Morgan Jones, Jr., Revolutionary Patriot

Submitted by Roger Hanneman

Born: 1740, White Clay Creek Hd, New Castle Co, DE
Married: 1773
Died: 5 Nov 1820, Dunkard Twp, Greene Co, PA.
Buried: Garards Fort Cemetery, Greene Twp, Greene Co, PA

Morgan Jones Jr. was the eighth of nine children of Morgan and Eleanor (Evans) Jones. He was a member of the Welsh Tract Baptist Church in Newark, 1 of 97 members in 1765. Before leaving Christiana Creek Hd., New Castle County, DE Morgan owned a 46 acre farm. Little else is know of Morgan when unmarried at age 32 he arrived in present day Marshall County, WV.

Morgan's first documented presence in the Flats of Marshall County, WV was in December of 1772. In March of 1773 Morgan and his brother the Rev. David Jones met with George Rogers Clark who surveyed tracts of land that each of brothers had tomahawked and subsequently claimed. Note in later years Joseph Tomlinson and the Rev. David Jones were constantly in court with disagreements as to where each other's land boundaries were. Court action was still taking place after their deaths.

Morgan Jones Jr. moved onto his Grave Creek land and in 1773 he was joined by his new bride Mary Davis, (daughter of Owen Davis of Fayette Co, PA). For the first few years things were fine. The young family settled in and children were born. However, the land of Jones and Tomlinson (Moundsville/Grave Creek) was in amongst Indian trails that were centuries old. These trails were used at various times of the year by different Indian tribes; hence the white settlers in that district were especially exposed to depredations. By the end of 1776 the Indians were constantly attacking and killing the settlers.

On Jan 2, 1777 Morgan Jones and 12 others advised Capt. Harrod in a petition that, "if we do not Get Some Assistance Immediately we will be obliged to Quit this place it being the frontier fort & so near to the savage". With resulting government support Morgan and many others then immediately organized a local militia unit to protect their families. On Jan 7, 1777 the court made many Militia appointments, (Morgan became an Ensign, Joseph Tomlinson a Lt.). The constant attacks by the Indians made things unbearable. In 1777 Morgan Jones Jr. wrote his, Ye Parents letter to his in-laws. In the letter Morgan told of his efforts and that of the Militia in chasing and trying to fight off the Indians and how livestock and horses were being killed. He ended the letter by pleading for his in-laws to bring horses so the family could move to safety by them. Both the Jones & Tomlinson families along with others did leave the area (some temporarily) for safer places. Morgan Jones Jr. settled in present day Fayette County, PA where he became a private & served for many years in the local PA Militia.

While Morgan was forced to leave Marshall County, for the safety of his family, he.did not abandon his claim to his land in Marshall County. Between 1785 and 1787 Morgan was granted claims for 400 acres and then 1945 acres of land. Some of his sons, (Owen & Morgan), and other Jones family settled on the Grave Creek land. Morgan himself did not permanently move back to his Marshall County land. By January 1793 Morgan moved onto 305 acres in present day Dunkard twp, Greene Co. PA, (this was about 1/2 way between Mary's Davis family and the Grave Creek land).

Morgan and Mary had 11 children. Owen, Eleanor, Sarah, Morgan, Ann, David, Samuel, Jane, Mary, Ruth and Esther. When Morgan died he was buried next to his wife Mary in Garards Fort Cemetery in Greene twp, Greene Co, PA.

NOTE: As of August 2003 two DAR memberships had been granted based on Morgan Jones Jr's service to his country.


In December 2009, a Sons of the American Revolution Marker was placed on his grave. However, his name is not on the Greene Township Memorial showing Revolutionary War Veterans.

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