Will of John Bonnett

Submitted by Barbara Blake Goddard.

Ohio County Will Book 2, Page 118

In the name of God Amen I John Bonnett of the County of Ohio & State 
of Virginia Farmer being sick & weak in body but of perfect mind & 
memory thanks be given unto God calling unto mind the mortallity of 
my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die I do 
make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say 
principally & first of all I give & recommend my soul unto the hands 
& protection of Almighty God that gave it & my body I recommend to 
the Earth to be buried in decent Christian Buryal at the discretion 
of my executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I 
shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God & as touching 
such worldly estate where with it has pleased God to bless me in this 
life I give Devise & Dispose of the same in the following manner & 
form to wit

I will & bequeath unto my beloved wife Eve one young gray mare with 
her side saddle & Bridle two beds and bedding one table & Bureau 
together with one third of all my moveable property except such as I 
shall hereafter name that I intend to leave for the use of my wife & 
children the property that I desire to have left is as follows to wit 
two head of horse creatures three milk cows six head of sheep twelve 
head of hogs one cleaning fan one plow doubletrees & blebbisis for 
the same one axe and one log chain & pitching shovel two sets of 
Geers two bread hoes I also will and bequeath unto my dearly loved 
wife Eve & my four children to wit Benjamin Elizabeth Lewis & Simon 
all my Books to be equally divided among them I also leave for the 
support of wife & children all my Corn & Wheat that is Growing 
likewise thirty bushels of Rye the Balance of my Rye I wish my 
Executors to have thrashed & sell it & the money arising therefore to 
be applied in repairing fence on my farm I also leave one barrel of 
whiskey for the purpose of cutting my grain & all the remainder of my 
personal estate I direct to be sold by public Vendue & the money 
collected with other book & Bond accounts now owing to me all my 
debts to be paid out of the said money with other necessary expenses 
attending said estate & then whatever of sd money is left to be lent 
out upon Interest of sd money to be applied in assisting to school my 
children & my further will is that my wife & children & my Mother 
shall Keep possession & live in the House that I now live in also the 
privileges of one of my orchards & all the remainder of my farm I 
will that my Executors shall rent per year to year by having as much 
pasture as my dear wife shall deem necessary to pasture her cows for 
the support of my children & the rents arising from said farm also to 
be applied for the subsistence of my family & Mother after the 
nesesary repairing Expenses to be paid out of it such as the fencing 
& Keeping my Buildings in repair & my further will is that the above 
manner of renting & the privileges Given to my wife will Continue 
until my youngest child is of age provided she remains my widow but 
in case she should marry she will be deprived of all the privileges & 
profits as above named & then in that case my will is that all the 
rents & profits will be for my children & Mother namely for their 
support & when my youngest child is of age my will then is that my 
farm will be disposed of by my Executors to the best advantage & four 
hundred dollars of the money to be Given to my wife & the Ballance 
Equally Divided amongst my four children namely Benjamin Elizabeth 
Lewis & Simon & in case my Mother should then be living then my will 
is that the sale of said farm should be Delaid until after her Death

& I further Constitute & appoint my brother Lewis Bonnett & Benjamin 
McMahan my Executors of this my last will & testament I hereby revoke 
& make null all & every former will by me heretofore made Ratfying & 
Confirming this to be my last will & testament & no other witness my 
hand & seal this 21st day of June A D 1816

Signed Sealed & pronounced
as his last will & testament		
                                     John Bonnett     Seal
in the presence of us

John Hover
James Stinson
John Cookes

	I do hereby certify that the foregoing will is a true copy from 
the original which was proven in court at Oct term 1816 by the oaths 
of Jno Hoover James Stinson and John Cookes the subscribing witnesses 
thereto & ordered to be recorded.
						Wm Chapline Jr