Caldwell-Carrigan History

Submitted by Dawn Zelewicz.

Dawn Johnston Zelewicz
Susan Anita Marsh Johnston - Mother
Chester David Marsh - Grandfather
Martin C. and Eliza Marsh - G Grandparents
David & Mary Caldwell Marsh / John E. & Amanda Allan Carrigan - GG Grandparents
David & Elisabeth Marsh / Martin & Jane Caldwell
Michael & Mary Carrigan / John & Hanna Allen - GGG Grandparents
Alexander & Ruhama Wetzel Caldwell - GGGG Grandparents
Martin & Mary Ann Wetzel - GGGGG Grandparents

Martin Caldwell, born in 1824, was the son of Alexander and Ruhama Wetzel Caldwell. Ruhama was the daughter of Martin Wetzel - famous Indian fighter and Revolutionary War veteran. As a matter of fact, Alexander and Ruhama lived and farmed a portion of the land granted to Martin Wetzel by the U.S. Government for his service in the Revolutionary War. Alexander was born 4 August 1798 and died 25 June 1888 at the age of 89 yrs, 10 mths and 24 days. Ruhama "Rhuie" was born in 1794 and died 26 February 1865 at 72 years. They had 10 children, and they are both buried in McCreary Cemetery.

Martin Caldwell married Jane Clendenning in 1855. They had one daughter, Mary, and one son, William. Mary married David Marsh on 21 December 1876 at the home of Martin Caldwell. David was the son of David and Elisabeth Marsh. David and Mary Marsh had 3 children: Martin C., Chester D., and Alma Hill Marsh. Mary died at an early age and David remarried. His second wife was Lottie Livingston. Martin, Chester, and Alma did not get along with their step-mother, so they went to live with their grandparents, Martin and Jane Caldwell, who raised them to adulthood. Martin was a farmer and his farm included what is now Halcion Hills Cemetery. Martin died 24 February 1920 and is buried in McCreary Cemetery.

Martin C. Marsh, born in 1879, married Eliza Ellen Carrigan, born in 1881. They were married on 25 February 1903. They had 6 children: Everette, Mary, Isabell, John, Chester D. and Elizabeth. Martin was a farmer and drove the horsedrawn school wagon for the children of Sherrard. Martin died in 1961 and Eliza died 8 April 1959. They are both buried in the Allen Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Eliza Ellen Carrigan is the daughter of John E. Carrigan and Amanda Allen Carrigan. John E. was born 23 June 1842 in Kilkenny, Ireland, the son of Michael and Mary Deegan Carrigan, who came to this country when John was very young. John and Amanda were married 3 January 1867 and had 6 children: Molly, William, Charles, John Thomas, Eliza, and Harry. They lived on the Carrigan farm, located behind the Allen Grove Church. Amanda died in 1888 and John remarried to Alabama "Allie" Marple. They had 2 daughters: Sopha Belle and Rebecca. John died in 1915 and is buried in the Allen Grove Cemetery alongside both of his wives.

Sometime after John's death (unknown year), the Carrigan farm was sold to Martin C. and Eliza Carrigan Marsh, who lived there until old age. When they were no longer able to take care of the farm, they sought out someone to buy the property with hopes of keeping the land and the house in the family. It was then, John Carrigan the Senator (Eliza's nephew), bought the farm and lived there until his death.

Amanda Allen Carrigan was the daughter of John and Hannah Barto Allen. John deeded the land to the Allen Grove Presbyterian Church and is one of its founders. The church was named in his honor.