winston Salem, N.C. aged 47 (last res. Winston-Salem, N.C.)
Parents: Frank Redd
               Grace Logsdon
Burial: Beeler Station Cem.

REESE, Edward Ray
Record: 27.
Born: 11-2-1889
Died: 2-5-1967 aged 68 Mdsv. Gen Hosp. (last res. Moundsville)
Parents: Loman
               Rachael McCoy
Burial: Halcyon Hills (Everlasting - sec. 8)

RUSH, Mary Hannah
Record: 39.
Born: 5-19-1887
Died: 4-16-1967 Moundsville Gen. Hospital aged 79 (last res. R.D. 2 Cameron)
Parents: John A. Rush
               Cassie Welling
Marital Status: --
Burial: Macedonia Cem.

SAMPSON, Arthur Franklin, pottery worker
Record: 1.
Born: 4-25-1893 Marshall Co., WV.
Died: 12-30-1965 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. aged 72 (last res. Glasshouse Hill)
Parents: David Sampson
                Eliza Pelky
Burial: Cameron

WATSON, Nettie Grace, housewife
Record: 42.
Born: 6-13-1892
Died: 4-20-1967 aged 74 Aleppo
Parents: David Woodruff
               Elizabeth Moore
Marital Status: James S. Watson (?)
Burial: Windy Gap Cem.

WENDELL, Boyd Burns, Cameron Hdw.
Record: 22.
Born: 3-13-1916
Died: 11-12-1966 aged 50 Wheeling (last res. Crawford Ave., Cameron)
Parents: W. E. Wendell
               Elsie Cribben (Gribben?)
Marital Status: Alma Lyon (Hicks?)
Burial: Highland Cem.

WISEMAN, Jess Okey
Record: 41.
Born: 1-23-1899
Died: 4-19-1967 aged 68 Reynolds Mem. Hosp. (last res. R.D. 3 - Rock Lick)
Parents: Joseph Wiseman
               Belle Knapp
Marital Status: Erma Bane
Burial: Rock Lick Cem.

WOOD, Russell David, farmer
Record: 8.
Born: 4-22-1922 Claysville, Pa.
Died: 4-9-1966 Glenn McVay Farm aged 43 (last res. R.D. 4 Cameron)
Parents: Lafay Wood
               Grace Sprowls
Marital Status: md. - Norma Maurer
Burial: Highland Cem.