Will of James M. Jones.

Submitted by Bobby Jones.

Marshall County Will Book 2, page 503

Will of James M Jones

In the name of god amen.
I James M. Jones a resident and citizen of Cameron
in Marshall County West Virginia being of sound mind
and disposing memory and realizing the uncertainty
of this mortal life and the certainty of death do make
this instrument, as and for my last will and testament
hereby revoking any former wills by me made.
I, direct that my just debts be paid with convenient speed.
To my beloved wife Sarah E. Jones, I give devise and Be-
queath all my property both real and personal forever.
and I hereby appoint Sarah B. Jones my wife executor, no
bond or security to be required of her and, direct that
no appraisement be made of my effects and property.
In witness whereof I have signed, sealed and published
and declared this instrument as and for my last
will at my home in Cameron Marshall County West
Virginia this the 7th day of January 1892.
James M. Jones

The said James M. Jones at his house in Cameron Marshall
County West Virginia signed and sealed and published
and declared the same as and for his last will and
we at his request and in his presence and in the presence
of each other have hereunto written our names as
subscribing witnesses this the 7th day of January 1892.
Jas. McCusKey
Samuel Reuibernier

West Virginia, Marshall County Court, Clerks Office. June 22 1892
The last will and testament of James M. Jones late 
of this County, deceased was this day fully proved be-
fore me upon the oaths of Jas. McCuskey and Samuel
Reinberner the subscribing witnesses thereto and is ad-
mitted to probate and ordered to be recorded. Thereupon
Sarah E. Jones the executrix in said will named took
the oath required by law.  No bond or security being
required by the terms of said will.  Thereupon certifi-
cate is granted the said Sarah E. Jones for obtaining
a probate of said will in due form.
Teste: E. M. Lewis. (clerk)