Bonnett Cemetery

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

Located on Britt Run Road, Sand Hill District, Marshall County, WV. To reach it, go to the corner of Wheeling Creek Road and Britt Run Road where the Bonnett Stone house stands. (It is said there is a tunnel from the house to the barn..very smart idea in these cold winters !!). Turn up Britt Run Road about 1/2 mile, until you come to a coal mine shaft. On the left is a very steep hill with a utility derrick on top. There is no path and that made it much steeper. Clear on the very top is this cemetery. It has been fenced but not now, but the markers were easily read considering the time they have been standing there.

WESTBROOK, Robert - d 25 August, 1819 - age 10 days
BONNETT, John - d 2 Sept 1816 - age 31 yrs 1 mo - (h/o Eve Wolfe) - b 2 Aug 1785
BONNETT, Lewis Sr - d 9 Mar 1808 - age 71 yrs
BONNETT, Jane - w/o Louis - d 20 Aug 1839 - age 59 yrs 1 mo 23 da - "mother"
RODAFER, Jacob - POMR (?) - d 20 Oct 1810 - age 4 mo
A small stone marked J B - nothing else on it.
A broken stone: WHITE, Andrew s/o Owen & Ann - d Sept - can't read the rest of it.