Will of Mordecai Bane

Submitted by Joyce Post.

Will Book 1-A, pg. 18 & 19, Dated 9/24/1843

Mordecai Bane's Will

Marshall County, Virginia

In the name of God Amen.  I Mordicai Bane being in a feeble state of bodily
health but of a sound disposing mind do make this my last will and testament.
I wish that my body have a decent and Christian burial and commend my spirit
to God who gave it.  I will that all my personal property be collected
together and sold and the proceeds of the sale equally divided among all my
children except 2 beds and bedding which I bequeath to my 2 daughters to be
divided as they see proper.  And my bureau I will to my son Mordicai at its
value.  And my family Bible I will to my son Mordicai.  And further I will
to Mordicai a yearling colt.  I will to my daughter Rachel ten dollars or the
price of a bureau more than the other heirs.  And the balance of my personal
property with these exceptions be sold and the proceeds equally divided among
all my heirs.  And further having conveyed to my sons George and Frederick
each a piece of land.  I consider that as being their distributive share of
my real Estate.  The share conveyed to my son George contained ninety four
acres where his widow now lives.  The share of Frederick contained one hundred
acres where T. Smart now lives and and was conveyed to Samuel Howard by myself
my wife and said Frederick we considered as being his full share of the old
track of land where I now live at that time.  And further I will that remainder
of the track of land where I now live be divided among all my children except
George's heirs and Frederick which may be divided either by dividing the land
into shares or by selling and dividing the proceeds of the sale among them as
they may think best.  And that the money that my son Jesse has received being
one hundred and ninety dollars.  And that the waggon now prepared for him worth
sixty five dollars be reducted out of his share of the real Estate and that he
get the bed and bedding left him by his mother be given him without being
charged to him.  And that he receives the money coming to me from the sale of
lands after just debts and demands are paid towards his share of my real estate
and that is not not enough to make up his share he is to receive the remainder
when the land whereon Nathan Robinson now lives is to be sold.  I wish the said
Robinson to continue to hold his lease till his next term expires and then the
land to be disposed of by my Executors and the proceeds of the sale equally
divided among all my heirs without exception after Jesse gets his share.  I
will in case of my decease that my sons Frederick Joseph and Mordicai keep my
share of the spring and this fall crop without being charged to them by this my
last will and testament.  I appoint my son in law John Standiford and my son
Joseph Bane my Executors and lawful attorneys to collect all debts and demands
coming to or from me.  And that convey the titles of the lands I have already
sold to the purchaser of them according to agreement September the 24th 1843.
 Signed in the presence of
			Edward Dowler
			Frederick Bane			
			William Standiford
								Mordecai Bane

Marshall Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chaucery 
Fall Term 1843

The last will and testament of Mordecai Bane deceased ___ proved by the oaths of
Frederick Bane and William Standiford of the subscribing witnesses thereto.  And
is ordered to be recorded and on the motion of John Standiford and Joseph Bane
the Executors therein named who made oath thereto and together with ____Steward,
Frederick Bane, Joseph Wilson and Levi Cunningham their securities who were
qualified as to their sufficiency enter into and acknowledged their Bond in the
penalty of $1200.00 conditioned as the law directs.  Certificate is granted them
for obtaining a probat of the said will in due form.
								A copy

								Teste  James D. (illegible)