Pension Abstract of Benjamin Biggs

From: Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Abstracted & compiled by John Frederick Dorman.

BIGGS, Benjamin (Priscilla). W.1366; BLWt.257-300-Captain (issued 3 June 1791; no papers).

8 Dec. 1848, Ohio Co., Va. Joseph Caldwell of said county declares he is over 71 years of age. He has resided in Ohio County since he was 3 or 4. He knew Gen. Benjamin Biggs of said county from 1791 until his death. He and his wife Priscilla lived in the immediate vicinity of West Liberty which was formerly the county seat of the county. Caldwell was placed in school in that village by his father in the Fall of 1790 or Spring of 1791 and remained two years, during a considerable portion of which time he boarded in the house next to and adjoining that in which the late Allen Metcalf, who was the father of said Priscilla, resided. He does not know the year Benjamin Biggs and Priscilla Metcalf were married. He was absent from the county at school part of 1794 and 1795. It was always understood Biggs was an officer during the Revolution. He was for some years Brigadier General of Militia.

8 Dec. 1848. Ohio Co., Va. John Brady declares he is aged 58 since 24 May last and was born in that part of Ohio County which is now Brooke County. He was moved at an early age into what is now Ohio County by his father Samuel Brady who was a captain in the Revolutionary War. He has continued to reside there except for two years commencing in 1807 when he resided in Ohio.

Benjamin Biggs died in 1823. Brady's father's plantation was situated within less than two miles of Biggs'. Biggs and his wife were married in 1795, he is informed. They had ten children, seven still living. He was Brigadier General of militia for some years until about the close of the late war with Great Britain.

Marriage return, Ohio Co., Va, 26 Aug. 1795, Benjamin Biggs to Priscilla Metcalf, by Rev. Joseph Dodridge.

April 1849. Ohio Co., Va. Priscilla Biggs of said county submits a declaration made 6 Dec. 1848 stating she is the widow of Benjamin Biggs who was captain in the 7th Virginia Regiment to which he was promoted 1 Dec. 1778 from lieutenant in the 13th Virginia Regiment. He entered service 16 April 1777. He served as captain until 15 Nov. 1783.

She was married 26 Aug. 1795 and her husband died 2 Dec. 1823.

Obituary of Benjamin Biggs in The Gazette Wellburgh, Va. 17 Dec. 1823: "On Tuesday the 2d inst departed this life, Brigadier General Benjamin Biggs [aged] 71. On Thursday the 4th his remains were Interr [ed in] the public grave yard of West Lib[erty]. ... His military career commenced with war of the Earl of Dunmore in the year 1774, and ended with the peace which concluded the revolutionary war. ... At the commencement of the investment of Fort Lawrence by the Indians, and before it was known to the garrison that they had done so, they formed am ambuscade in the night, for cutting off the fatigue party in the morning. Gen. then Captain Biggs was the officer of the day, and requested the commandant's permission to go out with the fatigue party. 'No. said col. Gibson; when I shall have occasion for a Captain's command, I will thank you to command then; at present you must attend to your duty in the fort,' The fatigue party, consisting of sixteen, fell in the ambuscade and with the exception of two who were made prisoners, were killed on the spot. ..."

1 Dec. 1779. David Duncan, A.D.Q.M.S., writes from Pittsburgh to Capt. Benjamin Biggs, Commandant, Fort Henry: "Please to employ horses to transport provisions from this place to your posts not to engage the horses for any time but as the service requires and you may assure the persons who will furnish horses for that they shall receive ten shillings a day for their horses on producing certificate from under your hand. You will also please to agree with some person to hale [haul] wood for the use of your garrison and the most proper way would be to engage two horses with a sled for two days in a week in which time he can draw enough to serve the whole week except the weather is very sevear. The two horses that are employed to hale wood shall be allowed as much as half a team on your certificate. ..."

26 Dec. 1779. Rd. Taylor writes from Fort McIntosh to Capt. Benjamin Biggs at Fort Henry: "... am sorry to hear your men are so sickly as it is out of my power to send the Docr down for a horse cannot cross the river and there is no such thing as traveling by water. As for sending men to supply the place of those discharged, I must wait for instructions from head Qrs. As the men's times expire you will send them to Pittsburg for their discharges as both Colo. Gibson and Colo. Campbel are there ... You will be so good as to take the names of all such men at your post as have not received the six month gift and send it to me. My complements to Mr. Thomas and if he has got any faun skins for me ask him to send up with the prices as I fear I shall not be able to come to Fort Henry... My comps. to Mr. Mills ..."

16 May 1780. Daniel Brodhead, Colonel commanding,, writes from Head Quarters, Fort Pitt, to Capt. Benja. Biggs, commanding at Fort Henry: "Lieut. Harrison writes from Holliday's Cove that he has no provisions for his garrison and that you informed him you could not spare him any. I intended his garrison should be supplied with meat from the magazine at Fort Henry. ... I expect you will find him a supply at least to serve three weeks. It will be necessary to furnish me with a return of all kinds of public stores at your post, likewise the strength of your garrison. And I wish you to engage some artists at the current wages to repair the boats you have there. If pitch, tar or oakum cannot be had let them be otherwise be repaired untill the materials can be sent from hence. ..."

1 Nov. 1780. Jno. Gibson, Col. 9th Vir. Regt., writes from Fort Pitt to Capt. Benjn. Biggs, commanding Fort MacIntosh: "I rece[ive]d your letter this morning by express and immediately applied to Col. Brodhead to have you relieved, Capt. Tannehill is ordered for that purpose and will set of in a day or two..."

23 June 1781. John Gibson, Colo. Comdg. Ft. Pitt, writes from Head Quarters, Fort Pitt, to Capt. Benjamin Biggs, 7th Virga. regt., Comdt. Fort Henry: "I have at last been able to send Lt. Neily and a party of men to relieve you and the garrison of Fort Henry. ... You will repair with the officers and men under your command with all possible dispatch to this post bringing with you everything belonging to the regt. and as many boats as your men can work. ..."

Priscilla Biggs, widow of Benjn. Biggs, captain in the Virginia line, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $480 per annum under the Act of [1848]. Certificate 166 was issued 15 [ ].


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