Board Tree

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

The road to Board Tree was not much more than a logging road. Board Tree was not a city, just a railroad station, a grocery store and two R.R. sheds, where tools and equipment were kept for work on the tunnel, built in the 1850s. The tunnel was considered a real engineering feat, approximately one mile long, the longest tunnel on the Wheeling-Grafton Line. Crews started at each end and met somewhere towards the middle with only a few feet difference in calculations. Many men lost their lives building this tunnel, and there is a cemetery on a side road (supposedly on top of the tunnel) which is kept in good condition today. Nearby are traces of the old switch-tracks over the hill where material and equipment was moved to either end when needed.....Board Tree is in Liberty District.

Submitted by Patricia Murphy Dinarda.


Information taken from the booklet given out at Our Lady of the Assumption Church of Littleton, W. Va.

The History was orginally written for the 100th Anniversary Celebration by the late Msgt. Benjamin J. Farrell. It has been updated by Mrs. Wilmas Ornduff for the 125th Anniversary.

The church of The Our Lady of the Assumption owes its existence to two main factors:
1. The end of the Mason-Dixon Line is just about a mile northeast of Littleton( the point where it turns north is just 700 yards east of Board Tree Tunnel );
2. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, in extending its rail line to the Ohio River, was not permitted to enter the State of Pennsylvania by the Legislature of that state and chose to meet the Ohio River at Wheeling. Thus they had to skirt the State of Pennsylvania, and came thru Littleton ( then the State of Virginia ) en route to Wheeling, Va.

5000 MEN (mostly Irish emigrants driven to America by the Potato Famine of 1847) and 1250 horses, helped to build the B & 0 Railroad.

The Board Tree area had homes and the Catholic Church was located here before it was moved to Littleton.

The Cemetery that is located at Board Tree was planned to be moved to Littleton, but this never came about.