Brown Reunion - 1929

Submitted by Joyce Post.

From Unknown Newspaper.

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     The Brown family reunion was held at Camp Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 28. A sumptious picnic dinner was spread at noon and relatives renewed acquaintances until 2:00, when music was furnished by the Rock Lick Orchestra. A short program consisting of the family history by Miss Ella S. Brown; ukele music and solo by Mary Jane Riggs and solo by Kathleen Wodtly.
     A very interesting travelogue lecture was given by Dr. Lemuel F. Noble of Boston.
     Organization for the coming year, 1930, was made by electing Miss Ella S. Brown, president and Emma Allen, secretary-treasurer.
     As this was the first meeting of the Browns reunion, it is hoped to have a much larger crowd and more family history at the next annual meeting.
     The following relatives and friends attended:

     Dr. Lemuel F. Noble. Boston, Mass.
     Marie Johnston. Wheeling, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. Alva Chambers and daughter Mildred. West Alexander, PA
     Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Carmichael, Earl and Eileen Carmichael, Mrs. Randolph McGary, Archie, William, Dorothy, Mima and Helen McGary, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cutchshaw and son, Jimmie, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. McCosh. Beeler Station, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Carmichael, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert L. Carmichael and son Donald Lee, Mr. and Mrs. John Carmichael, Mrs. Jasper Dobbs and Isabell Dobbs. Glen Easton, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bane, Sidney, Delora and Una Bane, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gray and two children. Rock Lick, W.Va.
     Mrs. Martha Allen, Emma Allen, William Allen, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mull and son Ralph. Mt. Oliver, W.Va.
     Mrs. Emma Robinson, Hattie Brown, Thomas Rosenbarger. Pine Hill, W.Va.
     Mrs. Hilda Nichols and daughter Betty Lou, Miss Georgia Dowler. Wheeling, W.Va.
     Mrs. Wm. Wodtly and daughter Kathleen. Akron, Ohio.
     Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kittle, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown, Mrs. J. V. Brown and son Junior, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Brown and son Junion, and Kenneth Carson Brown Jr., W. A. Brown, Jane Brown, Ella S. Brown. Pleasant Valley, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. L. H. McCarrihan. Calis, W.Va.
     Mrs. Arthur McNinch and son Billy. Fairview, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. Grant Brake, Dessie Brake, Leona Brake, Arlie Brake, Gay and Fay Brake, Mrs. Wm. Brake, Chester Hensel. Sherrard, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Coffield and sons Everett and Leonard. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Riggs, Hoover, Willard and Mary Jane Riggs. Limestone, W.Va.
     Mrs. Emma and Elizabeth Francis. Elm Grove, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Riggs, Sarah, Virginia, Charles, William, and John Riggs. Wood Hill, W.Va.
     Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cunningham, Thelma, Lena and Kenneth Cunningham, Edgar Crim, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cunningham and daughter Betty Lee. Roberts Ridge, W.Va.
     Miss Ruth Neehouse. Wolf Run, W.Va.
     Frank Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Wilkerson, Mrs. Mary Dunn. Cameron.
     Mrs. Della Venus and son Paul, and Mrs. Lester Coffield. Moundsville.
     Mrs. Chas. Richmond and son Paul. Majorsville.