Will of Robert H. Blake

Submitted by Barbara Blake Goddard.

Will of Robert H. Blake (1802-1868)

Marshall County Will Book 1-A, p. 138

In the name of God Amen
I, Robert BLAKE, of the County of Marshall in the State of West 
Virginia, being of sound and disposing mind and body, do make, ordain 
and publish this to be my last will and testament, as follows, I 
desire that my body shall be buried at the discresion of executor 
herein after named, and I direct that all my just debts & funeral 
expenses be paid out of my estate, including a suitable monument or 
head and foot stones for myself & wife as soon after my decease as 
may be convenient.
	I give and devise all my real estate including 230 1/2 acres of 
land on which I now live and a house and lot in Moundsville, and also 
all my personal property and estate including one Share of Stock in 
the 1st National Bank of Wheeling unto my dear wife Nancy BLAKE for 
life and from and after her decease I give and devise the said real 
estate, and all the residue of my personal property, if any shall 
remain, to my Children Joanna GRINDSTAFF, the wife of John 
Warren BLAKE, and Wilson BLAKE, and their descendants in equal shares 
and proportions, excepting Joseph BLAKE, who is to be charged with 
Twelve hundred ($1200) Dollars on his share and proportion of my said 
estate for advancements heretofore received by him. The twelve 
hundred dollars is first to be deducted from Joseph's share and 
proportion, but without interest thereon, and the balance is to be 
paid to him as within provided for.
	I further direct that the share of my daughter, Mary BLAKE, in 
my said estate shall be held and used an enjoyed by her for and 
during her natural life, and upon her death that the same shall go to 
and vest in Orange Lemon BLAKE, her son, as and for his absolute 
property if he lives so long otherwise to my children. I further 
direct and order that the share and proportion of my daughter Joanna 
GRINDSTAFF in my said estate is to be held in trust by my executor 
herein after named for the sole and separate and exclusive benefit 
and behoof of my said daughter with remainder to her children, wholly 
exempt from all claims, control or liabilities of her said husband, 
with full power and authority hereby given to and vested in him, the 
said executor or other person, who in his stead may execute the 
provisions of this Will to invest the same in real estate. She (is) 
to have the choice of location and the legal title to be conveyed to 
her for her life - wholly exempt from all claims or liability on the 
part of her said husband with rem (?) to her children.
	I further direct that upon the termination of my wife's life 
estate (?) that all my real estate and also all personal propery 
which may remain shall be sold by my executor herin after nominated 
and (?) of the proceeds thereof shall be made by him among the 
parties entitled thereto, according to the preceeding directions of 
this will (provided from any cause then existing sale or partition 
thereof cannot be then made by the parties themselves, thereto 
entitled.) and if sale be made by my said executor, his commissions 
shall not exceed one per centurn on the amount administered by him.
	I hereby nominate and appoint James BLAKE Executor of this my 
last will and testament and direct that no security shall be required 
of him and further also that no appraisement of my estate shall be 
made, and that a full inventory of the Same real and personal, with 
the proceeds thereof if sale by him, made and submitted to the heirs, 
without recordation, or any Settlement with a Commissioner shall be 
	In witness whereof, I the said Robert BLAKE have to this my 
last will and testament set my hand and seal this 27th day of May 

	Signed and sealed and delivered by the testator Robert BLAKE as 
a (?) for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in 
his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other 
have hereto subscribed our names as subscribing witnesses:	R.C. 
West Virginia, Marshall Circuit Court September 1968.
	September 1st 1868
		The last will and testament of Robert Blake, deceased was 
this day proved by the oaths of R.C. Holliday and S.P. Davidson, the 
subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered and recorded; and on the 
motion of James BLAKE, the executor therein named, who is to act 
without giving security (?) said will and who made oath thereto enter 
(?) into and acknowleded a bond in the penalty of $1200 dollars 
conditioned and payable according to law certificate is granted him 
for obtaining a probate of said will in due form.
						Walter Evans, Clerk