Will of Lewis Bonnett

Submitted by Phyllis D. Slater.

LEWIS BONNET WILL (Spelling is as written.)

In the name of God Amen I Lewis Bonnet of the County of Ohio and State of Virginia farmer being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God; calling unto mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God. And as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give, demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth one of my horse creatures which ever she shall choose, hir side saddle and bridle one milch cow of hir own chosing, such choice she my renew yearly out of the stock which I intend to give my son John--Item her bed and bedding table one chest together with the one third of all my personal estate as also her living in the house wherein we now live and a full third of the part of land given to my son John that is the benefits therefrom arising during her natural life time or so long as she shall remain my widow and no longer

2nd. I give and devise unto my son Lewis Bonnet all the upper part of the land that which was laid off to him as will appear by plot bearing date the 26th of November 1807, to have and to hold to him (after my decease) his heirs and assigns forever free & clear of all manner of incumbrance whatsoever.

3d. I give and devise unto my son John Bonnet all the rest or remainder of my plantation for him to have and to hold to him....the said Bonnet his Heirs assigns forever, subject still the third bequeathed to his mother as is herein before mentioned & paying thereout of four hundred & fifteen dollars, to be paid in the manner following that is to say to my daughter Mary who is married to Philip Rodiffer one hundred dollars to be paid as hereinafter directed which with one hundred dollars already received shall be in full of hir portion, To my daughter Barbara who is married to John Rodiffer one hundred dollars one year after my decease. To Elizabeth Launtz one hundred and fifteen dollars which together with eighty five dollars already paid her shall be her full portion. Item to my grand son Lewis Hookis I give and bequeath one horse creature worth fifty dollars to be given him by my son John as soon as the said Lewis shall arrive to the full age of twenty one years.

Further I will and direct that one year after my decease my son John shall pay as follows to Barbarah as is before directed, next fifteen dollars to my daughter Elizabeth Lantz which will make hir equal with the rest-- Then I direct that my son John shall two years after my decease to pay one hundred dollars every year so as to pay up the four hundred & fifteen dollars be equally divided between my daughters Barbarah & Elizabeth & Mary so as their shears be equal.

Further I give and bequeath to my son John Bonnet all the moveable property what is not already heretofore mentioned, further constitute and appoint my two sons Lewis Bonnett and John Bonnett my Executors of this my last will and testament I herby revoke and make null all and every former wills by me heretofore made ratifying and confirming this to be my last will & testament an none other witness my hand and seal the 27th of November A D 1807...

Lewis Bonnet....seal

Signed sealed pronounced as his last will & testament in the presence of us

John Joover
Devald Keefer
Jesse Burch
.................... copy teste........Moses Chapline...C.O.C.