Cecil Cemetery

Readings by Ethel Briggs; submitted by Phyllis Slater.

Located along the road in a small locust grove on Cecil Ridge about one mile or less from Roberts Ridge. Although some of these markers are about four feet tall and on large square bases, they are all fallen over and some broken. There may be names on both sides of them but couldn't turn them over to check.

CECIL, Leander - 30 March 1844 - 23 April 1908
CECIL, Francis M. - 18 Nov. 1845 - 3 April 1913
CECIL, Sarah Emaline - 10 Feb. 1854 - 8 March 1905
CECIL, Mary A. - 31 July 1874 - age 23/11/11
CECIL, Nancy - 1 Sept. 1822 - 6 October 1897
CECIL, Robert - 14 Feb. 1852
CECIL, Isaac - 19 Nov. 1853
CECIL, Mary - 20 Dec. 1817 ? - age 52 years
Two footstones marked with initials
- M.J.C.
- I.C.
McKEANE, Nancy Cecil, wife of Joseph McKeane died January __, 1873


Marriage records Marshall Co. Courthouse:
Joseph McKane and Nancy Cecil married 7 March 1839 Book 1, page 64
Robert Morrison Cecil and Millison J. Manning married 20 April 1842 Book 1, page 64

- Leander Cecil died 23 April 1908 at Rosby's Rock, Bowman Ridge. age 64/0/24. Single, a farmer. Informant brother W. M. Cecil
- Emeline Cecil died 8 March, 1905 age 51 years single
- Francis M. Cecil died 3 April, 1913 married. died on Games Ridge. age 66, farmer
- Nancy Cecil died 5 October, 1897 on Bowman Ridge of cancer. Wife of Isaac and daughter of John and Massey (no maiden surname) age 75 years. Informant son Marion.
- Isaac Cecil died 27 September 1896 age 79 3 months 4 days on Rosbys Rock. He was a farmer, son of Robert and Mary Ann Cecil, husband of Nancy. Informant his son Francis M.
- Robert Cecil died 4 October, 1874 age 82 years a widower.
- Mary A. Cecil died of a cold 31 July 1874 age 23. daughter of Isaac and Nancy
- Jane Cecil died 12 May 1860 on Bowman Ridge age 33 years, wife of Morrison Cecil

Epitaph on marker of Mary A. Cecil:

"Farwell, O daughter dear, farewell.
Thou'st left us lonely in this world of pain
O may we meet in heavenly bliss to dwell
On God's right hand no more to part again."


The staff at the City-County Public Library in Marshall County sent handwritten pages of information about this cemetery in April 2009. Apparently, these pages were written by ANNA BRINKMEIER and donated to the library. The pages have been transcribed for presentation here. Please send corrections and additions. -- Linda Fluharty

To get to the cemetery in Marshall County, drive on Bowman's Ridge Rd. Turn onto Cecil Ridge Rd. There may not be a road sign, but there's a large sign for a mine company out near the turn-off from Bowman's. Drive a short distance out the road till you see a white large shed/garage near the road on the left. Down below it is a curving driveway & a house. Just beyond where the driveway comes back up to the road again is woods on both sides of the road. In the woods to the left is the cemetery, close to the road, & as of summer of 1997, very visible. -- Anna Brinkmeier.


As you first walk into the woods, there is a large white stone leaning to its left & back. It's unmarked.

There's a small field stone footstone(?) close behind the above stone.

Behind the above is a white stone stone broken into 3 pieces. I believe it says: " JOSEPH M. --EAME" - It ahs an open Bible carving near the top, I think. It's a very worn sone.

[I'm describing the stone positions if you stand with the rd. on your right, facing back toward the dead end of the rd.]

Further back is the remnant of a small white stone that says: "20, 1817 n the .... year of her age"

Behind & to the left of the (above) stone is a large white stone leaning against a tree. "Mary A. Daughter of I. & N. Cecil died July 3 (July 31, 1874, I suppose) aged 23 ys 11 ms 11 ds. - Farewell, O daughter dear farewell. Thou'st left us lonely in this world of pain - O! may be meet in heavenly bliss to dwell, In God's right hand no more to part again. - C/G ARROLL & BRO. Wheeling (carvers)." PHOTO

A stone is lying down against a base, partially underground: " -EANDER CECIL Mar 30, 1844 - Apr 23, 1908." The epitaph is illegible.

Next to a tree, facing the rd. is a stone: "ROBERT (lamb carving under name) - ISAAC B. (lamb carving under name) son of I. & N. Cecil died Novr 19, 1858 Aged 1 yr. 20/28 ds" (This stone is very worn, I guessed on a lot of this information. There's writing below Robert's name, & epitaphs below each; all of that is illegible.)

In the center of the cemetery are 5 "stone" bases - 1 very large, 2 - level one, 2 large ones, 1 veined marble medium-size one, & 1 small one that says "CECIL" & is closest to the front. PHOTO

Close to the back fence is a leaning base & 2 small broken pieces of stone. I could read: "Mary Cecil" on one piece & "DE" on the small triangular piece.

There's a small square piece of stone, unmarked; & to the left & near this is a (half-moon)- shaped footstone marked "H. C."

To the left of that footstone are 2 stone bases, 1 medium-sized, & 1 small marble one.

To the left of these bases is a stone lying (one) face up: "Nancy Cecil - Sept 1, 1822 - Oct 5, 1897 - Death is the ---- of life." There could be more information on the opposite side of this stone, since it's column-shaped. PHOTO

Off to the left of the 5 center bases is a stone of a tall, thin column shape, lying (one) face up: "Sarah Emaline Cecil Born Feb. 10, 1854 Died Mar. 8, 1905 - A Precious One from(?) Us Has(?) Gone" - The epitaph is 8-10 lines long & very worn. - There's a detailed carving of an urn of flowers at the top, & a geometric row of carving at the bottom. PHOTO

In front of Sarah's stone is a stone lying face up: "Francis M. Cecil - Nov. 18, 1845 - Apr. 3, 1918 (I think). There's a 3-line epitaph, very hard to read. PHOTO